Philosophical Houses

We all think, construct our mental/emotional sense of well-being or at least try to. DNA, chemicals (natural or added by us…), family, school, social conditioning and of course endorphin-rush experiences of pleasure as well as bullying, sexual or other actual abuse, “natural” disasters, viruses, traumatic experiences all shape how each of us thinks, feels and processes.

I won’t quote the zillion sources both Christian and not who would agree with that first paragraph as the obvious is, well, obvious.

Can’t say I agree with the mere “power of positive thinking” nor “name-it-claim-it” hyper-faith approach among many professing believers. At the same time each of us -including atheists, build philosophical houses right through our lifetime.

These mental castles shift and change with our feelings, events such as I’ve listed above and more. Time, aging gracefully or with perhaps chronic pain, relational ties that bring pleasure, severe discomfort, fresh ones that excite us with joyful promise, those which end in misery and regret all influence our younger to autumnal lives and therefore how we think about life -and theology if we think about God at all.

My personal concern this moment regards professing Christ followers. It is not the shifting and changing philosophical concepts and constructs among us that trouble me -but those that are untrue yet feel better to so many due to all I’ve said so far.

In this particular sense I am not talking about people questioning whether there is a God, that Jesus is -THE- revelation of Who He is, His nature and character. My twofold concern here is some have built for themselves a construct which in essence I would argue suits them because their construct of God Himself is personal rather than accurate.

The god of my imagination may be, likely is in spots… imaginary, built of personal desire rather than His Self-revelation. If God doesn’t look like me, at least I’m comfortable with my construct.

Better to admit the myths we create to feel better, to gain some measure of comfort are still myths!

Certainty is equally a myth as so much of any philosophical construct in itself includes imagination and I suppose elements of self-medication via any number of things, call them wonderful or vices, intellectual brilliance, whatever you wish.

So here are some things to consider that in my view are not mere human philosophical constructs. I fully admit I have included them (I would say they included me) in my own philosophy of life. You many choose any exit you like to feel better in the many pleasures and great sufferings along your path, but it is in moment-by-moment faith and relationship to Him over my lifetime which brings me to land right here:

“Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it” Psalm 127.1

Paul writes to the Corinthian church, 1 Cor. 3: v.11 “For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

In light of all this it seems obvious why many professing Christians have gone the way of rejecting some or all of Paul’s writings when their own philosophical constructs seek to overcome what appears quite the harsh side of The Bible’s God -and for that matter, where many trust their own personal view of God -or- that God is nonexistent. I suggest they may be creating God in their own image due to their own philosophical sense of comfort. To be blunt, this is where cherry-picking from the scriptures and at times ascribing nearly everything (mind you, I have no doubts plenty IS allegorical) they dislike to fictional accounts rather than factual, historical events via the Old and New Testament writers.

The hard, mean, self-serving and name-the-group-they-love-to-be-disgusted-with “Christians” (only God knows who is truly saved) in present day U.S.A. are certainly not billboards for the loving, gracious God of The Book. So many of them love what seems to be the “back hand” and horrible revelation of His dealings in both Testaments (oh yes, in the New as well as Old).

Politics and positions aside, we still must face how interesting, troublesome, even frightful is Paul’s writ -and I beg you to carefully read and seek truth over comfort alone in the entirety of 1 Cor. chapter 3 (linked below). It leaves most of us with something other than a philosophical hug and kiss. So- is it the Word of God or merely the word of flawed and sometimes quite gruff, even a “guessing” Paul?

For many at various times or even regularly, wrestling with The Bible is exhausting. May it exhaust our personal philosophical constructs to the extent we yet trust in the God revealed there.

I’ve lived in many houses over a lifetime. Some are long gone due to foundations that were wrong, deeply flawed from the start. Others creaked, shook, winter winds blew though here and there, sometimes water leaked in a crack and yet they stood as shelters for my family and I. Some are still standing and occupied by people as I write.

Interesting that like his earthly Dad, Jesus was a carpenter.

I recently drove by the little dwelling my Mom, brother and I lived in for much of my youth. A car was parked in the driveway, yard and front garden trimmed and cared for, people clearly living there all these decades later.

The issue is who built it -and upon what it was built.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


P.R., NYC, And

Straight-up, this world runs on survival and that is in many places all about money therefore business/political power rather than hunting/gathering, fishing, harvesting and otherwise subsistence living off the land. There are people and places in the United States where such is still quite common to native Americans, Alaskan natives and so forth. White country folk have often done such or at least to supplement their needs for food and water, the basics of life.

Then we have those who have re-located to the country to find their dream life, escape the pace, troubles and people in large cities or suburban America. Covid-19, the flu, drug and gun running, political hacks, sometimes harsh biz owners or managers, things like storms, tornadoes and flooding, a person’s DNA perhaps prone to various pre-existing diseases and more these days the lack of hospitals and such aren’t all things we can escape regardless where we live.

No need for me to mention severe political divides here, we all recognize them. What I want to point out is that our love and care for one another rather than apathy about “those other areas” and “those people” in them who suffer greatly is likely about to change. Sure, neither you nor I, family or friends may even take a direct hit from this virus but we’re all being affected by it in other ways as I type.

You can rebuke fear and quote God’s Word which I fully believe in (yep, fear -and- The Bible) all you like but in the end I ask this: if and when any of us experience the care given to Puerto Rico and New York City, then what? I have one response to that and it’s not what you may think.

This morning in communication a good, good man, compassionate pastor friend (I won’t name the state but it’s not where I live nor P.R. or New York) asked how I and family and all were doing. I replied “So far so good. And for you and yours?” His response was “We’re good so far. A few people upset we aren’t having church, but it’s necessary at the moment. My income has been stopped completely, the wife’s cut a bit, son in law’s cut in half, daughter’s too.”

Because we’ve known one another for some years and shared our rather wretched pasts I can tell you he is no stranger to suffering -as in horrid to the extent of leaving the worst sort of abusive family mess. In the end he experienced healing and faith in Jesus and as I said, serves the Lord and others -and I might add, far beyond plenty of believers I know.

Because of our relationship I was able to reply the following, stark as it may sound. “America, we will all begin to experience what 3rd world and many homeless do regularly. Deeper compassion and God’s grace and provision or worst case scenario, teaching others how to live and die as a follower of Jesus. Prayers for you, I am sorry but yep, all in this together…”

He agreed, said God is good, no complaints and that this was a great opportunity to share the Gospel to which I agreed.

I assured him he was truly compassionate and surely thinking straight.

The question for us all dear reader: are we?

Indeed taking into account some corrupt or bricks-for-sense leaders my thoughts today are- if you are poor in P.R. and NYC… other cities, towns and rural areas of our land and world, consider what loving your neighbor as yourself means -and doesn’t mean.

Most of us don’t live in either of those two places but my guess is a good many of us are about to find out what it’s like. Some lessons are learned the hard way.

Plenty of folks world-wide have eaten the crumbs off of our table for years. Perhaps it’s our turn.

God help us to think, pray and act beyond survival mode but in love and with grace. The beat-up guy in the ditch that Jesus told us about got apathy from the priest and Levite and something quite different from the oft-hated Samaritan. A major wake-up call is here.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

Chicago Lockdown Update (4/25/20)

So far my family, myself and our JPUSA community in Chicago are all doing well through this difficult time. God rules regardless -and my hands ain’t been so clean prolly forEVER :)!

Meanwhile I finished what is now truly all my tracking for the next (18 song) record. Lot more work to be done, we’ll publicize when it’s available.

Coffee and Sanitizer in Studio B
Stella Came to Play


My sweet wife Wendi and daughter Rebecca are about to tackle a fairly short book I’ve finished my own writing in focused solely on the very earliest beginnings of Resurrection Band (aka REZ Band or REZ). When Wendi finishes writing Rebecca will help with her expertise in grammar and edit some. When finished, we’ve plans to release it in several forms via Grrr Records. PLEASE don’t bug ’em on this, when all is -finished- we’ll publicize on all our sites.

The other two books (my story of coming to faith, then the next nine months of “roller coaster” until surrender) are in limbo at the moment between other priorities taking precedence and of course, the virus. As per the rest of these projects we’ll let the world know when all is ready to ship.


My office is slooooowly looking somewhat organized!!! Lots more to do but hey, good use of time indoors. Slow we go.


Today, Wendi and I headed out to our side yard for 10 minutes, sat in the warm sunshine and then checked out the very early garden flowers just starting to wake up. Resurrection every year as Spring comes around again.

May our world, nation, states, cities, towns and rural communities wake up to walk with the Risen Christ.

Frankly, there are worse tragedies than death though we do all we can to deny such reality. Love is as real as life and death -may you reach up and out to the One Who created and sustains it here and hereafter.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

Small Town Concern?

Covid-19? Until 9 years of age I lived in or near (country outside of ’em) very small towns in Wisconsin. Every year after my parent’s divorce I spent several weeks in those places with my Dad. Our family has regularly visited, vacationed and I’ve done countless concerts and church services, fished, hunted and otherwise interacted, loved and been kindly accepted in such communities. If God had called I would have lived happily there: fact!

It’s no secret a majority of small town America votes red, but this isn’t a post about politics. It’s not about fake news or equally stupid judgments on big-city “elites” or “dumb” rural folks.

A longtime friend posted a link on a small town Ohio model of what the flu looks like vs. Coronavirus -the dude in the vid has a Master’s in his medical field, lives and works in a small town. (John Mellencamp’s “Small Town” lyric is in my mind as I post this now.) First, what I said in a thread where some folks pushed back against in my view, fairly politically to the right friend. The common rap is faith in God (which I truly have and frankly am not afraid likely due to the reality of Jesus and very little fear of dying even if this kills me…) wash your hands and be kind to neighbors, end of discussion.

Some folks go to the extent of defending a political position, calling out media hype (as if that and pols on both sides aren’t up to their necks in that regularly) as if no solid info. ever comes from anyone or anywhere but those they like.

Ok- Here is what I said via 3 comments in that thread, then the link follows right after. Even in your virus information overload state I believe this is truly worth your time if you care about small town America.

“Mike, I agree. Been praying for friends around the nation in small towns and rural places as the healthcare situation re. hospital closures and such is huge. As for the media, at the bottom of the page you cite here is this: “At about the 5 minute mark, in the table that shows expected flu deaths, the table shows a mortality rate of 0.06% for ages 50-69 (which is consistent with the graph shown earlier), but say “0 point 6” (not “0 point 0 6”) and “1 in 167 cases” rather than “1 in 1667″. Our apologies.” Note they compare flu in their estimates -healthcare pros. not knee-jerk pols or non-media folks like most freaking out or saying merely “God will protect”, end of discussion. History doesn’t lie and plenty of people die, many who were serious followers of Jesus with tremendous faith. Dumb ain’t faith. I’m with you, praying as well as washing hands and etc.. Lord have mercy and remember that “the media” also dispenses solid information whether you like it, agree with it or simply blow it off as hard right or hard left propaganda.

Note my quote of it above- the health care folks creating this model corrected their mistake when they caught it. May we be people of such integrity and humility when we make them.

One last nickel- “The beginning of wisdom is the fear (reverence) of the LORD.” Tons of God’s Word and laced through the Book of Proverbs is “Acquire knowledge, get wisdom, understanding” and such. So we know the beginning. The end is driving 80 miles an hour in a snowstorm with black ice and “trusting God” (who has commanded us to wise up).

Thanks my friend! Amen.” [comments slightly edited for clarity]

The link:

This like all disease, doesn’t give a rip how you vote or what you THINK you know. City or country, pay attention in humility to the directions and input of folks who’s daily job is to know more than you or I. Praying, truly, for so many friends in so many rural and small town areas in this time!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

Love LIVED Out

Jesus in Matthew Chapter 5:

19. “Whoever then annuls one of the least of these commandments, and teaches others to do the same, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever keeps and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. 20. “For I say to you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

These guys had the very Word of God, daily searched it and the scribes whole day job was scrupulously copying it. They had the essence of God’s Own Self-Revelation… but they did not walk in transformation.

This is one of the continual and all-too-often criticisms, yes, from agnostics, atheists and true Christ-followers alike of any sort of professing Christian, various denominations, associations of churches, independent churches, informal gatherings -and you and I. And often the charge of hypocrisy is accurate. Deny it all you wish but both church and world history after careful, thorough or even surface study reveals the truth of it!

Remember that these are Jesus’ Own Words to some of the key religious leaders of that time and place, not mere conjecture. And no, I honestly, before the Lord do not have any particular axes to grind about any church as such… but core truths motivate me to myself repent when there seems to be any verifiable truth I need to. In my case, daily.

Ok, so it seems at least part of the context of this text answers the question as to live out what Jesus considers practical right living in the here and now. I’ll list them in reverse because at least for most of us the second is FAR easier than the first: “but whoever keeps and teaches them…” As in (B.) TEACHES- “speaks, writes, shares the commandments and not mere options of the Lord and (duhhhh -A.) KEEPS- lives ’em out, does ’em, application.

I can hear many of my dear and truly Christian friends mind’s melting down about now… “HEY… CHRIST ALONE SAVES… ***NOT*** OUR GOOD WORKS BRO!!” Full agreement. But I don’t recognize Jesus offering anyone an escape clause here. John’s comments in 1 John 3.18 comes to mind- “Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth.”

Others will argue the kingdom of heaven and kingdom of God are not the same, or that the issue (I agree to an extent re. the text) isn’t getting inside the gates but rather one’s standing and position at the end. Neither postion annuls Jesus very Words on the issue.

CLEARLY Jesus Himself and the righteousness He graciously bestows upon faithful -followers- via His atoning incarnation, death, resurrection and more IS our only claim to salvation, but such texts that call us all out regarding if and how and what we daily choose, live out those choices with our minds, hearts, souls and strength (remind you of another thing Jesus said??) are obviously not unimportant to Him.To seek shelter in a storm or get soaked is often if not always a choice is it not?

There are plenty of us who have gotten thoroughly soaked (and not by His Spirit) due to foolish, slack, self-seeking decisions that place us first, Jesus and our neighbors (“teaching others”?) far down the list of our love and focus.

I’m convinced these are things essential to consider as we choose our priorities, consider our own needs and those of others in the world around us.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

DO… What?!

In time of pandemic or any occasion, what are we to DO?

Years ago a dear friend named Bob Hays quoted a Bible verse at a gathering we were both attending. I’ve never forgotten the important emphasis- thanks Bob! Further, sometimes it may describe you or I, while at other times it certainly does not and has not -and such is important when accenting such biblical texts.

Ok, “Love God, love neighbor” is ALWAYS correct regarding our life, but there’s more to it, for God’s will is involved or we do neither as He would have us do.

So, the verse Bob brought to the gathering? In 1 Chronicles 12 there is a long list of warriors of the tribes of Israel. The first half of verse 32 states:

“Of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do…”

The rub is that there have always been as now, individuals, men and women and groups of them from this or that “tribe” who believe they have THE.ANSWER/S. Further, among professing Christians throughout history the same is easily documented.

Some were correct. God had indeed spoken to them, gifted them, called them. Their hearts and minds were open. They were wise enough to “count the cost” and consider the crosses, both spiritual and at least some of the practical ramifications of this, that or the other action or inaction. They laid their lives down for God and others and served the Lord and the people with honor and distinction. None of them were flawless regardless.

Some were sadly, even tragically wrong. They had faith in faith, faith in their own ability to “get it” perfectly or at least close to it… and things blew up in their face. Some took others down in the ditch with them due to presumption, arrogance and any number of motives. They may have failed due to a depth of ignorance of Father, Son, Spirit, the Word of God (Bible), interpretation or application. God and His will was in the north but sometimes things went south due to massive personal agendas which effectively cemented their heart and therefore mind and ears shut from truly hearing the voice of the Lord.

Often it is only in retrospect, AFTER the fallout and collapse, gross failings that any of us (individually or tribally) truly LEARN.

God via His Word in the Book of Proverbs continually calls for each of us to “get knowledge” and “get wisdom”.

Genuine humility is so foundational to “getting it”. The humble study to show themselves approved, listen for what is truly the voice of the Lord via others even when they don’t want to hear it, recognize the essentiality of historical information that can be cross-referenced and is true- whether or not they, friends or enemies care to do so or not.

Consider also the plurality of that last paragraph. There were numbers of people, not merely a big shot know-it-all individual. “SonS of Issachar.”

Most each and every major leader in both Testaments with the clear exception of Jesus Himself royally BLEW it in one or more areas of decision and judgement. That ought to help sober us from hero -or- idol worship, perhaps self-worship… no?

I often quote Jesus’ “My sheep hear My voice and I know them and they follow Me.” It’s true, I have no reason to doubt it. And yet plenty of His sheep (including this one) blow it. The idea you’re always correct no matter WHO you are or WHAT your experience with God is itself a myth, fictional. SOMETIMES we know what we or for that matter, someone else or even our state or nation should do. Sometimes.

The world and entire Church in it now as in any time… NEEDS sons… and daughters of Issachar.

Time to pray, consult with people with greater, deeper relationship to God, maturity, wisdom, education and expertise in various areas than your own perhaps favorite way of doing things. Time to bail on personal agendas.

By the way, if your heroes are regularly, typically defensive and reactionary by nature, pray for them and find some godly folks who aren’t. Pay attention or I guess you’ll just have to pay.

One more thing: the RSV renders James 3.2a “For we all make many mistakes” in the context of talking about talking. Anyone can say anything they feel like saying. How much you wanna bet the sons of Issachar didn’t?

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

In Time of Trial (or not)- SHARE!

” 10 And the crowds were questioning him, saying, “Then what shall we do?” 11 And he would answer and say to them, “The man who has two tunics is to share with him who has none; and he who has food is to do likewise.” -John the Baptist, Book of Luke chapter 3

Saw a news clip recently that one of the wealthiest peeps on plant earth, net worth reportedly at 97.8 Billion USD as of March, 2020… has moved from Microsoft to spend his time, efforts and certainly monies in his philanthropic work. He and wife Melinda established their foundation quite some time ago, and along with Warren Buffett and other super wealthy folks have bonded together around sharing with less fortunate people around the world among a host of other excellent and worthy causes. Why?

The obvious is they have so very much loot as well as expertise in business -but with a conscience and desire to make people’s lives more live-able, even SURVIVEable!

My many conservative friends regularly focus on independence, individual responsibility and what is arguably sometimes sharing with deserving people (however they define such) and are at times truly generous… with strong caveats.

My many progressive friends regularly focus on interdependence, shared and corporate responsibility and sharing with people -often without regard to whether they (in their view) deserve such or not.

Regardless of anyone’s politics, the simple, direct and in my view fact of the matter is John the Baptizer literally lost his head over confrontation in speaking truth to power. In the practical, natural world ain’t NO power like money and the political sway it brings.

We can talk all day long about “forced” sharing, taxation and such, but when pandemics and hit, look around at who is spending TRILLIONS to bail out whom (and where). I fully understand the concept in a largely capitalist world that is utterly convinced THE way to fix it is pour more (gained by taxation) money back into the corporations and sometimes in small ways, that ol’ “trickle-down” idea where the poorest of the poor… well hopefully they get some crumbs under the table. Make no mistake about who -owns- the table as well as means of production… but that’s another twist, no?

John had hurting, distraught crowds coming to see and hear him. When they asked he answered in quite direct fashion: you got two – give one to the person with none. Simple. Effective. Rich or poor it’s one boots-on-ground way to engage with your neighbors. No mention of who deserves anything.

Ahhhh but does it take BILLIONAIRES to actually turn the tide of the world’s ills? I’m absolutely NOT calling for some sort of mob action French Revolution, be certain that’s nowhere in my desire nor do I believe is it in God’s will for humankind!

I’m saying there are billionaires, millionaires and oligarcs (thinking even of the bum Al Capone yet giving to the poor in Cicero in his day…) who could turn many a tide of pandemic, injustice, food insecurity upside down in our world. Could.

Kudos to Bill and Melinda, Warren and others who are at least trying to make a serious positive dent with their fortunes.

Sadly, we have likely, millions who barf endless excuses why “survival of the fittest” is not only just but somehow the will of God, especially when it comes to taxation – though this is exactly how banks and other corporate blow-outs have been solved by plenty of government leaders and note: regardless of who was in power.

It is indeed not as much of a sacrifice unless you are the poor widow Jesus observed and commended, but she gave all she had – and the temple priests weren’t exactly pristine people nor did they all and always act honorably with the offerings. Some thing never change?

What will it take for true followers of Jesus to share as a matter of regular course, giving away one when we already have another? What, my suffering is more important than your suffering ‘eh?

The reality is not merely distrust of government, we need to face our own hearts in these matters.

Meanwhile, consider:

“And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” -Hebrews 13.16

How do we love our neighbor as ourselves? Share.

The first and last virus to conquer is the one we carry in our hearts and the attitudes it produces towards those in need around us.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

Beloit Show Postphoned

Due to Coronavirus/Covid-19 concerns from govt., wisdom of health officials, my own sense of personal responsibility for others’ wellbeing: myself and Todd Anthony Joos and The Revelators Beloit show Sat. Mar. 21 is POSTPONED until suitable to re-schedule.

Meanwhile a GK live via social media concert is being planned. More details when we’ve got date, time and details all set!

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

Epidemics: Sense or Nonsense?

Blind Willie Johnson wrote and sang “In the year of nineteen and eighteen, God sent a mighty disease” in his song “Jesus Comin’ Soon”.

Today we recognize COVID-19 coronavirus as something akin to 1918 era “Spanish Flu” pandemic which swept the world and killed millions.

For myself, I am not so certain “God sent” or regularly “sends” disease or other so-called natural calamities to plague humankind -but it would be ignorant to simply ignore the many clearly non-allegorical narratives in The Bible to say with certainty He never afflicts -or never allows- such to affect human beings. Denial of such in Scripture will not change the Hebrew or Greek words nor their contextual interpretation.

Having said this it is of great importance we face our own individual and corporate DNA, our typical mental and emotional “defaults” when considering such horrible and disastrous historical events. What do I mean by this?

We often believe or disbelieve there is a God, that He is the God of the Bible, and likewise that if He exists, that He is a good Father Who actually cares about us, even that He interacts in our lives out of love and desire to protect us, even offer us eternal life as per Jesus’ teachings.

Our judgment of God’s character and nature may be as much a virus as a sustaining gift -and we have much personal responsibility in that it is our own judgment of God which is a core matter. I believe His judgment of us is far more important, but if we conclude we are the center of things… well, read on please.

A principle in Scripture that comes to mind: When God gave Israel a king because they determined to have one like the other nations did He warned them it would be a mistake, that they would turn to a king and reject Him… They did not relent and He gave them Saul. What a terrible lesson and in our world and time we may well wonder if anyone has paid attention? The people had no actual ability to “bottle Saul up” any more than we do many horrors of our time.

There simply is no power greater than that which is His Own.

For more specificity, Paul writes Timothy (-once-…) about Christian leaders who have fallen into habitual sin telling him to “Rebuke them sharply”. Some of us LOVE to rebuke others, in particular, sharply. Must I quote a host of other verses that speak to correcting others gently, to humbly take care when doing so lest we are (and we are) likewise tempted, to communicate with grace and humility because we are as prone to sin as the rest of society?

Reformation often comes in times of crisis. It’s no secret that historically, massive groups of people came to saving faith in Jesus during famines, wars and indeed, the very influenza epidemic Blind Willie and other blues singers wrote and sang about.

We so want to re-write The Bible, to make God IN OUR OWN IMAGE -meaning “He thinks like I do, does as I would.” Some naturally tend toward hard, even harsh condemnation of others because it suits THEM, not God. Others will gently and with deep compassion state “God would NEVER do such horrid things to people He loves” when the Scriptures are rather laced -BOTH Testaments mind you… with more than mere illustrative narratives that He is a God of judgment and justice, not merely (what our concept of love is) gentle and only forgiving.

Some LOVE slamming texts about judgment and people “getting what they deserve” while others only focus on biblical writ which depicts the God Who indeed IS love, anxious to forgive and fully pardon -as if there is rarely a call to repent, nary a rebuke nor destructive judgment in Scripture. I’d say both extreme views are more human than exegetical (solid, thorough biblical interpretation and methodology) of The Bible.

So which is it? Is this coronavirus thing part of God’s history-threaded “strike fear into ’em, turn or burn you snakes!” plan to reform the world and perhaps the churches… or is it merely part of a fallen, imperfect world where disease has always and with more regularity than we want to face, killed and kills all sorts of otherwise seemingly innocent people? Does God orchestrate or does He rather allow this sort of thing?

Does He ALWAYS deliver/save/protect believers, have none of them died in plagues, often while serving the dying, being “the hands and feet of Jesus”? Have there never been any God-loving-serving-truth-believing martyrs among us? Though “we have the mind of Christ” do ANY of us always understand God’s ways, means and methods as to how to get people’s attention toward Himself, reformation in self-centered/seeking church folk?

When will we catch more than an illness but in the very painful positive: recognize our own vulnerability was and is always present- and thus become vulnerable to God and His Word above our own self centeredness?

I don’t know. I do not know! I truly don’t believe I have the final and absolute understanding of whether the Lord “sent” or did not and never “sends” calamity but it seems quite clear horrors on this planet and amongst all humans deal with to varying degrees, do and often will occur regardless of faith in Him as a GOOD GOD -and I believe He is truly GOOD for more reasons than not! But the object of this post isn’t to defend either God’s existence or His character. It is to consider the reality of the razor’s edge of uncertainty and personal soul-searching about our own motives, goals and self-talk which at times tells us far more about our concept of God than it does about the true God Himself.

I indeed believe He hears and answers prayer- if, as and when HE wills, not always as we will.

IS He “A VERY PRESENT HELP IN TROUBLE”? I absolutely believe He is!!!

I also believe He gave us brains to think, soap for our hands, doctors and scientists and blesses us with their wisdom in times of illness.

There are fools who think in their heart “There is no God!” just as there are fools who drive ninety miles an hour during raging storms and expect to survive because of faith in Jesus -who, last I checked, never blesses stupid choices of human beings.

Finally, God never rejoices in the death of (even!) the wicked. “He commands all people EVERYWHERE to repent.” Christians- “judgment begins with the house of God.” Let us serve our neighbors with grace and humility knowing we are as vulnerable to pain and death (this side of heaven) as they are. Making ignorant statements about those who fear while not lifting a finger to love our neighbor speaks more of our sin than it does theirs.

I wish you the peace that only Jesus can give! I wish for all of us the wisdom and sense of balance that the “only wise God” desires for us all.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

Diddley-Bottle and Canjoe

In the past few days I’ve built and played two down and dirt-simple 1 string slide gits, doing both with the idea of them sounding good if possible, with a 1/2 piece of pvc I’ve been messing with as a slide.

That pvc as well as metal, ceramic and glass slides all sound great on either. No pickup on either one, at least at this time. Note: 28 uke string on the detergent bottle, appx. .024 wound acoustic string on the canjoe.

Simple, quick, fun using bits I had laying around.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn