Universally Speaking?

O.K., I admit it- I LOVE my wife and am enjoying a few days mostly resting after another amazing Cornerstone Festival! I return to Chicago at the end of the week for Project 12 graduation, then back out to Cstone.I have been doing a bit of work too, moving stuff as we get ready to have our old literally falling-down mobile home we steward at Cornerstone Farm, carted off in pieces.Years ago we were surprised to find a large room extension was added on to the old trailer. We had added a deck prior to that. Anyhow, a new (to us) mobile home was donated to Cstone by a good farmer in Northern Illinois, and it now sits uphill about 12 yards from the old one. We will eventually connect it with the free-standing deck and extension below by adding some deck.Below the main deck and extension is Lake Wildwood Haven, a sweet lake full of fish and fun.This Cstone Fest was a wonder for us. Wendi taught 3 excellent seminars, and for the first time I was free to -not- teach, just doing 3 music sets.The Lord surely led that because we had done another festival in northern Wisconsin where I did a longer solo blues set, spoke the next morning, then drove several hours south where we spent the night, leading worship at one of our denomination’s camps, Covenant Harbor. Then we drove to Cstone Farm where I did the first of those 3 sets the next night. A lot of wear and tear on the body, voice and such, so the lack of constant strain re. seminar speaking was a blessing!Wendi and I also interacted a lot with the grandkids as well as catching Ami’s (our  daughter) band The Unfortunate, and I was able to take in the last of Wendi’s seminars and join her in ministry afterwards. I also attended the entire mainstage church service and several other artist’s sets while also interacting with our friends at Theophilus’ Journey as well as enjoying great chats with various seminar speakers in the speaker’s hospitality trailer.Project 12/Grrr Records newly christened Chelsea Cafe stage/tent was a treat too! Great artists and coffee.I think I felt more relaxed and enjoyed listening more than at other festivals due to getting more sleep and talking (overall) less. So… a gift from the Lord!I was also able to spend time studying the Word more during the Festival… not the norm most years due to my fest schedule.One concern of mine has been an increasing lean (of some in the wider Church) to universalism, in a nutshell, that all people will in the end, be saved.I have once again been studying key biblical texts and related doctrines regarding heaven, hell, eternal punishment and etc., and frankly see little in the Bible considering both Hebrew and Greek, for my own views on all these to change even slightly.It does seem people are seeking the sort of God they wish their God to be… perhaps not the God of The Book. At some point I will likely write a lengthy blog (in basic language, mind you) sharing my own understanding on the issue.What I will say now is that sadly, too many people find it impossible to live with mystery. A humbling lack of human knowledge of God’s own reasons and ways (which “are past finding out”) often brings people to either reject Him and/or His Word and/or they find great fault with those who simply disagree with their own perception.Honest study, consideration and research is essential. Garnering solid, biblical answers -that I may not like or want… well, that’s a reality I am at peace with as it happens somewhat frequently as I read my Bible.But as God intimated to Job, I wasn’t present giving Him input when He created the universe. He doesn’t require my permission.As I say, I will write more on universalism in the future.Meanwhile, I trust you are having a rocking summer, seeking and loving Father/Son/Spirit with all your heart and learning to better love your neighbor as yourself.Clearly THESE are the commands of greatest concern to God.Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn