GKB German-Swiss Tour Blog Part 5

Today GKB rolled on to Cal. Chapel in Siegen, Germany. Wendi and I were here when I did an acoustic blues set a month ago, and GKB played here about two or three years ago as well.These kind folks always treat us so graciously! Note the cake (not mine… I did the black coffee) from their cafe.But tonight I did a solo blues set and spoke at their drop-in center in downtown Siegen. A lot of street people, some with substance abuse issues and all in need of both a good warm meal (thanks kitchen servants… wunderbar abend essen!) and God’s love.One of the fine bros. brought me his beautiful acoustic guitars to use, one of which I set up for slide. Such fine hand-built guitars -from the Czech Republic as I recall.I broke out the harmonica on a few songs too.Playing a bit with my very scant language skills, people seemed to relate… and also seemed to like the blues.Some of you may know it takes a great deal to move me to tears. Honestly, it’s usually the Holy Spirit just doing something I expect He feels deeply about.As I shared about my own deliverance from addiction and the love Jesus brings, prior to praying with folks… I found myself stumbling along crying.I have been so touched by our own CCO shelter that seeing all these folks just moved me… to the extent I found it very difficult to sing what I thought was the last song before dinner. As it turned out the meal wasn’t quite ready so they had me two more tunes.I was able to move around the room and shake hands and exchange a bit of chatter, received many kind comments and a number of people were clearly touched. God’s grace and a lot of people praying I think!As usual I am posting pics over at:http://gkaiser.posterous.com/Blessings and G’night! -Glenn

GKB German-Swiss Tour Pics 5


GKB German-Swiss Tour Pics Part 5

Cal. Chapel Siegen, Germany

House of Hope Streetcafe Pics

So here you see photos of the beautiful cake, C.C. cafe, Bible School, skatepark across the street from C.C., Strassecafe and poster (where I played and spoke), some of the crowd at dinner after the set. Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

GKB German-Swiss Tour Part 4

O.K.- the weather is getting a little colder here, all day looked like rain but it was very light really. Nice audience tonight, fine pastor and just the best time at their home. Once again the staff did a great job at the venue and lots of great chats after as always. Roy and Ed rocked as always, my ears don’t seem to be ringing TOO much and I may even sleep a bit more tonight! Good old jet-lag 🙂 But really, we are blessed.They were playing cool blues on the p.a. before the show, and I was able to do some email, had a nice dinner and we pulled out a few older GKB tunes, a fun night!Saw a few old friends this evening also. Good to hear/see they are doing well too.And Ed played me several new demos I have done, new songs for upcoming cds I expect to record, so it’s nice to be able to listen back to these and consider whether to use them or not, change arrangements and so on.Had another great talk with my Wendi tonight! All is well at home and after the crazy Chicago weather it seems to be warming up a little there. Good!I will again include a few pics and hope to post again either tomorrow night or the next day as we have time and web service. They can be viewed here:  http://gkaiser.posterous.com/Thanks again for stopping by! -Glenn

GKB German Tour 3rd Post

Well- nice a.m. service at Kraftwerk, sweet folks and really good things going on there. Martin and crew, Marc and all are really good peoplel. Just great to work with them. On we went- fun on the AutoBahn… and to our German tours home-away-from-home McCafe. Nice coffee, cheap and I even get sugar-free iced… NICE. Kronprinz hotel and a long rest today after the Sun.night set w. another good e.v. free group, very kind pastor and wife, staff. We always get to work with such kind people! Nice crowd, lots of after-show chats with people. And on to our hotel. Nice to sleep most of the day away. Jet lag is what it is! But then to dinner, internet cafe where I am getting this together to send into cyberspace. I’ve played around with Posterus online before, and think I will add pics via it here, if you’d like to see ’em, then you can come back here to read the rest of today’s post if you’re interested. So here is that link: http://gkaiser.posterous.com/31531081 Nice voice chat with my Wendi today. And I updated myself on news of home and the world. So in need of God’s love in Jesus. So we get to sleep in, off to another city, next is a short unplugged show and interaction with people at an inner-city homeless and drop-in cafe. I look forward to that. Writing more songs for an upcoming cd… and expect to do something (tour, cd) for our own Cornerstone Community Outreach in this next year. Such needs in these days… and a great love to share with those in need. Thanks for stopping bye! -Glenn

German Tour Post 2

What a kind crowd tonight! A guitar cable went out right at the beginning of our first tune and again later… but with a few other glitches as well the audience was very, very kind and responsive throughout the evening.Tomorrow I’m up for breakfast with Carsten and back at the church to do a couple acoustic songs and speak, then we’re on to the next show.


Such a warm welcome and great chats afterwards this eveningSeveral people shot pics and a bit of video so IF we see it see it someplace online we’ll let you know.Ha, couldn’t resist teasing my brilliant bassman Roy… getting real serious just prior to the show on his Ipod 🙂


Kraftwerk is a sweet, cool fellowship -the pastor and staff are just gems.


Another shot from our dressing room… love the older style houses… and satellite dish as well. Love that media!


O.k., shower, workout, Complines and zzz’s. I know I have the rap about the house in the wrong spot here… but whew, jet-lag, 3 hours of sleep and a 17 song set… think I better sleep now and let it be:) Love and Hugs from Germany! -Glenn