Cigarbox Guitar TV Show

OK, you GOTTA see this to be hip to a number of my friends in the movement. Really fun if you’re at all interested in this or think you or someone you know might be… Here you go via YouTube, a local York, PA tv show with a load of interviews, explanations and of course cool, mostly blues-based music. And no, I’m not in it, or don’t think I am, haven’t seen it end-to-end yet… but who cares?! Enjoy! 🙂

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Cultural Discipleship?

The following may be “duhhh, of course” obvious or hotly contested by some, but:

Though this has been true throughout human history, I am beginning to be convinced we live in an age of particularly massive individualism where professed Christians are largely drawn together by personal cultural choices more than, even -rather- than a shared, intentional focus on Jesus Christ and application of His words.

Over many years I’ve emphasized culture, ANY culture never equals Christ.

Personal comfort and dreams for one’s life can begin to take His place if one is not prayerful, careful and honest.

This is where a gathering of friends might be seen as more essential than loving obedience to God as best as we can understand and apply His word.

Over the centuries many have either run to the extreme of shallow relationships based on personal preferences not directly related to Christ and His call or conversely, the other extreme perhaps due to a perceived purity of shared vision that one can “never find in others” to the extent individuals cut themselves off from Christians who gather, thus the “lone ranger” syndrome.

So, a severe “group individualism” on one extreme, “individual individualism” on the other?

I suppose group sin seems affirming but let not that be confused with biblical, gathered discipleship. Individuals bunkering themselves inside a sort of hermit existence is nothing new either.

Chapter 15 of John’s gospel has been a core text for me for most of my life, and the issue of bearing fruit as a natural result of being one of many branches on the vine is a key point. Each branch has a healthy uniqueness but all are deeply rooted in the vine, that vine being Jesus Himself.

Authentic spiritual growth and life can only happen when a branch is fully connected to Jesus alongside the rest of the branches.

Meanwhile, a false Christ equals a false salvation. Take care He and His word direct your decisions. Culture is essentially a matter of human customs. Scripture is the very Word of God, His thoughts, promises and yes, commands.

The true God who IS love has both the purest motives as well as sovereign right to rule, not merely influence our choice. The same is true regarding our cultural tastes.

Jesus as Lord is the one and same Jesus as Savior!

Things to consider…

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Climbing Two Mountains

I’ve lately been thinking of and praying for a couple friends who deal with several addictions, in similar though not identical areas.

The one bro. is truly a friend, the other decided some time ago to be an enemy
due to his own guilt.

The first guy is often condemned within himself, the second happens to live as
though his sins (Bible definition, not mine nor any church’s) are non-issues. He continues to play the game among various Christians who don’t recognize his issues… or do and just will not confront him in love.

The first bro. is off-and-on with solid Christian fellowship, the second simply gets what he can (money, acclaim, etc.) from churches and ministries and keeps moving so accountability and healing can never really happen in his life.

The first is single, the second divorced and has trashed several other marriages since helping bring an end to his first.

The one guy can’t hardly believe Jesus’ love and death happened for HIM, not just for others. The second likely figures God’s grace covers his sin though genuine repentance seems a rare experience in his life.

As neither I nor anyone reading this has a copy of the Lamb’s Book of Life on our hard drives or digital devices, only God knows who is and is not truly part of His family.

What I’m convinced of is this:

Justification (from a Biblical view) isn’t about sinless, perfect living. By God’s grace and the work of the Spirit via God’s Word I pray the first bro. can realize justification means “just as if you never sinned”- and it’s only via Jesus and not our good works nor “earning by good behavior” anyone is truly justified. I and others have repeatedly tried to help him grasp this.

The second bro. needs to realize that personal, practical, lived-out holiness is not merely an option in God’s eyes- though it is equally true that God views those with saving faith in Christ as holy. Yet- one cannot habitually live in unrepentant sin and figure because they prayed a prayer of salvation some years prior that obedience to the Lord and application of His Word is unnecessary to have right relationship with God. Again, myself and others have confronted him to no apparent end as of yet.

I continue to pray the second bro. will not only intellectually trust in God’s grace but actually walk in it by surrendering to God’s clear will re. the ongoing issues in his life.

As I say, several good-hearted, mature Christians around the world have brought both of these messages to both of these guys. The first one still struggles with God’s love, the second with God’s commands.

As in many things, this is not a matter of the one thing canceling out the other, rather a “both-and” balance. For example, Paul writes the church “Let love make you serve one another”. Love in action, not merely as a concept or feeling.

Love relationships in Christ must be lived out, but we can never earn God’s love by our works.

Perhaps you have friends on both ends of the spectrum? Perhaps you’ve been on either or both ends?

Things to consider on the journey.

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g, kaiser


Another Lazarus day

Technicolor sky
Shadows blown away

Sunrise Bright


Gathering up His friends

Death? Yes and

Yes and

Yes and



g. kaiser

Real bitterness
Real mocking
Real beating
Real whips
Real spittle
Real thorns
Real cross
Real nails
Real blood
Real death
Real love

-Good Friday 2014

“Good” Friday

wpid-wp-1397795461493.jpegI wrote the following bit of prose in either 2005 or 2006. It was based in thinking how one without faith but carrying a load of care might see things. Yet with a little double-meaning at the end. May you seek and find Jesus this weekend -and as always, thanks for stopping by! With Love, -Glenn

glenn kaiser

how could they call this friday

it was just another grind for me
I had nothing to show for it
it was bloody, unkind
yet a dripping not a downpour
in fact a boring rather dingy day among days
in the race of rats

good God it’s over
thank God it’s friday


The Week That Changed History Forever

Today’s Palm Sunday message given by two mature sisters in our fellowship included the concept of the various sorts of people who were in Jerusalem over the Passover when Jesus took his “triumphal entry” into the city.

Different sorts of people seeking different things that were present in that moment likely had different views on what Jesus was doing or about to do. Some had heard of His miracles and others were likely tourists or folks who had come to celebrate the Jewish holiday, maybe had never heard of Him but heard the shouts of “Hosanna!” and came near to see what it was all about.

Easter was coming, but first Palm Sunday, then what we call Good Friday.

I wonder how Judas felt about Good Friday? I’m not certain if he was dead by the end of that particular day, or exactly when he took his life. It does seem he would not have been around for Easter Sunday. Whew!

Jesus died and rose again for all, but not all live for Jesus in this life.

An authentic walk with the Risen Christ is what makes holy week including Good Friday and Easter- what they indeed ought to be: reminders of the incredible love, grace, forgiveness and power of the only true God.

May you experience -Him- this week!

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