GK Music Plus Before Christmas

Ok… I -may- find time to record a diddley-bow (primitive 1 string slide guitar) version of Go Tell It On the Mountain as a Grrr freebie release… if so we’ll publicize the download link. If not, please know we tried to get it done 🙂 MAYbe even more bluesy cigar box guitar type music w. … Continue reading

Tasks and Agitation

My personal preference and I suppose dna is FINISH what I start… before picking up a new task. Thankfully, over time I have learned to cut others a great deal more slack when it seems to me (who of course always judges righteously… not!) they are not doing so. Easy to judge others for what … Continue reading

Issues Anyone?

There are very few people who don’t have issues. Well ok, ALL people have them at times. And one way or another, for good or ill they “share the wealth” of those particular issues. “Good”? From rotten stuff? How does that work? Compost comes to mind, but heh, read on if you please. Some call … Continue reading

Giving, Hoarding, Valuing

My wife recently read through something and sent this comment to myself and some of our friends: Some of their results were surprising. Some 60 percent of the people they surveyed who live below the poverty line gave something, versus 32 percent of those above that line. A humbling finding by the authors was thus … Continue reading