Tracking New Blues

Fair warning: due to schedules and a major move into our new studio space at some point this will likely … More

August and Sept. Shows

There are a couple pending, many confirmed GK solo and some GKB dates coming over the next couple months. Stay … More

Take Your Pic!

Or… make it 🙂 And no, not talking about a “selfie” here. A pastor friend of mine who is thinking … More

Thoughts on Legacy

Sooner or later you’ll think about what you left behind in your life, the legacy, overall content of your values, … More

Form Vs. Content

First the punchline: I personally believe form is important but does not in itself “fix” nor often answer what ails … More

Talkin’ Feedback

Feedback! First, warm thanks to Mark Hootman for the great photo from the GKB set at this year’s AudioFeed Festival … More


ON “LISTENING” There’s so much in the Book about hearing God, and often little of paying attention by humans in … More