Double Diddley Bow

Ok, adding the finished pic first:

-the rest of the pics are prior to position markers being set in place.


Wendi and I are off to Finland for 3 week tour, flying over this Weds. night. So I just had ta make somethin’ for the tour… may put a pickup under ea. string, maybe just mic it for shows which I’ve been doing a lot more w. diddley bows on stage lately. It allows for a totally different tone that way.

The concept was simple: bring 3 cigarbox guitars rather than just two 🙂 And that meant something very small where all 3 would fit in my gig bag to carry on the plane. The more I thought about it, having a few very sturdy wooden cigar boxes and a couple thin hardwood necks, well, why not a double neck diddley where one neck gets a low bassy tone and the other a higher unwound guitar string sound? YES! Tonal goodness and both played with either metal or glass slide and a cut up credit card pick.


She sounds great acoustically and all that’s left is to place position markers which I’ll do shortly.

I think it’s an A bass string and a G plain string on the other neck- don’t know the actual gauges, sorry! I need to stretch the strings out and play ’em a bit and settle on tunings for each neck.


Just under 19 3/4 inches long tip to tip. Box/body is 7 1/4 inches wide and she’s 1 3/4 in. thick back of box to top of bridge, just under 2 in. thick up top where the eye-bolt “tuners” are. Very light, small, sweet. Bass string neck scale about 17 inches, guitar string neck is scaled appx. 17 1/4 inches.

Bit of an optical illusion as both strings are lined up closer to dead-center of each neck. Well above an octave of notes on both… pretty cool for such a little git!


She will pack right behind my Jack “dog dish” electrified resonator guitar in a soft Taylor carry-on git bag.

Blues for Suomi and then some 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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