New Post @ CigarBoxGuitar.Com

I just wrote my 2nd blog piece for on
building a simple guitar for slide playing.

It’s a very basic blog post trying to encourage and coax folks into
building their own slide guitar… and hopefully give them a sense of
hope for learning slide playing. This can be an amazing, do-able start
for general guitar playing and music-making!

I purposely left a few details out. So… hope to make someone’s
summer a little cooler!

Enjoy! -Glenn

Joy? Yes and yet…

Sometimes joy isn’t present… but I’m content to live with peace when
joy isn’t in the immediate due to difficult work or circumstances.
Peace in one’s conscience before God is ultimately more essential than
a present pleasure of joy.

I think sometimes we exchange our peace with God for the quick fix. In
other words, sin.

So as I say, joy is fleeting, but if our peace with God flies off due
to our own foolish choices, what sort of “joy” from our sin remains?

“…for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but
righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” Romans 14.17

Jesus was completely sinless and absolutely and fully righteous! It’s
quite safe to assume He had at least some sense of soul-peace, a deep
sense of doing the will of the Father while nailed to that cross, no?!
And “for the joy set before Him, He endured the cross” (Hebrews)… and

“weeping may tarry through the night, but joy comes in the morning” writes

the psalmist. I think that joy came to Him but does not seem fully present
while He suffered on that broken tree.

It seems to me that due to certain particular tasks, or because of
illness and suffering, etc., there are moments we find little sense of
joy in the Spirit. I conclude righteousness and peace are, in that
order, the two roads we must take to eventually reach the third.

Something to consider perhaps? -Glenn

Wilson Abbey in Chicago!

So people want to know what I’m excited about?

This is one of the most important things we’ve done in years- and if
you happen to read through the site you’ll understand we are soon to
engage in opportunities of interaction and service with our neighbors
(and far beyond our immediate area) via stewardship of Wilson Abbey.

Thanks for stopping by!


GKB Blues/Rock in British Columbia & Oregon

AUG. 4th B.C., and AUG. 19th Shows:

If you know anything about me you’re aware of my great fondness for Canada.

Like B.C., Oregon is lush, green and holds a lot of great friends and
memories for myself and GKB.

So after several year’s time we’ve been able to get back up to British
Columbia and the cool Back2Blues Festival.

To top that, friend and guitar-virtuoso Phil Keaggy will be there and
we get to jam at the end of the Sat. night set.

Baby! Nice.

Next up will be GKB in Oregon at Harvest Moon Blues Fest- other
cookin’ bands appear there as well.

We’re looking forward to both of these shows!

Details of these, as always, are at Grrr Records in the Shows section:

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn

Live Blues on a Cigarbox Guitar

So I spent a couple sessions at this year’s Cstone Festival jamming on
one of my 3 string Cigar Box slide guitars through my old Pignose amp.

ErgoKing caught one of these up by our Grrr Records booth. The
audio definition isn’t pristine… but then neither is my sound or
playing 🙂 And thanks EK… much appreciated!

So Crow Richardson- this is for you as a large part of the design inspiration
came from your core ideas.

Boogie Chillun’ 🙂

Meeting the Needs of Homeless Veterans

Many of you have heard my heart for the struggle and pain of returning
war vets- Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, from where ever. Please, please
have a read of my friend Jeremy’s excellent post on what he and other
staff at our CCO Chicago shelter do daily to facilitate healing for
these wounded warriors.

There IS hope… and I thank God, more than talk with regard to
meeting genuine needs of these men and women.

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn