Recovery? Yes.

So over the past couple decades there have been studies and pundits doing their best to discredit any sort of 12 Step Recovery program and therefore positive results in the lives of those who’ve subscribed to the steps, material, attend meetings, link with sponsors and do the work. The reality is that a couple of Christians who … Continue reading

Ebook Work

Yep. A weekend off, various family interaction and indeed just trying to move down the road w. something I think may be of help and maybe even of interest to people. Reading several ebooks as well as several amazing posts today from good friends who have many great things to say that need repeating ’round … Continue reading

Native Americans, Racism Notes

Some may not know that for years I have shot and hunted with various weapons including bows and arrows. In studying the sport/hobby right into earliest construction of archery tackle, shooting skills/variations and history I came to know about Ishi. As I’ve mentioned from time to time, reading “Black Like Me” in my early high … Continue reading

Indigenous People Blues

In all my years of recording I can only recall a couple of times I yielded to friends and production help folk re. changing a lyric… and to this day regret doing so. One was a song that became Rez Band’s “Someone Sleeps Tonight”. It was I think, a great re-write in terms of the … Continue reading

QCA Weekend, 9-11, Hurricanes

Kind longtime friend Steve and new-found bro Scott and both sets of folks working behind the scenes made last Sat. and Sun. really good for both myself and Wendi, kudos! The many convos in both places were warm and good. Saw a lot of friends from the Cornerstone Festival days as well… so fun to … Continue reading

Autumn, Vehicle?!

Well, not quite autumn yet, but soon, no? My personal fave time of the year! Lord willin’- I have 2 days on my calendar to hit the deep woods this fall. That’s all I can in good conscience take from family and work. But I will relish those days for sure. My hope is you … Continue reading