Don’t Label Me??

For a fair number of years I’ve heard and read negative comments about labeling. You know, labeling people, groups, whatever. It’s likely a very rare and unusual person indeed who has never fallen into this mistake and obvious blunder. This morning at breakfast with a friend, the question was asked about another friend of his … Continue reading

Dreams and Navigation

I recently read an article on dreams which mentioned Joseph and the fact God indeed gave him dreams and the ability to interpret them. It was a sound and good piece of writing. Yet the issue that is often not covered in such musing is the fact that not all dreams come from God. The … Continue reading

GK Tour Schedule AUG-SEP-OCT 2017

————————————————————————- MONDAY AUGUST 7 -GK @ Cook Co. Jail Chicago ————————————————————————– SATURDAY AUGUST 12 GK w. friends: electric blues in Medina, Ohio 12:30 PM – on… Blues & Rock Fest with:Frank Boyd Jr. Band, Reverend Blues & The Good News Review, Eddie Day, God’s Dirt Buckeye Christian Assembly 3159 Columbia Rd Medina, OH Glenn Kaiser will … Continue reading

GK, Many More Near Cleveland, OH!

I admit I’m missing so many dear blues-playin’ friends at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this week… BUT will sho’ ’nuff be playin’ electric git, cigarbox git and even a lil’ bass w. my friends including Mr. Eddie Day next weekend. Here’s a taste from the Music For the Soul Stage (Sturgis) when we were … Continue reading

Need Help? My Thoughts

I can do a seminar on guitar tuning and tuners, the thingees that help you get those strings sounding good with one another -but if you don’t apply the info. I can do nothing for you in the area of harmony with a stringed guitar. Do you WANT help? It all starts there. “His eye … Continue reading

Finishing Up GKB EuropaTour 2017

As usual, Carsten and family and each promoter along the journey have been fully amazing! Weather, accommodation and audiences all superb. The band has had a great time and to all who came out in Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH! Roy and I head back to Chicago after … Continue reading