Music Teaching 101- Glenn’s Notes

Glenn’s Personal Notes- Music 101Juxtaposition between Col.3.16, Eph.5.19 and Art verses- freedom in creativity verses1. Gen.4.20-22- Jubal and…2. 2Chr. chapters 2-5-Art and… 150,000 to build it, 3,6000 to supervise them3. Acts 17.29- Art-worship- idolatry4. Amos 5.23&24- unsincere worship, justice demanded5. Ps.101.1- praise, thanksgiving AND justice6. Gifts (Gal.5, Rom.12, Eph.4, 1Cor.12, etc.) AND Fruit (Gal.5, etc.) AND skill. Music listed in the Word as a ”skill” some 7 times. Malachi comment (try to give such diseased offerings to your king and see what happens… but you rob Me) -the excellence issue7. Heb.13.17, 1Pet.5- leadership, pastoral care & accountability8. John 4.23,24- Worship!if you will- Jn.17.17 Word of God is Truth, Spirit of Truth Jn.16.13 is the Holy Spirit, but there is a sense of creativity in worship that is married to bothHarold Best: ”Perhaps the best form of evangelism is OBSERVED WORSHIP”.Francis Schaeffer- ”Art and the Bible”,Anything by Erik Routley(constant tension between church leadership and musicians.J.S. Bach, Luther, the Wesleys, Sankey, Moody, Gen. Booth and today it’s the same… usually it takes 1 or 2 generations, perhaps 100 years…Music has been a major part of every revival I have ever studied in history… and imbalance and excess has also been! The danger is that unbiblical doctrines and practices can and will be spread and more rapidly memorized via music- but it is rarely the musicians from whom they originate. Musos are not to be used as a ”draw” any more than evangelists- all of us are intrinsically mentioned in God’s Word as unique, special. Every task, gift and skill is equally important in His Kingdom——————————————–GK- get background on who the current students are- nationality, age, full to part time students, etc.What sort of info. have they been taught so far this term?Any other details I need to know re. getting a sense of direction for those I’m addressing?WHAT TIME FRAME FOR SPEAKING ?From what you know of me what do you think I can offer these students?What is being done to bring biblical, godly disciple to the lives of the musos and other arts communicators? Are there specific cell-groups, fellowship meetings, mentoring, teaching from the Word, church history, anthropology, actual REAL LIFE lectures from musos and other Christians in the arts who can help ”burst the bubbles” of any who may need a little feet-on-the-ground prep. prior to getting into the fray of the trenches of ministry, church, outreach as it really IS?Are they being prepared to be single, for marriage,, for raising children, for sacrifice?