Echo Chambers

As a guitarist and a young dude learning to move from r&b, soul and blues to rock licks, of course Jimi Hendrix became a massive influence. So at one point I discovered one of THESE amazing little babies! Well, not this exact make or model, but very simple electronic box with about 4 switches that … Continue reading

The Picture We Paint

Cutting straight to the point- you either live for yourself or for someone else. “Wait, BALLANCE” you say? And of course you’re correct, we have to take care of ourselves as well as demonstrate care for others… but in the end isn’t it always -us- filling our respective mirror? Others just have to “wait in … Continue reading

GK Easter “Present Tense” Podcast

Haven’t done one of these for some time but thought it good to offer this podcast now. Plz forgive the audio “stutters”, I got a bit too close to the phone mic but I thought the content important enough to not re-do. Hope you are uplifted! Thanks- and may Easter be all it should be … Continue reading

Good Friday 2017

Good Friday, 2017 Feelings come and go- but Jesus’ love, mercy, sacrifice has eternal consequence.  It is history and weaved within my story relationally. Grace!! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn From “Interviewing Icons” TONIGHT I TOOK COMMUNION (glenn kaiser, june 1993) tonight i took communion i repented i didn’t feel You were You there? … Continue reading