Romans 12.1-3 Long Devo Here

Romans 12.1-3
Glenn’s Thoughts…

12.1a Therefore I exhort you,

GK- No chapter breaks in the original letter. What’s the “therefore” there for?:) See the verse prior to this: (11.36) For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever! Amen. So it’s in this vein Paul is exhorting (speaking, sharing an uplifting, encouraging, you-got-to-move sort of word from the Lord for his readers… including you and I! So I hear Paul saying “in light of all good things sourced from God and his love for us, in light of bringing him the glory due him I’m about to speak (write) the following”:

12.1b brothers and sisters,

GK- The warmth and community of the family of God, all those who follow Jesus our Brother, Saviour, Lord and best Friend… and when I see “brothers and sisters” I immediately think “we’re all in this together”, there is the common, daily, shared life in this fallen but at times amazingly God-reflecting world.

12.1c by the mercies of God,

GK- Paul accents God’s depth of mercy over and over in his letters- as do the other writers of both Testaments. It is BY the mercies of God we breathe, stand, lie down to sleep, have food, water, grace in all it’s forms. I need the grace of God at least as much and likely more now than when I first believed and began to follow Jesus many years ago! BY the mercies, that is, strengthened by God’s actual visitations of mercy upon us (unaware as we may be!):

12.1d to present your bodies as a sacrifice

GK- Certainly Paul means our physical body but it’s not only in terms of what we eat, exercise, sexuality, proper sleep and the rest, not only about what we do with our bodies in terms of listening to this, viewing that, touching the other, the issue is deeper. Our thoughts, what we do with our minds, our emotions, our willful choices all affect and determine what our bodies actually -do-. Now the word “sacrifice” has never been famously enjoyed but the present culture would rather erase it from life than deal with it. And yes, “present” means to bring our entire selves to God as an offering (not for sins as only Jesus is sufficient for that) but out of love for Him and others, to “be present” and to “show”. Picture a general reviewing troops as they stand, presenting themselves for inspection. The Greek for “sacrifice”: “sacrifice, offering, victim, kill, slaughter”. No mistake about it, a living sacrifice is one who lives in perpetual death to -self- but one whose entire sense of genuine life comes from God Himself! In other words, life in Christ is synonymous with death to self. Paul is telling us straight-up that we are called to place our entire selves on God’s altar.

12.1e – alive, holy, and pleasing to God

GK- Really and TRULY alive! Holy due to Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. As we live out that life of holiness (in our daily choices and direction we take in our life), such brings a smile to God’s face! It’s not “salvation by works nor even discipleship by works, but living in the mercy of God making choices to follow when our natural selves want to quit or actively run away (see the Book of Jonah!). Walking close and closer to the Lord each day pleases God!

12.1f – which is your reasonable service.

GK- Some translations render this “reasonable act of worship” or the like. True worship of Father, Son, Spirit is a walk which INcludes song, prayer, listening, speaking, studying, eyes to see and ears to hear both our God as well as the needs of our neighbor and actively loving both in the vertical -and- horizontal! This, as the redeemed sons and daughters of God by faith in the risen Jesus Christ when one considers the pains He took upon Himself for us… this IS reasonable service- to live our lives out for Him and in His steps best as we hear and understand His calling. Yes. NOT unreasonable, but authentic, reasonable worship and true service include all Paul is mentioning here. But fasten your seatbelt… as usual Paul goes deeper”

12.2a Do not be conformed to this present world,

GK- Ouch! The Greek for “conformed”: “fashion one’s self to, conform one’s mind and character to another’s pattern”. The target, the key conformation a Christ-follower is concerned with is to become more like Jesus! The “present” world in any slice of history is frankly, not all that concerned with what God wants so much as what they as individuals want. Note “mind and character”. I often think “what fruit of the Spirit -as in Galatians 5.22,23- am I manifesting, walking in, exhibiting RIGHT NOW”… when I’m grouchy, feeling sorry for myself or just wanting out of a situation. The Holy Spirit works change of mind (“we HAVE the mind of Christ” 1Cor.2.16) and character in us according to the thoughts and character of our Lord Jesus. Paul is talking about where we stand -but he’s also writing about the process and our own ability to make choices in the mix.

12.2b but be transformed

GK- Many believers struggle with the thought of inner change being nearly or even completely impossible. I know I worried over this as a new Christian but even now after many years it becomes clear that temptation and indeed sin still affects me. At times I still choose my way, not God’s! So the fact of transformation (which the Spirit works in us directly, by circumstances God either allows or orchestrates, etc.) DOES happen whether we realize it or not. The point is that transformation is part of God’s work in us (“For God is at work in us to work and to will for His good pleasure” Phil.2.13). Here’s partly how:

12.2c by the renewing of your mind,

GK- If we will learn to take our thoughts captive (yes… consider 2Cor.10.5 and again, Gal.5 re. the fruit of self-control) study, memorize and apply the Word of God (The Bible) to our daily decisions we will come to a new-ness, a renewal of mind through which God the Holy Spirit brings actual transformation. Others may see it a long time before we do, but it will and does come!

12.2d so that you may test and approve what is the will of God

GK- The number one question I have been asked for over 40 years of ministry is “How can I be fairly sure of the will of God for my life?” Though the details for each one of us are different (as we see when reading through this chapter where Paul highlights differing gifts and callings though we are one body of believers in Christ), the process is being unpacked by him right in these opening verses of Romans 12. AS we cooperate with Him, we think and choose differently than before we walked closely with Jesus, and we care enough to ask rather than simply act upon our desires. We begin to study scripture and link with serious Christians, pray and consider (with our mind) and therefore test whether this or that is the way to best serve Him. We then find a sense of approving (and at times actually feel God’s approval) what is HIS direction in our life. We learn to walk as opposed to merely contemplate walking with Jesus, His way.

12.2e – what is good and well-pleasing and perfect.

GK- Wow. Not only good (truly good for ourselves, God and others) but well-pleasing (again, to God and others and finally ourselves!) but even perfect. Perfect in the Greek: “brought to it’s end, finished, complete, involving human integrity, mature”. Wow again!! Is this REALLY possible for flawed people like you and I? Yes. Yes and yes. When God is God of our thoughts and choices, maturity buds like the most beautiful fruits and flowers in a fully fertilized, sun-drenched, well-watered garden. This is the pleasure of God- to bring us back to the garden, to “walk with Him in the cool of the day”. Restoration. Living out, walking in His will brings both God and ourselves a deeper pleasure than we’ve expected.

12.3a For by the grace given to me

GK- As I’ve said earlier, Paul is fully focused on God’s grace (un-merited, un-earned, un-earnable favor). Without such grace, nobody meets, walks with or is changed for the better in the image of God. AND… note “grace GIVEN TO ME” (my caps.). God gives it. He really does. We must learn in faith to receive, accept, appropriate, walk in that grace! It is BY grace we grow up and mature in Christ and in our walk with Him.

12.3b I say to every one of you not to think more highly of yourself than you ought to think, but to think with sober discernment,

GK- From the beginning of my study of these verses as a new believer it became clear to me the need for humility! “If anyone thinks they know, they do not know as they ought to know” (1Cor.8.2). We -all- have a long way to go and will never in this life reach fully sinless perfection. That’s a fact some Christians don’t seem to want to face. BUT, because of the Spirit’s constant working in us, the faithfulness of God -and as we not only believe what the Word tells us about the world, our old nature and the devil as well as about God but also about our own spiritual journey towards maturity, we learn we are continually in need of His daily grace! We learn we are neither garbage nor literally flawless. A sane, balanced view of ourselves and our spiritual need are a sobering thing- and it’s a good think to take inventory as to whether we are self-righteous or truly walking in the righteousness only Jesus can provide us.

12.3c as God has distributed to each of you a measure of faith.

GK- I have often quoted this part of vs. 3 to those who say they don’t -have- faith. Apparently God has given -each- person “a measure of faith”, certainly to those Christians Paul is writing at the very least… but I think this is a truth beyond that group. What we DO or DO NOT with the faith the Spirit brings to each of us is a matter of choices, an act of surrendering to the mercies of God, the grace and leading of God via His Word, His Spirit, those mature believers who bring wise input into our lives -or not. We can either live out our faith or not. In the end, it seems we do or don’t. Even in this is God’s love towards us- “you CHOOSE this day whom you will serve”. Yes.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


New Arts Blog Coming

lakewildwoodsunset-scaled-1000So I’ve finally grown tired of trying to share bits of this and that article on the arts here and there in this, my everyday blog.

In specific, most of you know I’m a musician but some may not know or have forgotten I’m a Christ-follower as well as a pastor and lover of all who walk with Jesus daily- these are according to the Bible, “the church”. That word “church” literally means “assembly” or “gathering of called-out ones”, those called by God to serve Him and the world in the love of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

So I have decided to post a fresh blog totally focused on the arts as soon as I can get the elements together.

What elements, and for whom?

For whomever wishes to locate Web-based writings on various music and other art forms. In particular, for Christians who often have not thought very deeply about the arts, and certainly for followers of Jesus who are artists who DO think in more than shallow fashion about what, how and why they create.

There is much to think about and consider and a number of great sources I keep finding (including posts people send my way) and I think it’s way past time for someone to include a repository of those online to assist people in thinking through the wide range of issues regarding the arts in the church and created by Christ-followers. We not only struggle within ourselves as human beings, but are often caught in crossfire with our fellow Christians, local and wider church folks. It has been our experience to be considered dolts by those are not people of faith, or at least not of the Christian faith as well.

We -are- a peculiar people and it seems artists are considered (and in some ways ARE) even more peculiar in the eyes of others.

Therefore just to whet your appetite, I’m posting a really fine bit of writing which a fellow Ev. Covenant pastor just sent out. I’ll also put the link to his excellent site here. These will also be posted in my new art blog soon as I get that set up with plenty of links to articles, sites and associations that seem relevant.

From time to time I’ll add (or re-post) older bits of writing I’ve done, my own notes from past lectures/workshops I’ve given on music and the wider arts, but that’s not my main reason for such a blog as this. I just think there needs to be a place all this can be readily resourced, at least for Christians in the arts who know (or know about) me.

Soon as it’s ready, I’ll let you know via this site as well as my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Thanks Rick Lindholtz, for a SWEET bit of writ here! And thanks to all who stop by at this, my near-daily blog.

Wishing you mercy to grow, grace to create,

Creative Ideas Journal

I have finally realized I get so many ideas, visionary stuff, that I may as well create a separate online spot (private… sorry… these are my notes to myself) just to put it in writing, add photos or drawings and such.

Creativity and art is such a deep and wide spectrum that if one doesn’t make notes that are easily find-able and traceable, they just may evaporate.

Now, many of my thoughts are pea-brained and as full of holes as Swiss cheese (which I happen to really like 🙂 but as I get ideas and just blog ’em, then check later, pray, think and give some a shot or pass them on to others as I often do, well at least I have a record of what I thought about when.

Not so much a diary as a spiritual, practical and arts journaling spot.

Maybe someday I’ll allow it to be made public, but why I’m blogging on it here is just to say perhaps some of you reading this already journal -or never do. Might there be good reason for you to put details of creative ideas that come to you in an online repository you can then retrieve them from later?

Certainly anyone can do this in analog form using notebook, scrapbook (for photos and drawings, etc.) but what about quick and clean typing and easier way to share an idea in our digital age? What if the notebook gets lost or eaten by the doggie? So many pics are taken by our mobile phones… and you can also add podcasts and vidcasts if you wish to such a blog. No can do if not digital, and not always easy to find if away from home or your luggage gets lost during travel.

Sometimes the Spirit has truly led and even if not, it seems to me a good idea to save your ideas in a space such as this. So I’ve just opened myself a private Word Press spot do so so.

Well anyhow, there’s an idea for you to consider!

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn


I don’t know about you but in my own wood working projects the least fun part has to do with sanding.

Even when I use a belt or hand sander there is simply a fair bit of work, dust and mess in the process.

Now as I build cigarbox and found-object guitars, 99 percent of the time at very least (even with metal bodies) I’m using wood for the neck… so sanding is a certain part of the work.

Of course when using some sort of wood for the body sandpaper helps keep things nice and smooth. Well, when you finally finish and rub in stain or some other sort of liquid finish, paint or whatever…

Most wood working involves 2 or even 3 or more grades of sandpaper… and sometimes steel wool. If using one’s hands and arms and not some sort of mechanical sanding machine I can tell you it’s a great process for building strength… but also a bit of pain if only done with a sanding block (hunk of wood one wraps the sandpaper around) especially if done over an hour or more depending on how much wood must be smoothed.

Now- the end of the work is SWEET!

But whew, to -get- to the end is at least for me, a bit unfavorable.

The obvious spiritual association in reality is sometimes called “dying to self”, God’s hand on our life via difficult circumstances and via people we may not want to be around.

Our climate (it’s getting HOT in Chicago as I type) or perhaps non-answers to prayer (at least -when- we want ’em) and on and on it goes… all of these are useful tools in the hands of a loving Father Who knows EXACTly what we need in terms of our own rough edges and areas where when others reach out they may well get a splinter or two!

Another point is that when using any sort of stain and or finish, unless enough care and time is taken in the process sanding marks and other blemishes become obvious and even accented. Not good.

Genuine love is sometimes like sandpaper. When we need it most we may run from the process -I cannot deny the pains of true love.

But as a guitarist, what a wonderful feel on a neck that has been shaped and fully sanded smooth. Like a little baby’s skin, it’s amazingly soft and one can speed up and down such a guitar neck very quickly due to the long and careful work of sanding.

There is pain and effort, patience and not-so-fun stuff involved in the process… but what a great result!

We must learn to accept this part of God’s hand shaping our life. His patience and timing are exquisite. It’s not always a pleasure for us -but the end result is amazing and truly a gift for God, ourself and others.

Thanks for stopping by and considering, -Glenn

Get -Visible- …Music College!

Something many may not know is that I’ve long been an advisory board member of Visible Music College based in Memphis, Tennessee.  A new campus is opening in Chicago- just read down please.


Director Ken Steorts (former member of the band Skillet) and staff are amazing peeps who take both accredited music education and Christian discipleship seriously.

You may have recently seen one of Visible’s students, Sarah Simmons (on again tonight!) brilliantly perform on “The Voice”:

BUT WAIT… there’s MORE:) I have recently been invited (and accepted) to be part of the advisory board of the new Visible Music College in Chicago.
If you or your child, grandchild or other potential musician or associated artist-in-training is considering where to grow in both music/music industry skills as well as spiritual growth, please consider VMC.

The new Chicago campus is located in South-suburban Lansing, IL.

Have a look and consider! Thanks, -Glenn

Heat But Not Burnout -Indeed!

2HotsLook, I don’t work nor do adds for these people but if you like hot and spicy, friends gave me these and I can tell you both are rockin’ good!

Along with my new home-made electric diddley bow, just makes me want to howl in a nice sort of way 🙂Altoid1 Altoid2 Altoid3 Altoid4

Low 80’s in Chicago yesterday and today… perhaps summer is finally coming around, though they predict a bit cooler temps the next couple of days.

I’ve been working through several books and a very in-depth ebook on blues. Some of the material is nuts-and-bolts and not all that entertaining reading but much of it traces things like the core African influence, the melding of people groups from various language and tribal backgrounds alongside of whites in slavery times and how the music(s) influenced one another and so forth. Very interesting stuff.

Some of my reading clarifies and brings detail to the mix of Bible, African-American spirituals, very early field hollers, ring shouts and issues like sin, exile to exodus (Exodus, in fact) and cultures/sub-cultures all mixing together in song, performance, clubs and church gatherings.

I find the need for rest (“Selah”… a word most scholars think may have been a musical term in Psalms for “pause”… “stop and think about it.”

On the flight home a couple from Peoria who are both friends and also were at the Imagine Festival in Denmark ended up seated across the aisle from me. We chatted about a lot of stuff, and at one point my bro. asked what keeps me from burnout?

I’ve written blogs on this before, but the core of what I told him was that I truly do pray a great deal through each day, study the Bible daily, confess my temptations and sins regularly and have solid, long-term accountable relationships with leaders. I also take 20 minute breaks in our large community garden and in very cold, nasty weather still sit inside by a large window that allows a great view of the garden. That is, I get outside in the weather, in the elements. I get to the woods when I can and have learned to take breaks nearly every day just to clear my head, pray, get the sun or wind or a bit of rain in my face.

Daily time and focus on my amazing, sweet wife, kids and grandkids is huge! My friends, especially here in community as we live very close together provide a lot of joy and peace. We chat about fun stuff but also share about things that matter, local and world events, etc.. Having quite a few godly, trusted, long relationships with good people keeps my feet on the ground.

All of these relationships help me keep perspective.

What I didn’t mention is eating good stuff, exercise (which I don’t do enough of), and trying to get decent sleep are also very much part of the trick.

Lastly, I am amazed at how much I’m invited to participate in throughout our community, locally, in the U.S. and overseas… but the requests still come. Yet I’m very careful about calendar dates and trying to space touring out so that my own life and sanity aren’t compromised to the level of getting burnt out in the process.

Oh, I also build simple guitars, play ’em and mess around with alternate tunings, write a great deal of lyrics and music… and do enjoy soccer (the real football), NFL football, play around Linux computer operating systems and… dig HEAT on my tongue 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

Art in Denmark

What an amazing trip!MainstageSat

I’ve always loved touring Denmark, done it a lot over the years.

So working with Jim and Anne Mills, Jonas, Neil and crew at Imagine Festival in Kolding was really good… and certainly a blast measuring up to all I have learned to expect from these friends!

Here are just a few pics.LectureTime  KarstenArt1  OutdoorArtDance

I lectured and dialogued with a lot of good people on art, blues music, spirituality and also brought a short set with speaking, then a longer music set there over the weekend.

There were many quite brilliant artists in attendance working in various modes such as dance, paint, sculpture, theater, music, poetry and more.

They came from all over Europe and a large group came down fromFinnishGroup Finland, another nation I’m fond of from past tours.

There were several soloists, duos and bands from much of Europe and the U.S.. What an awesome event!Inkarnation

Oh, there was an old coot doing mostly cigarbox and diddley bow blues and harmonica as well 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


Motorcycle Sunday- Aurora, Illinois

20130505_132236(0)20130505_131825Warehouse church, their lead pastor Randy Schoof, staff and many of the peeps there have been longtime friends. Every year they host a very cool outdoor bike fest, and pray for the huge turnout of riders and bikes. They bring kickin’ music, a good number of bands, also attract many vendors and people from all over the Fox Valley come out.

20130505_132215 20130505_132626 20130505_132151

They do a ride and as well as the bike blessing and just have a rockin’ time.

And I must say, the hot links this year were superb!

So Wendi and I went out with another friend from JPUSA and had, as always, a blast. I was invited to guest on a tune with one of the bands (Tone Deft), just cookin’ band! As always CruiseMachine brought a smokin’ blues set as well. Really enjoyed the rest of the music and snapped a load of pics with my phone (which you see some of here).20130505_132856 20130505_132415

A fun day and looking forward to more! Enjoy, -Glenn

People’s Music School Chicago

Davick2013_PeoplesCraftSale27 Davick2013_PeoplesCraftSale06 Davick2013_PeoplesCraftSale09Just getting this posted now, it’s been a great and busy week!

Had a cool time with my Wendi at the school -last- weekend.

They are an amazing inner-city (like, right behind our house) music school and work with people regardless of their ability to pay- but do rigorous music training. Many of our own kids (JPUSA) and a few older peeps have taken courses there and the instructors do a SERIOUS job teaching. The benefits are obvious. The staff are kind, loving professionals who do great work.

So during their big open-house recitals last weekend complete with vendors (including us), food trucks and a large crowd of folks coming and going all day long,  Wendi brought her knit goods, I set up cigarbox guitars and a bass and students truly swarmed us in-between their recitals (drums, piano, guitar, etc.). Parents, family members and friends all seemed to really have a blast.Davick2013_PeoplesCraftSale15Davick2013_PeoplesCraftSale25

The cool photos here are from our friend Colleen Davick.


So -this- weekend just past Wendi and I went out to the 13th annual Motorcycle Sunday in Aurora. AMAZING weather and great response from the crowd, a huge load of cool bikes and such.

I’ll try to post a blog with pics from that in the next day or so.

Tomorrow night I fly to Denmark for the Imagine Festival, lecturing on blues and mission and doing a couple sets while there. I hope to post more on that from Denmark 🙂

Thanks for stopping by,