This Child

From the Grrr Records album Ripley County Blues (Glenn Kaiser, 2002):

This Child is unlike any other you have known
This Child is destined to the homeless and the throne
This Child is for the rising and the falling of us all
This Child, this Jesus, He cries and He calls

This Lamb born into a cruel and calloused world
This Lamb among the poor and the outcast as a pearl
This Lamb fully loved and fully hated by name
This holy, spotless Lamb bears our sorrow and our shame

The King of kings, the Lord of lords
The Wisdom and the Knowledge of God
The Everlasting Father
The Son of Righteousness
The Prince of Peace, possesses me
And all that I possess


Christmas/YearEnd/New Year Update December, 2014

20141205_181741Advent is a time of waiting, of watching, of preparation and expectation for the birth of Jesus, the fulfillment of prophecy and the grace of God appearing in flesh. Christmas, in a Word,is Christ.

Yes- I believe and am deeply thankful for the love, grace, mercy and call of Jesus Christ in my life.

When I say “Merry Christmas”, I’m serious :)!!! God showing up in my life and our world is THE BEST!

What a year!

There have been laments, but indeed, a great deal of joy as well.

Wendi and I and our church community lost its key leader, my Mom-in-law Dawn at the end of March. Yet our kids and grandkids continue to grow and are such a joy to us- and my sweet wife and I celebrated our anniversary June 1, loving God and one another since 1971 (married in ’72)!

Wendi had the first of two total hip replacement operations toward the end of May, the second on November 10. Rehab was quite painful for her the first time, not so crazy the second. Struggles… but grace too.

I continued my on-the-job training as her main caregiver and general house-husband πŸ™‚

She has only recently been able to walk, sometimes for short steps without a cane or walker. You can imagine the joy, the lack of extreme pain and the ability for her to simply move about is just SUCH a gift to us! It has been about three years since she could do so.

Major thanks to all who have prayed for us both in this long journey.

Like most reading, we had the zillion little errands, weekly stuff like web work, mail, laundry and all the normal stuff most folks attend to.

Laced throughout the year I did quite a few solo and shorter tour dates including some GKB shows, speaking, church services, worship sets, etc..

I was blessed doing a number of jail and prison shows/services and also some benefits.

I began taking a few hours each week (when possible) to record for an upcoming blues project. In fact I’ve likely written more songs in 2014 than in the previous five to ten years.

We’ve seen great growth and the very encouraging “stepping up” of younger leadership in JPUSA, the same re. worship teams, special events, outreaches near and far. So grateful for this!

There was the exciting launch of Wilson Abbey and its vast array of coffee shop, concert, theatre and other spaces, plenty of new as well as old friends coming by for art, poetry, music, dance and other activities there.

Our Cornerstone Community Outreach shelter and all its programs have made great impact. Just seeing the number of folks moving from CCO into their very own apartments in itself made this year a major gift to me and all in our fellowship. So much to be thankful for!

A number of close friends passed, some currently battle cancer or other ills.

We’ve continued to welcome younger peeps into our community/church, some for short stays, others for extended time periods, many in need of help, spiritual growth and encouragement.

Our intern programs blossomed over the summer and a some have stayed longer in order to serve with us.

I expect 2015 to be another year full of grace, challenge and spiritual growth.

My hope is that it is in genuine relationship with the Risen Jesus you will approach the New Year and realize His love in 2015 and always!

Cyberhugs -and as always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

The Chaos of Addiction

You may consider this odd to post on the third Sunday in Advent (2014) but it may be quite the right time for such a blog.

Perhaps you’ve been addicted, or your spouse, kids, brother or sister, a friend is caught up in alcoholism or drug abuse.

It is quite the norm that what comes in such a package is a great deal of chaos. “Scenes”, that is, outbursts of anger, rage, massive self-pity and etc., blow like a volcano through a home or even public place when the individual in question has their will crossed -or they simply want a “fix” of whatever their drug of choice may be. Drama, and not of the positive type!

With some folks chaos itself is the drug, “high”, the big adrenaline rush, the manic event that they create or are drawn to again and again.

When one cannot control one’s own life there can be a tendency to create drama for the sake of it. Attention must be gotten at all costs because that is precisely what signifies being “alive”, perhaps even a reason to live for some. “If I can’t get attention one way I’ll get it another”.

About a month ago I had once again enjoyed a peaceful moment in our garden. The air was just slightly cool, a bit of sweet wind, just a really nice, clear night.

I began counting seconds between planes that fly over our house which is just 3 blocks from Chicago’s lakefront. About one per minute flew (same as most nights) either right over or very nearly over our place.

After about ten minutes I went in and the girl who was on phones at our front desk happened to call out to me as I was going toward the stairs to our room.

She’d mistakenly let a guy in who was at least drunk if not also stoned… wanting to see his wife, whom the phone lady had called. The wife said she didn’t want to see him, they were estranged and he needed to leave.

The poor phone lady had been there all alone, he had been belligerent with her and began being so with me.

Another bro. happened to be near, so I motioned him over as I wanted a witness of what I said, how I acted, etc., and perhaps help if I needed it. I told the man his wife had apparently said she didn’t want to see him, and that he needed to leave.

Angered, a stream of profanity shot my way, and he made his demand again. I told the phone lady to dial 911 and told him it was “time to leave my house”. He did, swearing all the way out both doors.

Please know- I understand wanting to see one’s spouse, drunk, high or not. I also understand people who are loaded sometimes threaten and either do nothing or do something indeed, to their spouse, lover or anyone who gets in their way. Somebody swearing at me isn’t much of an issue to be honest.

At the end of the day I prayed for him and shall continue as I also will for her.

The older I get the less I’m interested in trying to reason with such people, even less interested in somehow helping them fan the chaos they’ve created. Reasoning with a loaded person is often not even an option.

Plenty of people reading this have experienced far worse in their home, church, ministry, in the street, perhaps a restaurant, at a family reunion, etc..

Intervention (when a person is sober) is a gift that can help… but not always.

Love, prayer and “tough love” works… sometimes.

Sadly, for some this is an endless cycle causing ever greater misery for family, closest friends and co-workers.

What I do know is that until one surrenders to Jesus Christ as Lord, one cannot be truly saved, not from self-made chaos nor from addiction to it or anything else.

One “drug” all too often gets exchanged for another, whether an actual drug or not.

Being in the middle happens. Most of us don’t ask for it!!

For myself, relationship with Jesus, His Word and a good many people who make peace and have helped me find it are the way to face such situations.

Philippians 4.13 rang in my ear that night, and I would encourage all who suffer with the pain of such struggle with loved ones to hold closely to its truth.

If those you care about will not or cannot control themselves, you can’t control them either! Neither can they prevent you from loving them via prayer and making godly, biblical choices yourself.

This won’t always -stop- the “scenes” or chaos… but you’ll find the Prince of Peace will indeed sustain you through the craziness.

“I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me”. -Phil. 4.13

There are solid recovery ministries out there that can help, but in the end it’s knowing, respecting and following the Lord that delivers. From chaos and all other addiction.

How would I know? Been there, done that- by the grace of God not who I was!

Things to consider. Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

God, Pain, Now What??

This will likely be the longest blog I’ll ever publish.

Many more astute thinkers and writers than I have said plenty on this issue, but I received an email recently that brings it all home to the extent I thought it best to blog it out.

From time to time I cannot think of a better way to respond than to do so both personally as well as in my blog when an issue like this is so common to humankind.

My bro. in Christ wrote:

“Glenn, just wanted to give you a hug! HUG! Hopefully one day I can give you one for real. Pray for me brother, I have been fighting a physical disability for the past year and major depression has over taken my inside. I once was a high spirited Pastor feeding the homeless under our bridges and in camps by our river. Now I’m just a mere shell waiting to die. I’ve cried out, oh, how I’ve cried out to Jesus! With no reply! No nothing! I was mad at him, but now I almost don’t care. Did you catch the key word there, almost? Something keeps me hanging just enough that I don’t let go completely. I can’t pray! I can’t read the Word! I can’t break this chain! Please pray for me. Thank you my brother.”

First, I never fully discount a story, but do always ask “Is this true, and is it exactly as the person perceives it to be?” A story can be fully true, partly true, 80-20, 20-80, etc., you get my point.

What rings true is that this bro. is dealing with pain (a universal reality regardless of details), seems to be asking for help in his faith in view of the physical illness battles that may even end his life (on the most extreme end of possibilities as I read it).

My thoughts?

I immediately replied to him directly letting him know I was touched and empathize with his pain, that I was and would be praying for him and also that I’d do what I’m doing in this blog now.

Some reading this are rather hard-core atheists, some agnostics, some practicing Christ-followers and some what we’d call backslidden, lapsed believers. ALL of us have or will suffer in this world.

It is a world laced with bad choices, humans with sin nature, sickness and stricken with natural disasters. The problem of pain (as C. S. Lewis simply and wisely called it) is a MASSIVE problem we all live and at times die with.

It agitates us to rage, huge self-pity, it brings us intimately toward and full-on away from the Lord. We are challenged in our core beliefs about God’s love, our free will and His over-all plan and dealings or seeming lack of them.

Sin, pain, suffering and misery will not be fully eradicated until God rolls this world up like a scroll.

Note- I can quote reams of scripture on faith, healing and getting God to do what I ask verbatim. Sometimes He does as I ask. Sometimes His answer is “Wait”… or “No”. !

Only He knows with certainty why some are healed and some not. Glib answers, words themselves sometimes seem to have little or no meaning when we’re in deep pain.

I believe in a God Who indeed heals, allows suffering and I also believe in pain, death and His wisdom even when I don’t understand nor like what’s happening to me. If such honesty isn’t your cup of tea, don’t read any further.

Clinical depression (physiology, bodily chemicals, not spirituality) is a reality as are mental illness and other issues beyond physical pain. Doctors and professionals are not always about making a buck or selling us drugs for profit. I pray our bro. here considers seeking local help on those possibilities as well -if- such seems part of the situation.

My bro.,

First, I pray for you and will continue! Please keep me posted on your condition -and by this I mean both spiritually and physically.

Next I must say at least to a degree, I both understand and have felt some of what you’re experiencing, not by any means all.

My own life has been turned inside-out by my Wendi (sweet wife of 41 years) due to her physical pain from extreme arthritis. The best the doctors can figure is it hit hard due to complications of whooping cough. Each major joint as well as her spine has massive and extreme damage over a very short time period.

For the past three years our experience includes her daily, nightly suffering. She ceased to be able to walk. On top of this muscle cramps kicked in from which she’s had to deal with from the 2nd grade of elementary school.

Frankly, I’m not sure if extreme lifestyle change based on a loved one’s suffering (as spouse and full-time caregiver) or dealing with such illness and pain in one’s own body are more difficult. Neither are fun.

I’ve lived in the first few and especially (thank God!) last few chapters of the Book of Job for quite some time.

We have not had much of anything like “normal” in this particular journey.

Wendi has always had a number of illness issues including asthma, diabetes (for some 7 years… and from which she was healed!), acute motion sickness and allergies to most everything (but ragweed… go figure!).

She is tough. I am not though I may seem otherwise.

I have searched my heart, soul, sought God’s healing, deliverance,repented of my depth of seflishness and hurt, just wanting closure to the suffering for her as well as myself. Apparently thus far, the answer has largely been “in the world you shall have tribulation” sort of thing.

Now she -is- getting better in terms of pain and even walking with canes or a walker after two full hip replacements, but one knee has a torn acl, one shoulder is hurting more and more, and her spine has damage which has shown up in mri’s, and in the end you can figure the way things may well naturally happen. We are both 61, so we may have seen our best years in terms of bodily health. That would stand to reason in any case.

He has blessed us on a ton of levels, don’t get me wrong!

HER faith has been directly tested but she’s been more “in the Spirit”, kind-hearted, gracious, not angry, not fully slammed in self-pity and such. She is more in faith and in step and far less prone to self-medicating (food, sexual sin, anger, depression) than I am -by far. I’ve done well, blown it, done well, blown it in all of these areas over the past few years.

Not eating entire cakes, not major porn or prostitutes but thoughts, web temptations and lack of exercise, just upset and wanting closure on my part.

I totally get that there’s a real devil and fallen angels working “to sift [us] like wheat”, as Jesus told Peter.

I get that the enemy has boundaries as per Job’s account. I happen to believe that book is not mere allegory, but let’s say if it were- either way, it makes plenty of sense to me!

So we’ve dealt with LOTS of personal cross-bearing, great and needy lessons, learning “to accept the things I cannot change” as well as “can change” as the prayer goes.

My faith in the one, true, authentic God of the Bible, in Jesus Christ, in the present, active Holy Spirit, in His calling, even in the matters of “the fall”, the “end times apostasy of the elect who will be decieved”, “the love of many will grow cold”, I get it, read it, memorized, believed and continue to believe it.

Suffering hurts. Crosses are mega-painful. They indeed, kill.

And at the same time “the thief has come to rob, kill, destroy… I have come that [you] may have life and life more abundantly”. It’s all true, both sides of it.

My pain, her pain, our suffering, your suffering hits us in the “Did GOD say??!” department.

“Why would a loving, just, merciful God allow…” and “Where was GOD in my suffering”?


A “VERY (my accent) present help in trouble”.

Peter: “To whom shall we go? Nobody else has the words of eternal life”.

So we feel (perhaps a Dark Night of the Soul experience) anything BUT loved, encouraged, linked in faith, hope and love with “the God of all hope”. But feelings aren’t facts.

Depression is not only spiritual, it is emotional and to be expected (not as an escape clause of course) in suffering.

Yet to blame God is not only human, it is sin.

Blame God for free will? Blame God we have the ability to make choices? Shall we rather be robots, part of a cosmic chess-match we have no way of volunteering love in?

Is God sovereign? Yes.

Does He yet exist? Yes.

Does He or His love for us change when we suffer? No.

Are His Words not to be trusted when we don’t get what we ask for- as we wish our will to be done?

Is there another way to find life in a body doomed to physically die?

Is there another way to live that makes us less the false god we each at core wish to be?

Does the very love of God always “feel” like we think it should, come to us with zero suffering or effort, agreement, cross-bearing on our part?

I’m not saying we earn God’s love and the answers to prayer we bang hard on heaven’s door to receive, I’m saying sometimes His answers are “No” or “Not yet” or “Not exactly as you wish”.

“Do you STILL TRUST ME? Will you love, follow, walk in faith, hope, love (all gifts from Him to us in the first place) despite your circumstances?”

The world and many in the churches will think you certifiably insane to do so, especially in your situation.

Job’s wife: “Curse God and die”. Whew. Really?!

“Do you love me more than you love them, more than self, more than life itself? Do you love me more than any idols you still have left in the closets?” These are the sort of things the Lord asks me. Humbling, more painful than all the other pain. But relational, genuine, needed on my part -at least it seems to me or He wouldn’t press upon me so.

This is what I’ve dealt with for several years running. This is not uncommon to you or me, it’s quite common, and there is little to do but trust, pray, seek, knock and learn to accept His “No”, His timing, His love and I would say ESPECIALLY when we are in the agony of suffering.

Further, my own judgment (flawed as it often is) yet tells me my wife has done FAR better with the pain issues than I have.

“Ask, seek, knock, keep knocking”, fall but fall TOWARD and not away from Him.

We sense but the smallest featherweight of what our Lord felt on the cross- “He Who knew no sin became sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God in Him”.

What have we done to earn eternal life, forgiveness of sins, any iota, any mere trace of God’s love toward the best among us?? Nada.

What have we done to deserve the pain, suffering and that of loved ones among us? We live in a fallen, broken world. We live in the “not yet”. One day no more tears, sickness, suffering, temptation. One day- not yet.

Are we being punished for being less than fully perfect?

I do -not- believe so.

Trust me, I’ve heard these questions and dealt with them for many, many years.

Our emotions aren’t always in sync with Bible truths.

I’ve not dealt with depression most of my life- until the past few years, directly related to Wendi’s illness and the toll on both of us. Easy for me to understand how you feel in this sense.

Yet- we cannot -get- God to let us BE God and have our way in each situation, and sometimes it’s an agony we do NOT like and one we wish to put an end to.

I get it. I truly do.

Finally: Job 13.15a “Though He slay me yet will I trust in Him” pretty well sums it up for me.

Does this sound crazy? Like a God we want to love and follow? For me, absoutely- because I know of no other genuine, true God, Savior nor one who speaks truth as opposed to what I will call human resentment, mythical and self-serving “designer gods” which many in the culture and even church have at times created in order to somehow make sense out of suffering.

Put bluntly, my personal view is that fiction has it’s truths, can be helpful, but I choose reality over fiction every time. I LIVED fiction before surrendering to Jesus Christ. No more of that. No fictional Lord, Savior, first love, friend. Whether He does things my way or not. My way?!! Whew. That has proved a train-wreck all too often.

I have had to ask her forgiveness and of course, the Lord’s countless times for my attitude, for -not- walking in the Spirit over this stretch of time. Self-pity is still self. There is of course a reasonable amount of confession of suffering, venting re. pain, asking for prayer, meeting with good counselors and such, and I’ve done it all. I’m in the Word and pray daily, in fact more than ever asking for His grace to bear up.

I’ve failed plenty. But there is simply no other love, no other God and no other way to rightly live, suffer and indeed, die. At very least, die to self and grow in spiritual maturity.

Many words here, one of my flaws. I hope at least something of this might bring you comfort. The Holy Spirit is present- may He wrap you in His presence and help carry you through this storm!!

You are in my prayers my brother!!!


Joy & Pain

So here’s the joy: last night Joe Filisko joined GKB at Abbey Pub Chicago- very kind crowd, fun sets by two opening blues bands as well. A fun night!

Stay tuned, a Fri. GKB headlining show is coming up in downtown Chicago during January. We’ll publicize when details are complete.

Here’s a pic of Joe and myself from last night, doing a couple acoustic tunes featuring his brilliant harp work and one of my Shane Speal cigarbox slide guitars.GKJoeDec2014 Thanks and credit to Colleen Davick at Grrr Records for this and more great pics via FaceBook.

For the struggle side of things: a bro. in deep physical pain wrote recently asking for help and a listening ear. Later tonight (Friday) I’ll post what is likely my longest post in a blog, now or later including his email and my response. A very heavy but needed subject to discuss!

Thanks for stopping by -and for the fine work of the Abbey Pub folks!

Yours, -Glenn


An interesting issue. Here’s my thinking on it, admittedly logic-based, but I believe, biblical.

–There is zero “righteousness” as defined by the Bible merely on the basis of one’s “self”. In essence, a Christ-follower’s life based on faith in Him, HIS righteousness and -imputing His righteousness- into/onto/over the believer is how God determines we are righteous. Our (self-imagined, or works-based) “righteousness” is… as the Book says, “filthy rags”. “None is righteous, not even one”. Therefore as He defines it “Self”-righteousness is impossible. It is a gift of God.

–There are indeed righteous acts, and in fact believers and non-believers, followers of Jesus and those who don’t give a rip about Him at times act in such a way that God- in accord with His Word in a number of places, would deem such acts righteous. Again, “righteous” by HIS definition. Yet, this does not make the individual in themselves righteous.

I think most people who trot such phrases out are guilty of judging… but that’s another topic πŸ™‚ Errr… how can you be righteous or holy when judging (mis-judging) someone else? Hmmmm.
O.k., so it seems Hitler loved dogs. I expect the Lord appreciates the fact demonized murdering dictators might truly love animals. So…?!! What about the phrase “holier than thou”. Same principle.

Can person “A” considered next to person “B” actually BE more truly “righteous” or live out/walk in “holiness”? Might these attributes of the nature and character of God by the power of God the Holy Spirit cause a greater maturity in the one individual’s life more than in that of the other person? Certainly. Comparing ourselves to others may be useful now and then -but in the end we may be more likely to fall into a vain and even self-deceived attitude considering ourselves “above” or “better than” our neighbor. We do it plenty, and need to repent of such nonsense. Jesus shed an equal amount of blood for ALL.

Jesus is infinitely and absolutely Holier than thou… and/or me!

He was, is and shall be thus, and the exact same thing is true with regard to His Righteousness.

He IS Holiness and Righteousness incarnate, eternally.

Things to consider as we drive and shop with one another, and take out the trash over these holidays πŸ™‚
Things to consider as we move through Advent and approach Christmas.

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

Ferguson, NYC -And

If you want hard right or hard left knee-jerk comments re. policing, minority or majority absolutes (right-wrong, period.) stop reading now.

If you pray for and care about human beings of color and police who are at times minorities as well, think there are certainly drunk/high/demonized thugs of any color or simply mistaken, over-the-top young people as well as freaked-out, sometimes crooked, angry bullies on various police forces who sometimes make snap-judgments that are wonderful and at times horrid and criminal, I’m your guy.

Nobody is without sin. And yes, plenty are racist. There ARE criminals in the street. Lots of us are just stupid. Not all of us carry weapons -nor use them on humans if carrying.

Badge or no badge re. Ferguson- eleven shots? ELEVEN??

Is there no other way to stop someone from resisting arrest in NYC than the take-down method used?

I have a good many friends on both sides of these issues who I’m sure to anger and freak as to my stance, but so be it.

It isn’t “a liberal agenda” anymore than a “white fascist” wave I’m talking about. It’s about honest prayer, talk, clear communication, willingness to deal with and help bridge gaps regarding obvious inequities in minority communities that the majority truly have the ability to help ease. Or not.

If I were God (and He sure enough knows I’m not and aren’t you and I BOTH glad!!) I’d have everyone wake up with dark skin in an urban ghetto and live with themselves and society for about 4 days or perhaps a week. I think white perspectives would change overnight.

So agree or disagree, this is where I stand. Or lay down in the street. Or write songs. Or reach out in other ways, both to minority people, police (whom I chat with and pray for with good will plenty and have for years).
Micah 6.8

GKB with Special Guest Joe Filisko in Chicago Show!

Glenn Kaiser Band Proudly Announces Addition of Special Guest,
Friend and Harmonica Ace Joe Filisko
Plus: Jack Butlers Jones, Joey J Saye
Blues time at the Abbey Pub Chicago
Thursday, December 11
Doors 7:30, Showtime 8pm

GKB and Joe Filisko Set: appx. 10pm

The Abbey Pub
3420 W. Grace
Chicago, IL. 60618