Is It Me or Is This a Waste?

Disclaimer: I’ll start this writ by saying straight up that it’s not about me though I’ll illustrate by using myself as the foil. Neither does it have to do with anything I have heard or seen this morning or even lately! I can FULLY understand why this or that person may think what I bring … Continue reading

Chicago- Argyle Night Market Report

What a sweet time! Folks dancing, great food, and I have always loved attending as well as playing shows in outdoor situations. I try to make this an annual appearance and though the afternoon setup was hot and sweaty, a bit of a breeze and cloud cover cooled us all down as I began to … Continue reading


My thoughts on just a part of what Paul wrote in his second letter to the young leader Timothy (2 Tim. 1.5-9): 5 I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also. GK- Isn’t it nice when … Continue reading

GK/GKB Shows Aug-Sep 2016

Details coming, plz be patient as I cannot begin to answer all the q’s I sometimes get. All will be posted! This is just a heads-up🙂 Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn AUGUST THU. 18 Argyle Night Market, Chicago, IL MON. 22 GK Solo Cook Co. Jail MON. 29 GK Solo Cook Co. Jail SUN. 28 … Continue reading