They Did WHAT?!!

I have a good many friends whom I love and respect -and in several areas DEEPLY disagree with across spiritual, political and other dimensions. I say this because I wish for us to consider core implications of what early Christians did in the face of sometimes life-threatening or massively divisive attitudes about how to “be” … Continue reading

In/Out of The Woods

Ok, I KNOW the Cubs might win tonight and so go to the World Series… and I’d dig that! I KNOW the presidential election is just around the corner and how important that is. I’ll be doing a 35th anniversary set for friends tomorrow, then off to a day trip fishing w. my father-in-law… and … Continue reading

Champaign,IL & Hudson,WI Report

As usual Phil Keaggy was A-MA-ZING. He’s as sweet a bro as he is talented and that’s saying something. Blessed to call him a friend. The audience response to my set was frankly astonishing, so very kind. Then Phil and truly gifted bandmates popped up on stage hugging me as myself and local crew cleared … Continue reading

GK Solo Ohio Tour- Belleville Added!

Next up: Fri-Tue October 7-11 (Wilmington, Belleville and several Ohio prisons) FRI Oct. 7 GK Solo Blues Wilmington, OH @7:30pm Joe’s Java 180 East Main Wilmington, Ohio 45177 937.382.8359 SAT Oct. 8 GK Solo Blues Belleville, OH @7pm The show is on- but they decided the benefit for Jake Becker will be at a … Continue reading