December Shows Update

Yet another sweet night with Willow Creek friends- I get to bring a sort of blues/worship set to Cook Co. Jail and interact with some amazing people… you’d be amazed at what God can do when folks are finally genuine about following Jesus! Well, some of you would be. This past weekend was full and … Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2017

I GIVE THANKS! For rain, wind and sun Addictions undone Wood and water deep Wakefulness and sleep Purity my wife Dear friends throughout my life Work and hands to ply Faith to live and die Grace where freedom lies Blood and family ties For passion, lessons long Pains that made me strong Forgiveness for each … Continue reading

Accept or Die?

ACCEPTANCE Dunno about you but when I was a kid I got tired -real fast- of my parents, teachers and “adults” telling me how my/our wanting “acceptance” would often put us into harm’s way. You know, “You just want to be accepted to the extent you’ll mess up your life [negative results… always] by hanging … Continue reading

Turn It Over?

Really. To the One who MAKES leaves. Well ok, the phrase “turn over a new leaf” comes from the 16th century when the term “leaves” was used to describe book pages. To turn one over meant of course, a new page, perhaps a fresh chapter and hence the old phrase meant/means “a fresh start, a … Continue reading

Texas Murders and American Firearms Law?

I do not always post on every hot-button issue and those I do blog, tweet or Facebook post on I normally wait, sometimes for days prior to posting. Why wait? Simple emotional responses to issues that affect perhaps millions of people (and sometimes more?) should not be taken lightly. Knee-jerk responses are not often helpful … Continue reading