Fire Escapes- GK Podcast

They’re all around us in large and even smaller cities… but perhaps we don’t notice. Maybe we don’t use them … More

Cracks in the Cement

Today it’s cold, but the rain has stopped here in Chicago. Now- I love rain, but it’s been flooding and … More

The End of Innocence

This doesn’t directly relate to the Boston Marathon bombings, but it has everything to do with working in ministry service … More

Boston on a Sad Day

Boston, April 15, 2013 Just another day, one more tragic event and reason to recognize the depth of hatred, capacity … More

Expectations and Discouragement

Our longtime friend George Verwer, founder and for years executive director of Operation Mobilization has often spoken about discouragement before … More

To Love or Be Loved?

In my mind it’s clear: I need to listen better, talk less and not care so much whether folks agree … More