Memorial Day 2017

How does one thank thousands of servicemen and women who have died, giving their lives for the nation? I would say by individuals of that nation to show respect and likewise be willing to sacrifice that others might enjoy the freedoms we share. On this day I wish to say Thank You to the parents … Continue reading

GK Solo, GKB Tour June BASICS

GK Solo Western States Tour followed by GKB European Tour Details will be posted soon… Fri. June 16 Palmer Lake, CO Sun. June 18 Salt Lake City, UT Tues. June 20 – Fri. June 23 (Prison set Tues.), Weds. June 21 Montesano, WA, Thu. June 22 Aberdeen, WA, Fri. June 23 Aberdeen, WA (2 sep. … Continue reading

The Little Things…

You know, the guy zips in and takes “your” parking space. The weather. The roast got a bit too done. The kid in the next booth at the restaurant won’t quit screaming. The little foxes spoil the grapes. Yep. Then again- very little or zero pain when you got up this morning. A slight breeze, … Continue reading

Me… or The Bible?

Q.: Are our thoughts about The Bible more important than what it says about us? My answer would be Both “Yes and No.” Really? Yep, really. First, the “yes”, why I say it- and what I or someone else may consider more important. As has often been argued with great sense and reason (yeah, yeah, … Continue reading


I’ve found myself saying “Love is patient, love is kind” so perhaps it’s my impatience over the years that has affected my sometimes -lack- of kindness, hmmm? See 1 Corinthians 13.4 and the rest of the chapter for details. There is a great deal said about being kind in The Book. Is it easier to … Continue reading