Treat Or Trick?

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Feeling Lost?

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Along The Journey

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Rice Hater!?

Great service this past Sunday a.m., and then I brought our traditional Sunday lunch up for Wendi and I, that … More

The Trellis

I suppose in using metaphors (for example, an “ark”, based on the actual ark Noah built and used), one might … More

GK’s Inspiration?

If you don’t care (and no problem at all if you don’t) what inspires me to creativity, please feel free … More

Whut CAN Ya Do…

With whut ya got?! So today’s Creativity and Imagination class at Project 12 Gathering included some scripture, several amazing quotes … More

Friends Considering…

No, not considering friends as such (though we’re doing that too) but rather friends thinking through… well, God, The Bible, … More