5 Reasons the Homeless are Being Housed!

This is a link to our own CCO’s Jeremy who once again has written an excellent piece on 5 core reasons we are seeing people move from homelessness to a home and jobs. Long but TRULY worth a read!!


May each one of us LOVE and DO worthwhile serving in this New Year! Thanks for caring when many just walk on by. -Glenn


Hot, Sweet Christmas and Beyond!

Our family had a great Christmas as we hope did you and yours!

So several friends very near and quite far away sent me bottles of heat (I LIKE dis stuff!!) which will carry me through the first part of 2014 🙂 BIG thanks y’all, you sure enough have warmed up my winter!


Another old hunting buddy knew I hadn’t had a minute in the woods this year due to Wendi’s hip and other health issues… and wanted me to get a “big buck” anyhow. Ha!20131224_165819

Thanks to all for the amazing cards, kind wishes and all. Blessings for 2014!

Thanks for stopping by,


Christmas Time SuperLo-Fi Demo :)

Why not? Please look over at http://www.grrrrecords.com for several free downloads for you as a gift from Grrr this Christmas if you’ve not already done so. They’re far better than this.

But here’s a demo from my Samsung Galaxy Note II cellphone recorded on the Four Tracks Lite app with… wait for it… me beating fingers on two old laptops (2 diff. sounds) for drums (too loud… overdid it so sorry for peaking the meters off and on during the song…), the one bass string on my old Danelectro Frankenstein with 3 guitar strings and one bass string… and my Shane Speal 3 stringer, both played through my trusty lttle old Pignose amp. Well, and I tossed a vocal track in. Folks, this is LOW-FI and one take each, that’s all we got here tonight.

About to have a major Christmas meal with family and friends as well but… don’t laugh too much as you hear it… I just had to do it. Frankly, I’m having fun in my old age 🙂

I posted it in the music audio section over at http://www.cigarboxnation.com

-Glenn Kaiser

Well it’s, Christmas time and I

Got snow in my boots

Christmas time and I

Got snow down in my boots

Goin’ to, climb MountTrashmore an’

Drink hot chocolate too

Well the tree is trimmed and the

Lights are hung up high

Tree is trimmed with the

Lights all hung up high

Feelin’ like a little boy

In the cool, clear, shinin’ sky

All the baking and all the

Spice and sweet, sweet sounds

All the dinner tables and the

Spice and sweet, sweet sounds

Only sad part here is ‘jus

Once each year it comes ‘round

See that baby boy and a

Mamma’s joy unfold

See that daddy proud and the

Shepherds’ star-crossed road

People from afar bringin’

Incense, myrrh and gold

Yes the, gift of love

Came from, up above like this

Yes the, gift of light on that

Christmas night can’t miss

When we learn His ways each and

All our days are blessed

So it’s Christmas time and the

Star shines bright on us

Yes it’s Christmas time and His

Star shines bright on us

Comes into our world

Bringing, joy, faith, hope and love

Happy Birthday to Jesus! (humanly speaking)
With Love,


The Night Before the Night

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
tons of cooking,  present-making
though some felt like a louse…

Tonight my sweet Wendi and daughters, sons-in-law, I and so many others must finish the work before “the night”.

Some open presents on Christmas Eve, or just a few, some on the morning of Christmas Day and others open nothing for they have nothing to open and no family with which to share what for many is such a time of joy.

There are sick kids and adults in hospital or confined to bed with a rocking cold. More than a few inmates in this jail and that prison sit alone. Military personnel far from home can only at best have a short time with family thousands of miles distant via the internet and a live webcam connection.

There are widows and orphans who tonight have no worries about finishing gifts, wrapping and such as they are for the most part alone or only expecting quick visits from distant (in more ways than one) family or friends.

For myself, it’s simply trying to get ready with the last few gifts I’m making for immediate family and wrapping (such as my “wrapping” presents goes!).

My birth-family opened presents Christmas morning while my wife’s family always held forth on Christmas Eve., and the latter is the tradition we hold.

My birth family didn’t walk with Jesus in those days of my youth, so it was breakfast, rip-and-tare. My family and close relatives seek Him, gather and read through the story of His birth and sing several Christmas hymns prior to a large dinner, treats, then the kids open first followed by the adults, all taking time to share and thank everyone for everything.

Our church (Jesus People U.S.A.) is also a live-in Christian community and we celebrate all through Advent as well as with a grand, touching Christmas Eve. service at 10pm each year -not at midnight because this earlier time allows some of the children to accompany their parents at that service.

You see, some people see Him, some do not, some have others who truly care for them, too many don’t. This is a time of year when we can find ourselves fully stressed… or seeking Jesus for grace to do what we can in sharing His Story and His love as well as gifts of love.

You -may- “feel like a louse” but your heavenly Father doesn’t think of you that way. He gave His BEST for you. In Him alone each one of us can find rest.

Tonight after buzzing around all day I took a nap. Yahoo for sure!

Now I’m up and about to finish this particular race, sleep and totally finish tomorrow just in time to set up, pray, sing, share and enjoy the joy of my closest loved ones.

May God give you the grace to know Him and His peace in this holiday whether or not you experience the love I do. Emmanuel literally means “God with us”.

He is.

Will you reach out in faith and begin real life with Him?

Thanks for stopping by and Merry CHRISTmas!


New Song Freebie Download and Show Tonight

20131220_153716The Song:

Our friends at Grrr Records just posted a fresh song I wrote last year and had been wanting to record. It’s a freebie download to go with the other 4 Grrr freebies already up there for your downloading pleasure. Those 4 include me and other cool Grrr artists. The label is small, eclectic and frankly, I love the staff and label-mates who are all personal friends of mine.

So- the new song is I Want to Hear the Angels Sing. I played a couple tracks of cigarbox (slide) guitar and a bass track. Ed Bialach rocked the drums, my daughter Ami Moss did a couple sets of background vocals along with mine and it’s truly a jam sort of tune. I’m so proud of how it turned out and love Ed’s track as well as his mix. Hope you do too!

Here’s the link ready for you to download: http://grrrrecords.com/christmas-2013


The Show:

Ami was feeling a bit sick today so looks like I’m doing an hour set at our Cornerstone Community Outreach solo tonight. But the ever-faithful staff have refreshments going and Ed is doing the mix so we should have some blues/Christmas/worship/all-that-kinda-stuff going tonight!


Ok, off to finish laundry. Ahhh the big life of rockstars… HAAA! NOT.

Love and Merry Christmas All!


Sweet Time in Berwyn

The worship, dinner and later show this past Saturday night with Maron and Ami Moss & The Unfortunate was really cool. Actually warm… as it got colder and a fair bit of beautiful snow fell  longtime friends and some new folks came out, had great chats with quite a few people.

NightLight Cafe staff are great friends and just so sweet! What a great time, thanks to all who were involved and who came out to celebrate together!

And now back to grandchild present-making 🙂

Blessed Advent everyone,


Amazing Nelson Mandela Quote!

Nelson Mandela was one of my heroes on earth. He was correct and I fully agree with his comments below. Read on please. And thanks for stopping by.


Via Graham King in Facebook:

Quote from Nelson Mandela’s book A Long Walk to Freedom:

“The Church was as concerned with this world as the next: I saw that virtually all of the achievements of Africans seemed to have come about through the missionary work of the Church.”

The Good News borne by our risen Messiah who chose not one race, who chose not one country, who chose not one language, who chose not one tribe, who chose all of humankind… Our Messiah, whose life bears testimony to the truth that there is no shame in poverty: Those who should be ashamed are they who impoverish others.”

GK says YES. God’s love walks, acts out in the positive, it sings and writes and pays the price. It “attacks” evil by embrace and servanthood. “Overcome evil with good” says the Bible. Amen.