Good Friday Thoughts- 2018

all have sinned and fallen short
are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, naked
SO LOVED the world that He GAVE His one and only Son
“Our hands are covered blood red”  -Michael Been, The Call

Patience? Whut??!

Yeah, a wise individual or two has informed me that if you pray for patience…

-you’ll invariably find yourself stuck in traffic, get all the way to the car park and realize you left your keys in your other jacket and end up in the grocery store line behind 6 people (shortest line available) where the 3rd person ahead of you didn’t realize their credit card had maxed out or the machine isn’t printing out receipts so the entire que is jammed until solutions are worked out.20180328_140407

Two points: The same stuff happens to total non-believers and they didn’t pray about spiritual growth, haven’t studied Galatians chapter 5 which lists patience as one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Secondly, the practical way we become more patient is via experiences just like the above, and often involving those we love most.

Anxiety, fear of what others will think/say when you arrive late for whatever sort of meeting or event, anger because you deserve better, shame because your family and/or friends and/or co-workers deserve better from you, on it goes.

Patience with yourself? That’s one of my issues. I can pretty well give grace, forgive, blow off most anything re. others but I can drive myself crazy with frustration in terms of how looooonnnnnggggg it can take me to learn something new, what seems like an eternity to finish this or that project and so on. I want close to immediate results, closure and “Let’s get on to the next thing”. There are too many reasons for this to detail but anything from procrastination, moods, the sheer amount of effort/work/time to “get it done right” and fretting over whether I can finish what I start all pop up in my life from time to time.

Did I mention “time”??

Ever notice there are relationships you are willing to re-visit, to again focus on, to truly invest in while there are also people you’re just not willing to give the same attention and passion to -and therefore you get rather impatient with these “other” folks?

Uhuh. Yep.

Still- what God the Holy Spirit is clearly working to grow (mature) in Christ followers is among other things, PATIENCE.

Trust me, I’m on the same train… and most of ’em ain’t runnin’ on Swiss time.

I think this is yet another actual reason we don’t love those who don’t think, act or vote like us -we have less and less patience to engage with “those people”.

I am eternally glad our God doesn’t treat us like that.

“And remember, our Lord’s patience gives people time to be saved.” 2 Peter 3.15

Meanwhile is it the fruit of His love or patience for us to consider asking God to “rain down fire on them” because of… errr…

Hmmm. Do we know what Spirit we’re of??

Something to consider I think.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

Why I Don’t Often “Share” or “Like” or Join Online Groups

When one is seen as connected with a large number of people a rather steady barrage of “Please Like” X, Y or Z comes into one’s FaceBook, Twitter and email inbox. After tossing all the obvious spam, there are even very close friends who will ask for me to pass on info. about a wide range of services, websites/FaceBook or other sites, shows and you-name-it stuff for wider distribution to those linked with me and my sites.

There is no way people don’t get their feelings hurt when they figure out I have not shared something they wanted me to share.

Sometimes it’s evangelistic in nature, or somebody wrote a book, created a record or someone’s child is deathly ill and in need of prayer. All sorts of people I truly love and respect as well as complete strangers add me to lists, or personal message me asking for me to re-send and alert those in my social media landscape.

Now none of this is a surprise to me, it makes perfect sense -and I honestly never get bugged -when they send such to me personally– as long as they don’t get their feelings hurt if and when I don’t reply to them directly and/or if they never see their request fulfilled via my websites.

There are countless reasons I don’t publicize stuff just as there are countless reasons others don’t see fit to publicize my stuff or things from other people I think worthy of such. Then again, I rarely ask others to let the whole world know -and unless FaceBook or another site does such automatically and I am not aware of it… well that didn’t come from me personally asking for it.

I’ve a lifetime of travels, acquaintances and close and closer friends all over the world many of whom contact me regularly. Cool!

After decades of recorded music, live shows, seminars, press interviews and massive amounts of blogging, tweets and FaceBook posts on a wide range of subjects you can imagine how intense it would be to respond to everyone…

I’ve lived most of my years in a large intentional community where the cool and amazing services on one hand and often downright desperate needs on the other are prayed over, worked on and responded to daily -and yet… and still… we can only do so much.

I don’t want my posts online to simply be a never-ending stream of advertisements and YOU REALLY MUST SEE AND RESPOND TO THIS to the extent ethics and issues I care deeply about take a back seat. I also think it good, even important to share plain old fun, creative and indeed “I’m just a guy, human, flawed, and here’s a slice of life, a bit of an experience, something you might relate to” and not always overtly mega-spiritual nor BUY INTO THIS posts.

When someone adds me to a group I didn’t ask to be added to I nearly always eventually leave it. There comes a point I have to steward my time, energy and even someone’s perception that I must REALLY DIG stuff I just don’t. The sheer volume of people contacting me for stuff is pretty deep, so please understand -or try to, what I’m saying here… I have a lot of energy but it’s not unlimited.

Did I mention my incredible wife, kids, grandkids and close community friends are my priorities? They are. Quiet time, hobby stuff… my own sense of serenity and care, all this figures into to what I respond to or pass along via my sites and social media interaction.

Even those I love and believe I need to support and share with the greater world only get a tweet or publicity when and as I have a sense I must do so. You’d be surprised at how much truly AMAZING stuff I don’t share because my life is more than an advert -and so is yours.

I apologize if this all sounds like whining, the fact is I simply want people to be aware so decided to put this info. into a blog post.

So that’s the deal -and as always 🙂 thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


GK’s Cigarbox Guitar BASICs

20180321_164121I’ve been asked to do something like this for quite a while. And when I say “basic” that’s what it is- I didn’t fix mistakes, just did a quick overview filmed by my friend Jon Trott and posted it tonight in YouTube. The entire clip runs 7 minutes 17 seconds.

I actually did it to give a super-fast rundown of what Leif’s guitar (winner of our Cornerstone Community Outreach shelter auction guitar I built) looked and sounded like, gave a super quick explanation of details, playing, where it’s tuned and such so he’d have something to start with when it arrives in Finland. I then thought awww, why not just put it online for those who might be interested?

My bud Shane Speal ( -king of the cigarbox guitar and founder of ) and others have put TONS of vid clips that go waaaaayyyyy more into detail, tuning, playing tips and beyond up in YouTube and at cigarboxnation if you are really serious about learning, playing, building and such. I check the cb nation site about 3 times daily.

20180321_164143Note- In my clip here I forgot to mention what I often use (old credit cards, gas cards and such) as picks. Easy to make 4 to 6 squares and simply scissors slight round corners on all four sides of each “pick” and there you have it!

I use all sorts of types of “slides” but emphasize my go-to copper plumber’s T here.

Ok, it’s at:

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

CCO Auctioned Git to Finland!

So here is a quick pic of the 3 string cigarbox guitar I built (took me long enough…!) -finishing as Wendi has healed up from knee replacement surgery and I’ve had time to finally get the final touches on it.

It’s going to the nation the U.N. recently listed as presently “the happiest country in the world”. I do like Finland a great deal, toured there several times over the years.

This was built far beyond my usual builds, auctioned off to the highest bidder with all proceeds going to our Cornerstone Community Outreach shelter here in Chicago.

So she’s a 3 string slide guitar with an onboard pickup, and tuned to an open E (E, B, E). Sounds cool acoustically or plugged in. I am including some things not in the picture, but here you also see the 2-way (play upright or in your lap) copper slide which is a plumber’s T connector. I use one of these a lot when playing cigarbox guitars. Near it, you see one of my old credit-card “picks” 🙂 I slice them babies up and use them myself.

Dear Suomi… thank you for loving the U.S. in this way. Interesting that money is coming from you to help people in the U.S. who are homeless. Love and Thanks Leif!


Wendi, Glenn and Show Update

As of March 13, 2018 🙂


My sweet wife is doing soooo much better after her knee replacement… but of course moments of intense pain, especially at night. We thank you SO much for prayers. She’s such a champ and so committed to her rehab exercises… very blessed!

I put on 15 lbs. or so this winter (what… sympathy weight for my Wendi…??;) and so as she begins rehab work at our local center I’ll join her doing exercise myself. Good for the old guy!



GK and others-International Falls, MN
FRI-SAT April 13, 14 2018
Glenn w. a bit of music, cigarbox guitar workshop -and slingshot making/shooting contests
More info. tba as details are finalized

GK, Rex Carroll- Beloit, WI
SAT April 21 @ 7pm
Josiah’s Place/O. Cup Show -44th Anniversary Celebration
My friend and amazing guitar-slinger Rex joins me on stage 🙂
I’m bringing cigarbox gits, electric git, harmonica and etc.
Now how loud can just 2 guys get, really?? 🙂


GK Solo Blues- Maple Grove, MN (Twin Cities Metro Area)
SAT May 5 @ 6pm
Ribfest: Blues, BBQ and cool people!
6900 West Fish Lake Road
Maple Grove, MN 55311
763.494.0444 (more details soon!)

There are several other GK appearances in May (Channahon, Manteno and Aurora, Illinois) -but we’ll post those w. details as we get closer.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

A Fresh Blog: On Worship

I just created a very simple, new blog site. The blog is all about worship, worship leading and worship team info..

If interested, have a look at my first post which is a compilation booklet of sorts, of my thoughts and teaching on the subject/s. If more interested, download and share w. other individuals, your worship team or pastors.

With love, and as always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn