GKB EuroTour Report 2

I have run out of words for Amazing, Wow, Flippin’ COOL, on it goes, this summer tour for us. Truth is, European peeps have always been sooo sweet to us. Grateful! So our Blues/rock being kindly received everywhere we go. and a good handful of shows left here in Germany and two in Switzerland before … Continue reading

GKB EuropaTour Report 1

So I mentioned a report of myself and Wendi’s Western Tour coming… must put it off a bit more as the time is limited here on tour in Europe but I will indeed get to it. Much to say and show about that really sweet time! Today I write on a day off prior to … Continue reading

GK, More- Electric Blues Show Near Cleveland

Looking very forward to this one! Frank Boyd Jr. and Eddie Day are amazing git-slingers and friends… with some cookin’ bands and bbq as well- this will be quite a time. Hope to see you there! Call John (see above) for any q’s. Motorcycles allowed 🙂 -Glenn


Nah, I never was much of a tourist. Well, in the woods yes, but in cities, not so much. I love rivers, lakes, the seas, I really like islands. Having said all this I find myself in Rome today, doing the first of our shows on the tour tonight… and what I do like is … Continue reading