Akron & Lots of Ohio Bars

Got home from Ohio tour via Amtrak the other morning, did our laundry and enjoyed a late breakfast with my Wendi- it truly was a deep week, the first night w. my bruthas Eddie Day and Rex Carroll. Both long-time friends and truly gifted guitar pickin’ artists!

Slept in the next day after loooonnnngggg train trip due to mechanical issues prior to boarding and a sad drunk individual leaving their car on the crossing ahead of us -a freight train demolished the empty vehicle and it all tore up 500 feet of track. We heard the person walked off and left their ride so hopefully nobody was injured or killed… whew.

Well all this only added appx. 12 hours to our trip… but he was in fine form as was (as usual) Eddie and I was at least happy in the show:) -sweet folks at Akron Bible Church which is a whole lot of bikers. Nice!

Ok… “Bars?” Well, read on.

Got up very late the next day and man, the weather was fine, sun, partly cloudy, perfect breeze and as I heard and saw so many motorcycles movin’ (plus our hotel was about a quarter of a block from the local Harley showroom) I thought “Really sweet day to be out!”. And it was. Or might have been depending on where you are.

My friend chaplain John McClure, Rex and I did a total of 8 Ohio prison sets/services with guitars, harmonicas and love. Ain’t a person behind bars who wouldn’t rather be outside that day and any day regardless.

This is why we kiss our wives, kids, grandkids goodbye and hit the road for such people, all sorts, because every one has a name and is someone’s dad, mom, brother, sister, etc.. Some are innocent yet locked up, and some are as guilty of crimes just as all of us are guilty of sin. God offers mercy to “Whosoever will, let them come to the water of life”!

There’s a line in one of my very old signature songs -“But I will trust in Your mercy… share Your mercy where I go”. Yep. This is why we do it. There are a few perks on these tours though:

Before we boarded our trains for home John asked Rex a few questions about the experiences of these gigs and as expected, it was about the men and young men (we made two visits playing music and sharing at the main juvenile prison) and how we were so touched by their situation and need as well as willingness to come to these gigs knowing that at times they’ll possibly make themselves more vulnerable to others there. Many, as in many, prayed with us and we with them.

You may wonder why I don’t just blog the pics re. the issue? First, it’s a no-no to take pics of/in most state prisons. And it’s also because even I have to keep my perspective of hope and even humor in the midst of injustice and “justice”. God only knows which is which in each case.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


Lancaster, PA Report

Rockin’ on every cylinder! Sweet friends, bikes, nice weather and truly One Big Roar indeed!

My good friends Steve Fry, Eddie Day and Shane Speal all jammed it like royalty and “King of the Cigar Box Guitar” Shane and I had some good tuneage on our little guitars as well as good chats together Sunday. So good to hang out with these brothers -and Shawn cooked them drums too! Fun day with a nice crowd.

Check the pics for an overview of the happenings.

On to Ohio this week and a lot of prison gigs as well as Akron Bible Church blues jam with Rex Carroll and Eddie Day… YES!

See my June Appearances post here for details, and as always, thanks for stopping by.