WHY AudioFeed, Cornerstone Fest? The Deal Is…

CstoneRdSignReading Jay Newman’s great piece on the defunct Cornerstone Festival and discussion of the younger AudioFeed Fest got me to thinking.


Well, I had thought and blogged about this right at the end of Cstone (https://gkaiser.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/cornerstone-festival/) and had mentioned “fellowship” as a key point.

Here is what I wanted to reflect regarding AudioFeed Festival which at core was begun as somewhat inspired by Cstone-

As Jay aptly put it, it IS about “fellowship”, about that New Testament Greek term “koinonia”.

Both intimate fellowship with God Himself (which is everywhere, anywhere, anytime you are willing… because HE always is!) and certainly the matter of linking up with people of like mind are why we show up. Or, at least due to openness, being willing to talk about but not harshly separate over differences, be they theological, cultural, stylistic or whatever, these are the gifts of fellowship that brought thousands together at Cornerstone Festival for nearly three decades.

When asked, someone once said “We don’t have to apologize for being ourselves”. Repent of sin yes, not of cultural variations that the Bible is silent about. Fun is allowed, even encouraged 🙂

Sure, AF Fest is (like Cstone was) about all these, but there is a level of unity without absolute jackbooted uniformity that one can experience in plenty of places and among a fair number of people. Finding them can be a chore, a trial and often one’s expectations are dashed once you both (or several of you) find you Strongly Disagree on various things.

This is where we must be honest in that not even Cornerstone nor AudioFeed or any other gathering, even among largely agreeing Christ followers is… well… heaven. Here we see through a glass darkly, know in part, are often hardwired by education, lack of it, personal preference or shifting personal views on an issue. Here at present we look for same-same-LOVE-LOVE in a long list of areas, and in marriage, church, daily work, bands, drama group or veggie stand we may well disagree to the point of separating over the chasm.

The “koinonia” of the New Testament relationship is defined:

“fellowship, association, community, communion, joint participation, the share which one has in anything, participation, intimacy, a gift jointly contributed”

I have also written about elements of this in terms of pain and difficulties bringing people together who were once strangers- and how that can help bond people together as a matter of survival and even life-giving fellowship- (https://gkaiser.wordpress.com/2010/10/18/20101017fellowship-102-3/).

In any case, the reasons people come together are as varied as those that drive us apart. Authentic koinonia in the actual love of God- especially when shared as a group and INCLUDING subcultural preferences, art, life experiences that bring joy and a sense of purpose… THIS is the stuff we gather to celebrate and take note of. Sometimes God speaks very clearly to us in such gatherings. Cliche I know, but True. This is some of the “why” returning and being together is so important to so many of us.

Losing these can be (often is) devastating and the sense of loss huge!

Realizing and experiencing these good and life-giving relationships is where koinonia, true spiritual friendship that God the Holy Spirit both creates and causes us to be aware of, present in the moment… THIS is why I love AudioFeed and like gatherings.AF2015


Life happens in the coolest way in such relational experiences. The Chief Cornerstone (according to scripture) makes His presence known among His own. Ps. 133 for sure!

A day ago I posted my/our schedule at AudioFeed this year. Hope to see you there! Looking forward, -Glenn


GK SOLO in Peoria -and- GK, GKB Schedule at AudioFeed Festival -Champaign, IL


Glenn Kaiser Solo Blues
Peoria, IL
Saturday, June 27 @ 6:30pm
Sunday, June 28 @ 10am
GK leads worship, brings message
1001 W Loucks Ave, Peoria, IL 61604, United States


Thurs., Fri., Sat. July 2, 3, 4

Somewhat a reminder of the schedule I used to have at Cstone Festival, heh!

Check it out, a LOT of great bands, etc.: http://audiofeedfestival.com/

You can find out which venue for each of the following when you arrive on the grounds.

I will offer two seminars this year, one Thursday and the other Friday
Both will deal with relationships re. music, musicians and responsibility as followers of Jesus
Both Seminars 1:30-2:30pm

Thursday night myself and harmonica ace Joe Filisko will do a blues set
You may recall Joe and I recorded a live cd and live dvd of our show at Cornerstone Festival
Joe’s website: http://filisko.com

Friday night (technically Saturday morning) at 12:30am (that’s a.m.)
My daughter Ami Moss and I and friends are leading a worship set
If you’re not aware, her own band is called The Unfortunate: http://theunfortunate.bandcamp.com/

Glenn Kaiser Band has a blues/rock show Saturday afternoon
And that is all 🙂 Hope to see some of you there!

Yours, -Glenn

End of School?

So the other day my wife and I stopped in for a visit at the “end of school year” party to play a game with the kids, listen to our grandson read and check out his work on their last day in kindergarten.

Fun. And the watermelon was great. And the cookies which I did not eat cuz I’m being good… ha!

Of course I took photos of he and Grammy. But this is what I HAD to have pics of as they would have been seeing it through their first official year of education:

20150619_10443520150619_10440220150619_104339Now… it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand how solid all of these written reminders are… but hey, adults (and plenty you read online in Facebook and other places) including myself could stand to apply this stuff.

I wonder if we ever truly “graduate”? Well, there’s always 1st grade as we near autumn.

Great teacher, GREAT advice.

I don’t think any of us fully graduate until the end of this life. And frankly, if you don’t walk with The Teacher (and even if you do) reminders and application are a big part of growing up- or not.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

GK Solo Blues: Monterrey, Mexico

GK SOLO (and many others)
Monterrey, México
Saturday, July 18
UVM Campus Summit
Music, Design Market
Food Trucks


Myself and a local drummer and bass player will do a large of my set, I will add some solo tunes w. cigarbox guitar and harmonica. A number of other local and non-local artists will bring various art modes, plenty of music and more.ActivArte

“ACTIVARTE llama a jóvenes y estudiantes a influenciar al mundo con el bien,inspirando un nuevo estilo de vida, generando un cambio utilizando el arte.
(Google Translate:) :
ActivArte calls young people and students to influence the world with good, inspiring a new lifestyle, generating a change using art.”

Publicity?? How?

OctaneAs lots of folks who do music, record and tour and enjoy some measure of “success” (that’s another blog post for sure… how you define that term!) I get a LOT of peeps asking me how to get their music “out”. They want to know how to get their songs heard, received, get booked into live shows, tour, figure how to best promote their music and most want to make a total career of it.
Here is my best shot at answering such a question:

I am convinced live shows and the Web are best.

The more you play (nearly ANYwhere!) and the more people like what you do and who you are, the more they will talk you and your work up and out.

It really gets down to word-of-mouth, people so excited, who so relate to what you bring (music, art of any sort, worship, you-name-it) that they then talk to others, in one or another way share your work and that’s how it happens.

THEY are the key “publicists” who help build a following. Yes of course you can assemble an official “street team” and perhaps you should and can in time, but it boils down to what I have just written. Why? Keep reading.

It ain’t about high-price p.r., or even your AMAZING talent, skills, heart and personal charisma. There are likely thousands who do what you do, do it better and work with this or that agent, manager or production company, record co. etc., who spend far more time, loads more money and are SATURATING the “market”- whichever market that may be.

If you are willing to face the reality of that and then do what you are committed to doing -regardless- if 10 or 10,000 people dig it, you’re on the right track. If that’s not your heart, quit and do something you believe in to that extent.

Numbers alone don’t mean much. They may mean more money and wider support, I admit that, but there are crosses involved an aspiring artist rarely even imagines and any longtime veteran of “the industry” and their mates can tell you war stories sky-high. The key is heart, calling, gift and commitment on your part to be who you are from the guts and not allow math to dictate what you do.

I know, it can seem counter-productive, maybe even counterintuitive, but not only musicians but other artists also have competition. The audience has a thousand options on the given date… what to do, where to go, even just who/what to listen to on their mobile device. Art junkies have more options that ever in the history of the world. Consider the Web, sites like YouTube, Pandora, SoundCloud, the photo sites, on and on… there are a zillion more internet “outlets”, more festivals large and small, static and even mobile as well as individual concerts like never before.

You are another “book in the library” among millions of them. Face this fact, then if you are called, get on with it and enjoy the journey however it may unfold!GKcbG

If you haven’t already quit reading here are a few more practical matters 🙂 :

Sending your best out to any Web-based magazines, radio and anything related to your music/art style is good. Web search using various words to be thorough. Then click on the site and see if they are still really doing it (radio, web-radio, music of that genre, local shows, open-mic if what you do might fit that, you get the picture).

Send a brief note and a song or three to ’em or even possible full project if they are open to reviewing anything. Show up at a venue and actually see what the place, booking person and vibe is all about before even handing them your recorded music, asking about a gig, etc..

In the end there are no shortcuts though a load of people will tell you otherwise… it is in their financial interest to do so.

I have also gotten a LOAD of folks’ music and other art essentially asking me to help publicize their work. I very rarely do so for a whole list of reasons, but if and when I do you still can’t count on getting anything sold or a gig booked as a result of what may feel like my (or another artist’s) endorsement.

Art is not only judged in a technical, but an emotional and “multi-layered-other-factors” way by each and every individual who notices. You can be Hendrix or Segovia or Picasso and still largely dis-liked by people. That’s the nature of art and society- any society.

This is the real-world! “A man’s (or woman’s) gift will make room for him (her) and bring them before the great.” (Proverbs).

Lastly, how is it anyone is reading my words in this blog post?? What I just wrote above… and many years of doing my best at being faithful to my calling, and trying to do my best in doing the work. After doing so your own website may be part of the publicity stream.

BUT- give people more than adverts! Really CARE about them as people and try to serve God and the people via your art offerings, music or whatever it is you create. If it is only about seats in the seats and money and acclaim, I can tell you it will be impossible to get me to care. This is likely the same for others as well. Check your motives and your offerings as you publicize what you do.

Pray, really face the hard truths, then get on with what you do best and don’t lose sleep over the numbers.

With love and truth, BenFigure-Glenn

The GIFT of Failure!

20150701_112953Failure is often a needed gift.

Yes, you don’t need to get your eyes checked, I really mean what I said here.

How can this be?

I will just mention three general areas I believe this to be true from my own life experience.

Failure helps us navigate what we will often have to in life, that is, fails and disappointment. There are a LOT of these in the world, coming from others, from ourselves, simply not getting what we expect or even think we ought to expect from God in a matter.

Part of the gift is learning how to acquire a good and faithful heart attitude toward God and others and even toward the area of failure especially WHEN failure seems stitched into the journey or situation.

We often mimic others in order to learn how to do just about -anything-. Most of us fail as we begin learning the new thing, it’s truly a normal part of the process.

If we are not willing to keep coming back and trying a second, third and fourth time, I reckon that to be a gift as well. Why beat your head against a wall when you are not truly gifted or committed to the thing you are working so hard to accomplish? This is partly how we learn what our REAL gifts and energies should be spent on in order to succeed. Again, attitude and walking in the peace of God is more important that the actual task.

Lastly, if we DO have a sense of calling, are truly committed and keep coming back to try again and eventually “get it”, our failures have caused us to grow in these and other areas to an extent we are stronger than had we not gone through the experience of failing.

Now… how would I know anything about all this? HA! Indeed, how?!! Yep.

Things to consider as you day-dream on a summer’s day!

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

Charleston… “Lovebomb”

You may have seen (or heard of) “yarn-bombing”, where peeps place cool colored yarn around fire hydrants, trees, ugly lamp posts, etc.. I know it’s frowned upon by many, and it is indeed a nuevo-hippie sort of art… and perhaps illegal in many places, or just plain unwanted and unappreciated. Got that. But the point is beauty and creativity in what can be and at times is a rough life-journey.

I’m aware of the roots of the term “love-bombing” and they ain’t always great re. what I and many reading this would call “false spirituality group” usage. Yet I choose to redeem the phrase in the most literal sense: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR FULLY regardless. Love your enemies. Forgive those who have sinned against you. Now who was it that commanded us this? It’s all part of Jesus’ call to those of us calling ourselves Christ-followers. So far I hear a great deal of grace and forgiveness from the many families, church and others in S.C., and this is not mere chatter… it is grace in action.

About a month ago I wrote the following lyric and recorded “Lovebomb”.

Prior to the killings in Charleston I had put together a couple solo blues setlists for upcoming shows, and had decided to add a few new songs that are yet unreleased. Lovebomb is one of them.

So sick and sad at the horrible, senseless killings of fellow Christians in a Bible study, Charleston, South Carolina, it was honestly only last night I remembered this was one of the last songs I recorded for an upcoming cigarbox blues project just prior to leaving for our European Tour. Wow. No “selling point” here, just one of my observations of the way things have always been and are in our sinful world.

Turning the other cheek and taking the hit is never a joy-ride and sometimes is the most difficult part of a truly loving, Christ-and-others focused life. And I surmise, frankly, why some do not and will not follow Jesus. He -commands- us to forgive and yet He, utterly sinless, forgiving, was crucified by sinners who judged Him only worthy of death. He suffered out of love for all sinners… including you and me.

With prayers and sadness, it seems the Spirit brought something my way even before this sick event. He sometimes does this out of His love for us. So- for all who seek to live a godly life in Christ Jesus:


glenn kaiser

You might be the wrong color
You might be the wrong shape,
In the wrong place
At the wrong time
Enemies at your gate,
Wearin’ the wrong clothin’
Wearin’ the wrong face,
Too fast, too slow
Losin’ the human race

But honey I got news for you
Somebody’s on your side
Just understand salvation
Means bein’ crucified

You might feel mistreated
Or jus’ misunderstood,
You might feel rejected
In your own neighborhood,
Judged a pariah
Nobody offers bail,
You offer love
They push an’ shove
An’ out comes three nails

Ask yourself a question-
Really think it through
Who gets the best of what you got
Whose lovebomb are you?

You might feel mistreated
Or jus’ misunderstood,
You might feel rejected
In your own neighborhood,
Judged a pariah
Nobody offers bail,
You offer love
They push an’ shove
An’ out comes three nails

Got to face the fallout
Love has it’s expense
Spend yourself for somethin’ else
An’ life don’ make no sense

Final European Tour Post (3rd)- LOTS of Pics (and brief June Update)

>20150621_064349Wow. One week ago we were in Czech sleeping after a mainstage snow at a festival. Well, in that they are 7 hours ahead of us, we were actually setting up for a church service were the guys and I led a blues-rock-worship and I brought a message.

Been home a week. Here are my last GKB EuroTour reflections and pics.

**NOTE- This next bit was written during the tour which is now completed. We are home, next up for me solo is Peoria, IL (see post just before this one) and next after that AudioFeed Festival (Champaign, IL) myself doing 2 seminars, 3 music sets: blues w. Joe Filikso, another with GKB and another with Ami Moss and crew leading worship late-night. Yo! So- the first group of photos are from Hilde Bialach, some I think from Carsten Turner. Those at the end are mine from all over the tour.**

It is aftershow at Franzis Club in Wetzlar, Germany.

We had a pretty good set, an amazingly good crowd and in particular, on a Tuesday night it was rather astonishing to see such a kind and rather full house!

Ed and Roy rocked as always, I had moments wondering what planet I was on due to the volume, but I suppose I am a little spoiled these days doing so very many solo sets or sometimes shows with Joe Filisko, just a couple instruments, even if via amps, quite easy to hear regardless of the acoustics.

The people at Franzis have always been great friends to us, and this was perhaps the 3rd show Glenn Kaiser Band has played here.

Well, 3 more shows in Germany, then on to Czech Republic and the Lilie Festival where I get to do a cigarbox/found-object guitar making workshop and our last couple GKB sets in this EuroTour.
Then home to the love of my life, our sweet family, grandkids and JPUSA. Yes!
The other night I looked over the calendar for this summer. I am doing many solo sets, quite a few in Ohio prisons, several GKB dates and throughout June, July, August and into September I count at least 43 individual sets. Some of those prison dates are two or even three sets per day but I count those as one.

Wow. Thanks for your prayers… this old guy is moving around a bit!

The joy is that my sweet Wendi can come with me and on occasion with GKB as well, so that is truly a gift as the past few years she has been in such pain with arthritis it just couldn’t happen. God is so good, 2 new hips with great rehab work later she is walking and we can be together most of the weekend dates. Yahoo! Her needed knee replacement may come about in October.

My spiritual director friend asked about my schedule a couple months ago when he heard the way things were (most all quite positive) and then said “A younger man would be worn out by such a load”. I assured him I take breaks, sit in the garden, keep in the Word and prayer daily and keep accountable. Those are not mere words but my lifeline in the practical.

Meanwhile I can say without the love of God, my wife’s prayers, those of our church and so many of you I would indeed be dried up by now.

God the Holy Spirit moves. You got to move (as the Blind Willie Johnson song says)!

There are so many who need good news in a world loaded with a lot of heartbreak, pain and uncertainty. So here I go until I cannot.20150605_18191620150606_16372620150607_153416


No new instructions so the walk continues in the same direction 🙂

I am truly excited about a number of dates with my new cigarbox guitar from Ascendent Instruments… so much more I can do as she is a fretted instrument. I named her “Midnight” as she’s a beautiful black. And we are ever closer to that time in this world best as I can see it. So I have many new songs waiting to be let out in shows, ha!

But of course it’s “one day at a time”, and that is the way for all of us to live I think.

So hope to see you on the road somewhere! As always, thanks for stopping by:) -Glenn

GK Solo Blues & Jammin’ with Friends: Sturgis Bike Week!

Saturday, August 1-Tuesday, August 4 (GK arrives for Fri. night set, lvs. for Chicago early Weds. a.m.)

Ohhhh baby, this is a fun one. Often hot on several levels but what a pleasure for me.


I will bring a couple of solo acoustic/cigarbox guitar/harp-you-get-the-pic sets per day as well as do some electric jammin’ (at least most days I am there) with several friends on the Music For The Soul Stage in Sturgis, South Dakota’s famed Bike Week.

The last time we were at Sturgis we did several days of GKB blues/rock along with some jams. There are a number of other amazing blues artists sharing this stage and it’s on a main drag in town. Plenty thousands of bikers, some of the coolest iron you would ever see flows right past our stage. There is a hill across the street that peeps sit on to listen.

So… perhaps I’ll see you there, come say Howdy if you can 🙂