GKB, GK Solo, GK Seminar @AF FEST 2022

At AudioFeed Festival 2022 🙂

GLENN KAISER BAND -blues/rock at 9:30pm Black Sheep Stage, THURSDAY June 30

GK SEMINAR: “You Are History” at 1:45pm SUNDAY July 3, 2022, Indoor Stage at AudioFeed Festival

GK SOLO, BLUES/BUSKING: outdoor on the grounds at appx. 3:20pm –perhaps near the old Asylum Tent area… also likely a surprise guest jamming w. me appx. 4:30pm 🙂

Champaign/Urbana, Illinois area: Exact address- 1302 N Coler Ave, Urbana, IL 61801



Hope to see some of y’all there. As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

Spring Cleaning in Summer

Chatting w. some friends, talking about how hard it is to say “I’m sorry but I can’t.” when you really want to reply in the positive. As I matured (at least some!) spiritually in my walk with Jesus I realized I just couldn’t do everything all folks asked me to do. Over time we age and that adds to the reality of this.

A few days ago I finally got to some spring cleaning -here in early summer no less!

Out went a huge garbage bin full of stuff including a massive load of fun slide guitars I built or nearly finished, some I used in shows and some prototypes working out ideas. Seems I have little time to build for folks as when asked I’m confronted with a number of serious priorities of family and mission that I must attend to. So I give some away as always, and only on the rarest of occasions these days, build.

I would have offered them online but the truth is that the time it takes to communicate, package and mail for shipping as well as the fact most of these were junker prototypes working out construction ideas… it’s about best use of time.

All this is simply prioritizing the most important matters of family and serving others. And sure, a bit of rest and a few other hobbies come into play as well.

I’m down (!) to about 25 extremely varied self-built gits and including a few gifted to me and the thing is, my office is getting better daily in terms of space. The other cool factor is that when I decided to do this the gits I have kept will be played and not simply hang on the walls. Ha, well, at least not on -my- walls. Each has it’s own story, personality, tone and use.

Some of them I’ll play once more live and give away in the solo blues shows I do so hopefully others can have some fun with them.

Less is truly often more!

As always, thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

Learning From Old Voices

It has been some years since I spent real time going through John Wesley’s journals. Thankfully they are available online and I’ve been going through them again each night along with study of Scripture.

One thing quite clear- he not only dealt with personal pain but also opposition, at times great and serious opposition from people who did not walk with Jesus in a life-changing way. His personal issues had much to do with his faith, his own unbelief or struggles to make sense of the grace of God –for him-.

Though he had been a preacher for many years and been serving in varied areas of ministry and via mission trips, he himself struggled to be assured of his own salvation by faith in Jesus and His grace alone.

That wonderfully changed.

What did not change was his commitment to a personal and real holiness in his walk including thoughts, speech, service to God and others. He (and the larger Church on earth) can learn much from his simple lifestyle, sacrifices, preaching “outside the box” of the then-common requirement of the Church of England “inside the church walls” and his continual confrontation with church norms of his time and place which shut so many outside it’s doors.

He went into places of business, fields, shared the Good News of God’s salvation in Christ throughout homes, on horseback, during meals in inns and truly where ever he went to whomever would listen. Some did yet others responded with disdain and even violence.

His work for the needs of widows and orphans, incarcerated people, his sharing the Gospel to Native Americans and servants -the marginalized, those considered “less than” to many professing Christians of his day as well as ours… continues to cause reflection and inspiration in me and others. The link below contains a bit re. Wesley’s impact and ministry in English prisons.


As I’ve emphasized for years, Jesus being sent by God the Father was no mistake and His sending those of us who claim to be His disciples isn’t either. Opposition will rise at it always has, sometimes due to the unloving, self-righteous, even racist attitudes and do-nothing people in the pews as in the street. And yet… and still… and regardless -I choose to grow in love and grace not only for myself and to please my Lord but to extend His love and grace “to the least of these” no matter who they are.

I’m no Wesley but am greatly encouraged to thank God for His servant, flawed, troubled, sifted, inspirational and a continuing witness via his journals, life and works!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

Angry With God -Part Two

Continuing the convo. a bit more-

The truth is I rarely get truly -angry- but when I do it’s very often a self-centered deal. I mean, I’m angry at what the Book calls sin, angry at injustices but I EXPECT this in others as I do and have also seen in myself.

Grace, prayer and boots-on-ground work (practical serving on my part, not mere drive-by preaching) is the issue. I cannot literally deal w. all issues but there are plenty of them I engage with regularly so am quite busy seeking to bring reform and help where I’m called, able and and humanly allowed.

If not this I’d merely fall into despair, rage, unforgiveness and of course much easier to blame all for their unrighteousness than repent of my own.

Lastly, holding grudges, unforgiveness and anger is like self-arson, burning me down inside. For what??! It accomplishes nothing but more misery and takes no practical steps to bring resolution.

Perhaps worth considering? As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

I Was Recently Asked Are You Ever Angry At God?

“Are you ever angry with God?” Fair question. My response to the person:

“Sure. And boiling it down, because I couldn’t BE Him, you know, total control of everything in my life… but I trust Him over myself and that means whenever I’m tempted to park in that judgment of Him (false but understandable in a fallen world) I ask forgiveness pretty quickly and move on to serve. That love language -service- to Him and others keeps me sane, growing in my faith and not staring in the mirror at my own self-pity, anger and hurt even as real as those feelings all are.”

Perhaps worth considering? As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

Juneteenth and the Feds

I wrote this on a laptop and without wifi on my wife and my 50th Anniversary campout, so now that we’re home and though a day late, here are some thoughts for you to consider.

This will be short as I am white and there are many, many sites where you can and should read about this U.S. holiday from a Black, Brown and even Indigenous perspective. Please do your homework, wisdom comes by the route of listening to the voices of others, not merely the voice in our own head.

My Christian or certainly professing Christian brothers and sisters who regularly quote Romans 13 as the final word on civil authority or conversely harp on “let’s not talk about politics because only the kingdom of God matters” miss the target on both counts. Why?

Unless folks who park on such ground NEVER VOTE AT ALL they miss, ignore or play a game with the simple truth they care a great deal about politics and the ramifications and actual NEED for FEDERAL LAW AND ACTION regardless of who is in power in the Federal government. Oh “State’s Rights” is a balance of course, but I would argue states are not sovereign over the Federal government any more than local towns, cities and counties are fully sovereign over State or Federal government laws and actions. The REAL issue is who is in power and IF you agree/like/want or disagree/dislike/don’t want the particular governmental law, action or power to be enforced.

Why do I mention this with regard to Juneteenth?

When the Feds sent the military into Texas after the Civil War to inform and enforce Federal law and policy for the emancipation of enslaved people it directly affected their lives -FOR THE BETTER-, true justice was served. Meanwhile it also certainly affected the economics of slavers and related business interests which hit them directly in the pocketbook.

This was largely the same all over what had been the Confederacy.

When Jim Crow politicians controlled laws and the Federal government literally sent troops in to enforce abolition Black and Brown folks rejoiced and still do today. Did white domination, lynchings, a stack of other atrocities and injustices all dry up and disappear forever? They did not as history clearly shows then and even to this day.

The depth of simplicity, white -dominant- thinking and demand for “rights” which so regularly disregarded the basic human, civil rights of minority people is still with us -and I mean even in the thinking and voting processes of professing followers of Jesus Christ.

If we whites cannot or will not educate ourselves and rejoice with people regarding freedoms gained by such events we are deceiving ourselves about the very freedom in Christ we so often posit as core to the Gospel Jesus preached and lived.

If Juneteenth is in your view some sort of liberal ploy you have sorely missed the point. Nobody is picnicing on your “rights” but celebrating theirs.

The force of Federal governments is, can and should be used in such matters or we might as well stop using the very biblical term “justice”. Some would rather bury that term, no?!

Too often our debates are not about freedom for ALL, but so regularly more truthfully about what we consider “freedom” for ourselves. It’s always time to mature beyond self-interest, “to also look to the interests of others.” Hmmmm… where was it I read that?!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

The Best Representation of You

Have you considered that no one better represents you than you, yourself?

Decision by decision we as individuals act and so construct who we are. This is not to say we cannot or will never change, even radically change, but in the end it comes down to us representing us.

I am not saying others won’t think differently about us than we do, sometimes some may know more about an aspect of our true life better than we do -but in the ultimate sense only God knows us perfectly and after Him, who better knows our deepest inner thoughts and beliefs, aspirations and dreams than us?

It is in this ultimate sense I think about God Who is so easily, even commonly misrepresented by His children much as many a parent is at times by their kids. Cain and Abel had the same parents.

How often is God rejected due to this? How typical is it Jesus gets filed under “irrelevant” in this way?

What He says about Himself seems so often denied or ignored due to what distant humans and prodigals say about Him.

As if He misrepresents Himself?

We give ourselves more credit than that when we are wrongly condemned!

Such is the foolishness and hypocritical standard of sinful humans.

Lord have mercy!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

Like a Child

How humbling for adults to hear Jesus’ words -and how essential: “”Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” -Matthew 18.3 (NAS)

Various English translations offer that word “converted” in various ways, but the Greek means twist, turn, turn around and move in the opposite direction.

I recently mentioned in a podcast how aging people often get hard, brittle, even harsh and unwilling to continue studying, learning new things. At base this means “unwilling to change”.

You don’t have to be very old to end up in that state of heart, mind and project such in your treatment of others but it’s a major problem for individuals, entire churches and folks wanting a cement-hard way of thinking as plenty of us do.

To be sure, Jesus both spoke and lived out GOOD NEWS, grace and compassion. He called out the coarse, legalistic and demonizing attitudes of those who “in the Name of God” represented anyone and anything -but- the true God.

We are, according to scripture, all God’s children. How sad we so easily fall into being self-righteous judges rather than humble, trusting and caring adults who serve Him and others. How each one of us needs to turn, repent, be converted into the little children Jesus is welcoming and holding up as prime examples of trust!

We adults know very little children know very little, at young age haven’t had much life experience, nothing close to superior knowledge. What they do know early on is if they’re loved, treated with kindness and patience or treated with contempt by older and far more morally responsible adults.

How we supposedly “more mature” people treat one another including other professing Christians, agnostics, and atheists tells a tale. What might that be? To my fellow believers I posit it is whether we are truly living as little children or proud, arrogant and mean, possibly even fake followers of Jesus Christ.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

Memorial Day 2022

How I wish our nation could entirely do away with all weapons and the military as well as police! I don’t believe it’s possible in this violent and unjust world! Believe me, I’ve thought about this since I began to study war and ongoing inhumanity in early elementary school.

Today I simply wish to say the people who have served are as in any other area, thoughtful, wise, kind and disciplined -and sometimes they are the complete opposite. They have served being called to do gracious and horrible things by officers and political leaders to which these very same attitudes and behaviors are also lived out.

I’m deeply grateful there are those who have served by truly serving others and often at great personal cost even to the point of death.

I’m thankful and saddened by families who have lost loved ones and shared in deep sacrifice also.

I’ve never agreed with every deployment and never will -but sympathize with those who have served and do serve. God have mercy and have it through me and us!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


My dear Wendi -my amazing, wise, beautiful and loving wife of 50 years- is after Jesus the LOVE of my life. In just a few days we will give thanks for this anniversary milestone!

Plenty of couple’s mileage/s may of course vary, but in our case friendship, really deep and genuine best-friend friendship happened along our shared marriage path. It has grown incredibly sweet through these decades of joy, tears, arguments, struggles of all sorts with ourselves, one another, children, grandchildren and you get the picture.

Lasting isn’t the only gift, we have largely grown to pivot in learning each other’s likes, dislikes, preferences and have respected Jesus above all and right after Him, respecting one another.

Without a lot of detail here, we would both tell you in a heartbeat when we married at 19 we had little understanding of the practicalities and sacrifices much less the immense blessings God would bring and allow in our shared life together as two becoming one.

Moving from stark independence to mutual interdependence took time and here we are, certainly in the ballpark of soulmates and that especially in spiritual matters where it counts most in relationship to Jesus.

Having said all this I believe it important to also say we don’t think exactly alike, are not in constant lockstep re. how to do X, Y or Z, and sometimes would rather simply be together doing separate things (hobbies of various sorts) than always the very same thing in “free time”.

We give one another space which I think also helps to actually cement us together and enjoy being with one another.

I think it also important to state some folks search their lives away trying to find “the perfect one” and on one end of that spectrum of seeking an authentic soulmate allow me to be blunt: if you’re looking for a near-carbon-copy of yourself in another person you’re nearly certain to never find them. I’m not saying some don’t find such a person but rather that in my lifetime, travels, interaction with couples and over-all experience- such is exceedingly rare.

Marrying yourself so to speak, isn’t going to meet your deepest needs. If at core your true motive is to marry someone nearly as exact to the one you see in the mirror, self is unlikely to meet self in another.

Then there is that matter of extreme selfishness that regularly torpedoes relationships.

Imho these are things worth considering for a true blending of souls.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn