GK Solo in Illinois March 1 & 2 Details

GK Solo- Hoopeston, IL
Friday March 1, 6:30pm
Worship & a Lil’ Blues
First Church of God
1004 East Orange St.
Hoopeston, IL



GK Solo- Bloomington, IL
Saturday March 2, 7pm
Blues & Worship
Jesus House
724 West Washington St.
Bloomington, IL


Collaboration? YES.

The basic definition of the word is to work with others, cooperate.

I love this word! Well, most of the time.

At some point, early or late, or maybe off and on, we learn that we are not to
simply plow through life doing what we like and ignoring our own flaws, lack or
basic need for others.

The input and critique (regardless of delivery) of others is often indeed more
a help to our own growth than is the praise and “anything you do is cool” stuff
we so often get from friends.

I laugh as I remember the first time someone said “That guy’s a legend in his
own mind”. Later I was thinking “I hope I don’t think of myself in that way”.

You may be able to do a lot but there are plenty of things I cannot and never
could do, nor learn to do properly. Some might read that and think “Nonsense,
you can do whatever you put your mind to”.

Hmmm. I turned 60 recently and I can tell you from long experience that I
CANNOT do anything I want to accomplish/work and practice hard enough at/
study, assemble mentors, etc., etc., and therefore WILL become the next
Picasso! Now, stick figures I’m o.k. with… but… 🙂

I’m not saying “Give up, it’s useless”, rather that there are times that’s
exactly what we should do.

There are also times that getting certain things done are just not possible
or would cause us and those around us far much pain if we’d only humble
ourselves and learn how to “play with others” better!

And here we reach “collaboration”.

There are just a few things I’d love to be truly guilty of in my lifetime and
one of those is being a collaborator with good-hearted, spiritually gifted and
talented, skilled people.

The fact is, I have been blessed with just those sorts of relationships for
most of my life.

Now if I must simplify how, I’d say find, link with and accept the pain of
ongoing relationships with such people. If they have the same sense of calling
and commitment you do, you will stick together for the long haul, at least
some of that group.

Over time you will accomplish amazing things… but not alone nor as a group
of arrogant, fiercely independent but rather humbly DEpendent friends who learn
to love, respect, correct and stick tight to one another for whatever the
common cause(s) may be.

Think about all you have learned from others in whatever years you’ve lived so
far! Was it not the fact you and they collaborated (in whatever ways) that
brought you any true measure of success or did you do it all by yourself?

Someone fed you, taught you how to walk, talk, write, listen, drive, play this
or that musical instrument, study, apply for a job, on and on it goes!

Had my friend John Herrin not brought both drumming skills but management
input I doubt REZ Band (which I and my wife fronted for 28 years) would have
lasted more than about 10 years. I’m certain we’d have never seen the sheer
number of concerts and responses we saw.

Had two other friends, Roger Heiss and later Ed Bialach not brought their
sound tech skills we’d have never had the records nor live sound mix anything
close to what they became.

I could go on and on.

My wife, Wendi, has been a super collaborator in my life on so many, many
levels. Our children and grandkids and countless others have benefited from
input and co-work we’ve done together.

My pastors have blessed me continually with collaborative input that both kept
me on track but also provoked growth and ultimately both encouraged and
protected others via me. People have no idea how often the brightest things I
say have come from them.

Don’t be misled thinking you have to come up with your own independent sort of
“brilliance”. There is just nothing like the joy of a team succeeding due to
gracious, messy, imperfect but loving collaboration.

Collaborators, I love ’em! I enjoy BEING one. How about you?

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

Misc Update, P12 Tour, New CD & DVD Release Info.

Been touring like a maniac, lots going on so I decided to just post it all at once here… hope that isn’t crazy for those reading…

I spent a great weekend with old (and new) friends in San Diego (Park Chapel) doing blues and worship, amazing folks with great hearts doing great work in the inner city there!

Next I was able to bring a short blues set, shared in a panel discussion on worship, art and culture and just loved attending teaching sessions as well as hangin’ with friends at Ev. Cov. MidWinter in S. Diego. EXcellent teaching on the week, amazing and encouraging fellowship with folks from all over the place.

Finished that part of the trip at BFC headquarters (Rushing Wind) in Oceanside, again many old and some new friends, Full Throttle Band rocked- enjoyed playing with them… and a number of very cool bikes out there as usual 🙂

Flew home for appx. an 11 hour stop with my sweet Wendi, then off to Orlando and a regional Rainbow gathering in the Ocala National Forest ImageImageImage for several days with our Project12 team working alongside several other very cool ministries to bring love, good food and music to hungry peeps.ImageImageImageImage

Then we drove up to Hebron (best drug rehab work I know of) near Bloomington, Indiana for several days.

I brought some stuff for cigarbox and canjo guitar-making which I did around the campfire in Florida. Gave all but one away to people in the forest, played the little 2 stringer slider you see here up at Hebron during our concert for the men one evening.

Each spot was inspiring for sure, sweet friends, chats, music, some tears as well… and as per my last post re. my friend Tommy.ImageImage

Web (even phone) availability was in and out in some of these places so it gave me time to sleep, read, focus and try to keep pace which by God’s grace I did.

WHAT A GIFT to be home with Wendi and family and to sleep in my own bed again. 20 days is a long time and frankly, not my choice… but I try to pay attention, listen, truly hear and then do what I’m called to.

So I took a zillion pics from all this travel, posting only a handful here mostly from Florida and a couple from Indiana.ImageImage

Soon we’ll post a fresh set of show bookings that are confirmed. Hang in there, it may take a day or two. Please note you can always find that info. in the Shows section at: http://www.grrrrecords.com

Last but not least, Grrr Records is about to release a live cd and companion dvd of myself and Joe Filikso (friend and harmonica genius) from our 2012 set at Cornerstone Festival. Check the Grrr site as they’ll let us all know when these will be shipping or available for downloading.

Joe and I have done recording together as well as a number of shows- more of both are coming in the future.

Thanks so much for stopping by! -Glenn

Tommy Ogle


I believe I first met my friend Tommy Ogle when Rez Band was playing
in his area -New Orleans, during Mardi Gras.

I frankly cannot remember when I last cried so much over a friend
leaving this world.

In that Tommy was a friend to so many I suspect I’m not alone in this.

God has enriched my life with a huge extended family via years of
travel, recording and interaction. Due to these I’ve met a lot of
kind, talented, funny and truly godly people.

Tommy was in the rare percentage of that group because he bore what
apostle Paul called the “fruit of the Spirit” (love, joy, patience,
kindness to name a few) in a near-constant state.

The man had his moments as all of us do, but I rarely heard him speak
ill of anyone or show up to work late or not be the first to pitch in
to help those around him. He did so with grace and kindness.

As he and his sweet wife Rebecca had come yearly to our Cornerstone
Festival driving up from their home in Paris, Tennessee so we got to
know one another well.

He volunteered and worked long hours on the electrician’s crew each
festival coming up several days in advance to do it.

Tommy was an accomplished musician, had served as an elder in his
church as well as worship leader also writing brilliant songs and
performing or leading them via guitar and on his own hand made banjos!
He also played a great upright bass.

When I began a leadership forum at the fest Tommy attended and I lost
count of the times we were blessed by the depth and wisdom of his
humble, sage comments as deeper issues were discussed.

As that group met often online and in many face-to-face gatherings,
these leaders (like myself, all characters but with shared heart for
God, truth and fellowship) like myself found Tommy was a pleasure to
interact with.

His wry Southern style along with the fact he was an accomplished
carpenter and painter made him a blessing to many.

At Cstone, the fact he was also a deep fried turkey expert meant year
after year he made anyone who hung out at his campsite a special

He and Rebecca always made us feel welcome, truly like family.

Tommy loved to hunt, often using the old Civil War black powder
muzzleloaders, was an excellent shot (often contest winner or close to
it) with bow and arrow and created many knives and sheaths from raw

He brought his music and witness of Jesus to Civil War re-enactments.

As time passed he battled a number of health issues, the last of these
being cancer.

Tommy had two memorial services.  Myself and other of his friends were
at the first along with Tommy playing many of his songs and sharing
stories of how our lives had all been enriched by this kind, gracious

He had decided that cancer might take him fairly soon so why not be
present at his own memorial service in order to hear it because he
wouldn’t be there after he’d died?!

This was very Tommy. And not a bad idea either! That evening the
church in Paris was packed.

Stories, laughter, tears and amazingly gifted musical friends such as
Dan Knowles and many family members honored this gift of God called
Tommy Ogle.

They did it all again recently when he had passed.

Suffering is plain hard. Yet Paul’s words ring in my head now- “To
live is Christ and to die is gain”.

For those who did not know Tommy or do not know the risen Jesus it may
make no sense at all, but to so many of us there is no more important
truth than the Good News of Christ.

I cry as I write these words- I was able to chat and pray with my
brother Tommy several times prior to his graduation… lastly about
three hours prior to his homegoing.

We always said: not “Goodbye” but “See you later”.

A few years ago I was blessed when he asked me to do a bit on his
wonderful “Sparrow” cd. My personal favorite song and one I have led
worship with many times is “Live in Me”.

I want Tommy to have the last word here. For my friend, mentor,
brother in Christ whom I love and deeply miss:

Well done dear friend. You have finished the race. I will absolutely see you later.

Tommy Ogle

If You would live in me Oh Lord
My heart a dwelling place for You
A temple for Your holy flame
So I can come before Your throne
And in You I am justified
To be a living sacrifice

Make me Lord, more like You
Teach me Lord, I pray
Give me Lord, a heart for You
Come live in me, today

Tommy’s “Sparrow” cd: http://www.grrrrecords.com/tommyogle.cfm

Tommy’s MySpace site: https://www.myspace.com/tommyjogle

Tommy’s Shoutlife site: http://www.shoutlife.com/tommyogle