Cornerstone Festival 2011- Rockin’!

Whew, what a Fest so far! And tonight is classic Jesus Rock night at Mainstage. Having great chats with old friends, and I can say they truly rock… hearing the line checks at the stage.

Been a great Fest indeed, sweet weather, nice people and a lot of crankin' bands, deep seminars and fellowship with sweet folks. Check out for daily coverage, lots of photos, video and audio online. Thanks for prayers… REZ set tonight, GKB tomorrow (Fri.) night, I do a Global Round Table session at 4pm tomorrow… then do the Blues Jam at Fat Calf/Sanctuary tent at 9pm Sat. to finish off. Just slummin'… HA!!!

I have several blogs ready to send up in the week after Cstone… all sorts of issues I think need consideration…

Enjoy your summer! -Glenn


UPDATE- Cornerstone Festival, Project 12, Glenn & Wendi


Thanks for all the kind words and prayers… we live on those prayers πŸ™‚

Project 12 (JPUSA's Discipleship/Bible Intensive) had graduation Sun. during church services as GKB was out at Willow Creek, but we also had an evening reception which Wendi and I were able to attend. Brian and Ami shared scriptures and character qualities that each of the grads have… and then they had fellowship and treat time! WELL DONE grads!

Both my and Wendi's schedules at Cornerstone Festival are online at if you look through the program. She's preaching on David and Bathsheba, bringing her relationship, dating and sexuality seminars and doing the Rez Band rehearsal and set. I'm doing a (mostly solo) Cardboard Box (new cd) set, Rez rehearsal and set, GKB set and Sanctuary Stage blues jam as well as speaking Friday at 4pm in the Global Roundtable gathering. A FULL schedule, hope to see you there!

Please continue to pray for Wendi's arthritis and over-all strength through the Fest. Also please note we will be online very little in the next 2 weeks due to Fest duties as well as heavy web use by other Cstone staff… what I'm saying is I may not see and am not likely to respond to emails or Facebook and Twitter comments until later in June. Thanks for your understanding!

Have a great summer, and know I'll post more as I'm able.

Grace to ya! -Glenn

Willow- Amazing Weekend as Usual :)

BIG thanks to Bill, staff and sooo many kind folks with such kind words for us at Sat. and both Sun. gatherings at Willow Ck. GKB was blessed. And Devin Hester (Chicago Bears) gave a great interview each time as well. Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there, and I can tell you Willow's Dad Fest was huge and really sweet.

Whew. Time for a nap, then a couple songs and congrats for JPUSA's Project 12 grads tonight. And tomorrow I -hope- to sleeeeep innnnnnn!! Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

Tapestry Show

What a great night with Aracely and friends at Tapestry! She also had several great friends guesting with harmonica, flute and vocals. She shared powerful truths about living with the reality of cancer. Her voice was strong and as usual she smiled a great deal- as did her great husband and kids.

I'm still shaky on a couple of the new songs but several seemed solid, and of course I mixed in a number of other tunes. Overall I was surprised at the good turnout and the kind response of the audience as I had some fairly strong things to say along with the intensity of the songs from Cardboard Box. An encouraging evening for me.

Tapestry is a great inner-city fellowship with leadership looking to interact in real ways with others throughout the area. They have a wonderful staff, very cool space and atmosphere with a high view of the arts. Sweet!

And now- Happy Father's Day to you Dads out there πŸ™‚

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


Soon-To-Come-Gear List For “Cardboard Box” Project… and Update

Some might enjoy knowing what I used for gear on the latest recording- people ask about such things often. I have to insert weblinks but when I can finish it, I'll post a blog with this info., likely in the next few days.

Been doing quite a few interviews for "Cardboard Box" and so far the response has been quite positive. I was able to bring a couple of those songs to our friends at Praise Tabernacle in Providence, Rhode Island last Sunday and they were very encouraging re. them. Grace for me πŸ™‚

Wendi and I are enjoying a few day's 39th anniversary time together. A little work out here at Cornerstone Farm but mostly rest. Today I cleaned the deck and finished weed wacking as she planted flowers around the deck. I put up the grandkid's swings and trampoline, even did a little airpistol target shooting some. Wendi (as usual) cooked a fabulous low-carb dinner. Yahoo!

The hummingbirds are going for it- we re-did the feeders and they are visiting constantly… love those little things!

Tomorrow night my sweet daughter Ami Moss and The Unfortunate (truly amazing group) do a set at Cafe Aroma in Macomb, IL, so we get a fun night out too.

Enjoy the weekend and thanks for stopping by!


Immigration Mercy?

Immigration issues bring to mind the fact that mercy always costs. It does, in fact, cost the merciful. I can???t seem to find any way around this reality and expect that in the end, God???s love calls us each to live in such a way.

It seems obvious nations should and do have authority to determine who they welcome and who they away.

Alas, there are times when tough love is needed- and that rarely -feels- like mercy to those on the receiving end.

God apparently either orchestrates or allows situations to arise where each of us find ourselves in need of mercy and grace. The issue is that we???re all so much better at demanding it for ourselves than extending it to others.

I love Australia and have toured there a number of times over the years. In some ways like -and others quite unlike the U.S.- they are struggling with a great many illegal would-be immigrants. More and more are children. Some of this is about smuggling kids as well… so the issues are thick and not at all clean and neat.

Today I read in the BBC news (normally my first choice) that there is a call by some in Oz to send unaccompanied children to Malaysia rather than extend immigration privileges.

This seems such a hard line to me. Nor do I think the U.S. have much to say in that we take some rather hard lines (regarding mercy to illegals here) that I am personally not in agreement with.

I don't think there are easy answers to these matters- and yet:

Mercy DOES cost. It costs on many levels. Fact. What I'm concerned about is that here seems to be an increasing lack of it -even among actual Christians in such situations.

God help us! -Glenn