Gifts and Eric

Most reading this have either seen or are aware of the movie “Chariots of Fire”. Eric LIddell was a serious … More

Simplicity, Complexity

There is simple life and complex life. Much of life seems to move from the former to the latter. Regardless … More

Sobriety- Part 2

So… did I or anyone I knew or know change for the better, move away and even fully out of … More


In my much younger days I thought it might actually be possible for me to change folks. Change myself even. … More

New Amp Coming

As in “amplifier”. My musician/techie tone-meister friends at Zeppelin Design Labs here in Chicago have brewed up The Percolater. This … More


Brutal honesty. A painstaking (yes) consideration of each element in/of song as it’s being constructed. A hard, honest admission of … More

Profit… Prophets… Words

Chicago finally has its first real and authentic snow of the season! Sweet. “Real and authentic”, very important terms as … More