Diddley Uno

Here’s a fresh one-string Diddley Bow. I must say I’ve built these before but this is my fave so far… inspired by One String Willie, a new friend I met this summer at the Cigar Box Guitar Festival in York, PA. They were nice enough to invite me back in 2013 so Lord willing I’ll be there again!

Anyhow, this is simply part of a Blind Willie Johnson tune taken straight into my HTC Droid Incredible phone via camcorder program. No nice mic, nada.

Two important points, and I’m in no way lying: the cross behind me wasn’t something I planned on being in the shot, nor was the phone sliding off it’s mount (on top of a can from canjo in front of the diddleydow) at the exact moment I was singing the lyric “God’s on the floor”. I’ll let you figure that one out.

Ha. Here are some still shots of what I’m playing and the vid clip as well.

This IS about as simple as it gets re. one-string slide guitar… a small section of dowel rod as a beater, a couple hot sauce bottles (one for a “bridge”, one for “slide”) 2 nails into trash 2×4 and a hunk of the 2×4 as a “nut”. You take a wound (in my case, I like lower sounding strings mostly for these things) acoustic guitar string and wind it on. I added a couple drywall screws to hold the “nut” hunk of wood tight.

As always, I figure out where my main notes are and mark ’em with a sharpie marker. Go.

No pickup on it yet, but there will be. Tuned to an A but I frankly don’t recall what gauge string it is… sorry!

Oh- “Diddley Uno” cuz some nice folks selling bbq and hot sauce gifted me with a bottle at the York Fest. Made a groove in the 2×4 and put their hottest “Cuban Missle Crisis” bottle tight in there for a bridge. Left a little sauce in case I’m ever in need on a gig!

Proof of concept, not pristine work here!! -Glenn


Project 12 Campout: The Gathering 2012

I wrote this late at night a couple nights ago. I’ll post more pics in a bit! Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

Tonight I lie on a warm sleeping bag listening to the surf and wafts of wind blowing in through the woods on the western shore of Lake Michigan here in northwestern Indiana.

Several of our students and staff are quietly chatting around the campfire and both myself and my (shared) tent are scented by woodsmoke. I like it.

Earlier a bro. and I talked about camping and I recalled one of many such experiences with a long lost friemd. We had gotten caught in a hard rain, flooding and mudding us out in only one short night that time.

The campout I’m writing from tonight is with our Project 12 discipleship group and the weather is nicely dry and cool.

One never knows how the weather- or people… might change.

The power of God”s love and truth of His Word, honest and open fellowship all help to weather any storm. Then again, some may resist any or all of these and the results are washouts and mud.

As usual Brian cooked amazing meals!

So… like “living stones” that make up part of the Lord’s house.

There is promise among these brothers and sisters. We will keep the fire lit.


Some Like it HOT.


I admit to several obsessions-

Seeking to follow Jesus, live more in and better reflect His love, Linux operating systems (especially very small “live” Linux distros), cigarbox and found-object 1, 2 and 3 string guitars, blues music and all things pertaining to integrity to the best of my ability.

I also admit to loving very hot, well, Extremely hot peppers. Which brings me to the new pic I’ll keep on my site here for a while.

A dear bro. in the Lord (Pastor Dave Eden of Bushnell’s First Baptist Church) has been growing these things for years. We link up for a bit of fellowship from time to time, and I recently was in town on a day he sadly was not. BUT… he is always sharing his rocking and often imported peppers and his home-made salsa (I mean FIRE starting) with me and has told me to just come by and pick ’em.

So last week I buzzed his house and in the front he has several bushes that were calling my name.

So you see, this pretty little cooker ended up as my new pic for awhile.

I try to speak, sing and write stuff that will at times be admittedly hard to take… but hopefully clean out the system and cause people to sit up and put up rather than simply wag tongue. Nobody who eats any of Pastor Dave’s peppers or sauce will ever quietly, passively sit still.

I sure can’t!

Indeed, it ain’t for everybody… neither am I nor is my delivery always suitable for just any/everyone… but for them that dig it… some indeed like it hot!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn

Project 12 Rolling!

Another year of personal/shared spiritual growth just began tonight here at JPUSA in Chicago.

Our Bible & discipleship group began with The Gathering, the P12 opening week of prayer, sharing, teaching, camping, fun activities, worship and getting to know one another in community.

Thanks for prayers! -Glenn

Transport To… WHERE?

A while ago a friend was passing through Chicago- it seems I was out
of town at the time and he went ahead and left me a present… which
you see here.

Funny enough, my father drove truck for years (eventually was called
to management) in what was one of the most prestigious logistics
companies in the U.S. at the time.

Many years later my brother also drove truck for what was -then- one
of the largest, most respected trucking companies.

So my passing visitor buddy left me this cap- which came in handy
today as it’s raining here in Chicago. I love rain… and I also love
taking people places, spiritually, emotionally, hopefully even
intellectually at least to a degree.

The Scriptures tell us this about Jesus: “the common people heard Him
gladly”. Why?

Likely because he spoke in language that they readily understood. God
the Son was very much -at least in the sense I’m speaking here- “one
of them”. What He said and did was all about love, all about truth,
all about authenticity. From the record, He was/is anything BUT

The popular song of several years ago asked “What if God were one of
us?” and there is in a sense- that fact that though He is quite unlike
us… He also came into His created world in human form very much like
one of us. Amazing, this “incarnation” stuff!

But as I smiled at the cap the bro. gave me, I had to ask myself
“where are you taking people”? What witness -for or against, closer to
or farther from, benign or actually affecting others with Jesus and
His Good News? Do they see and hear a genuine disciple, a
listener/learner of Christ?

I’m not asking the question “where do you want to go today” but rather
“where am I trying to take people today”. Who are you following and
exactly where is it they’re taking you? Super-important question

Most of my life has been spent as a musician. It seems people are
“transported” by me (and all who read this…) in terms of influence.
Not all the time, but often. Where am I taking you? To WHOM am I
nudging you?

I ask you to consider these same questions with regard to your own
life, music, writing, speaking, prayers… everything.

I don’t know anything about Kaiser Transport but I like the vibe. I
trust they transport with commitment and caution.

That’s my aim too 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn