Dumpster Time!

Been thinking about Spring cleaning… even though it’s Summer in the U.S.!

This summer has been a great time of (late, but better than never:) getting a load of stuff that my family and I have not used for years to bye-bye land 🙂

I spent most of this afternoon with one of my daughters cleaning out a storage room of several year’s worth of old stuff we’ve not used and won’t again… and wow, what SPACE to get current and needed stuff done!

In that we’re close to moving off of most of  the old Cornerstone Farm (sold), the same will be true out there.

I’ve a larger as well as a very small shed full of stuff, plenty of which will just be discarded as that’s what it’s good for,: nothing, really.

When a major change happens one must consider what’s truly important and what is just rubbish-heap-value or things get truly worse.

As in- the water table and a few of our local rain drains just aren’t doing the job these days in the inner-city, so a heavy rain means no sump pump in America can keep all the water out.

In that our storage room is in a place where perhaps 40 percent of it allows the water to seep in, you can imagine the occasional water-bug the size of Oklahoma as well as having to keep stuff up off the floor in whatever ways you can.

I recently decided to toss out an old bag which has been around the world with me for perhaps 15 years or more! Nice old roller bag… and I knew I’d left a few items in it when I’d last used it on a tour several months back.

I have several bags like this and often the little stuff is left in them when I come in the door… tired, just wanting to see my sweet wife and deal with the full unpack later. So my laundry and any clean clothes come out but a few guitar cables and such stay in until later.

The last flood we had I realized part of that bag was on the floor… yow… so it seeped up the water like a sponge! Yuck. But hey, no biggie, I was about to toss it anyhow -until I remembered I’d left a few items in there.

I have a little cheapo amplifier ($20 buck Honeytone) that thankfully wasn’t wet, but it was in there with a few other things I’d wondered about! Glad to have found ’em.

And out went the bag and several T shirts thick with mildew.

I think malice and racism, along with unforgiveness and slander, etc., are a lot like that rotting bag. A major difference is that unlike my old red and black travel bag, there has never been anything good in any of those things.

From plenty of sad, sometimes angry individuals I’ve known to the Trayvon Martin situation where fear and vigilantism sometimes sky-rocket, the fight for power goes on. Justice? That word is usually interpreted (by you and I) to mean “what -I- believe is just”.

I took out 3 large garbage cans today full of rubbish. The old storage area ain’t perfect but it’s a whole lot better than it was!

Need a little fellowship with a dumpster near you? You’ll feel better afterwards 🙂

Things to consider-. And thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


More Shows for August Tour

And besides these (below), I’m doing 4 sets in prisons during the tour, and 2 more shows will be posted soon one of which will be simulcast on radio… more coming 🙂

Glenn Kaiser Solo Blues
Saturday, August 17, 2013 @ 7pm
Medinah, OH (Cleveland suburb)
Buckeye Christian Assembly
3159 Columbia Rd.
Medinah, OH 44256
7pm concert

Glenn Kaiser, Shane Speal
Thursday August 22, 2013 Exact Time TBA
Cigarbox & Found-Object Guitar and Bass Live Jam/Talk Show
Web address TBA

Glenn Kaiser Solo Blues
Saturday, August 24, 2013
York, PA
(Also jammin’ with Shane Speal and One String Willie!)
Times TBA
Fourth Annual Cigar Box Guitar Festival @ The York Emporium
343 W. Market St.
York, PA

Glenn Kaiser Music and Message
Sunday, August 25 @10am
Mount Joy, PA
New Path Community Church
22 W. Main St.

New Shows To Be Posted, Etc.

Several new shows and a live online broadcast will be posted here and via my Facebook and Twitter accounts in the next several days.

SO blessed by the Czech tour, soooo good to be home for a few days, then up to Wisconsin and out to Peoria- as always, see http://www.grrrrecords.com  in the Shows section for confirmed dates and details.

Checking out cigarboxnation.com (as I do a few times most days) a dude who goes by the name Mudbelly (ha!) posted the following pic. I didn’t build nor do I own ’em but I just had to laugh. That is serious java if you’ve never tried it… and I love that simple vibe! Cool.BustelloGits

I’d built a 1 stringer (usually called a “diddley bow”) with a pickup in it and played it in Ostrawa on a tune, deciding to toss it out as a gift to whomever caught it after the song ended. Sure enough, the person came back after the show and asked for an autograph and seemed really excited. Fun! Nothing like a 1 or 2 string slide guitar to play Blind Willie Johnson tunes on 🙂

Ok, off to do other work today, lots on the schedule!

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn


The music sets and several press interviews went amazingly well yesterday. Lukas and Thomas joined me for many songs on my main blues set and both did a great job! The place packed out and the crowd was extremely supportive right through the set.








Last night there was a debate on Christianity and the presenter who put it all together worked with a staff who really understand art, highlighting powerful verses from the Book of Job. After the moderated and rather civil discussion, I brought an hour set of worship interspersed with blues/worship which of course very much relates to the Book of Job. It seems all were happy with the discussion, music and time of contemplation.


Today I do some web work, nap a bit and tomorrow journey home. I will be so glad to see my family in Chicago!

Here are some photos that I and my JPUSA friend Marek took around the Colors Festival site yesterday.


And one from the hotel in Ostrawa. Pretty with a rising moon in the Czech evening.


Thanks for stopping by!

What a Day in Czech

What a cool day… well actually it was a little hot but sunny, bright and pretty in Ostrawa, CZ.

So Saturday I do two music sets, rest on Sunday and begin to move toward home Monday.

Today Marek and I spent time with a large number of adults and some of their kids in a public square downtown where we built and taught/helped them build cigar box guitars and basses after building one and giving a bit of Crossroads from a stage there.

A really fun day!

So here you see my Shane Speal Special I brought from Chicago as well as a few I’m building to play


while I’m here.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


Colours Festival in Czech

Got in today, me solo Blues and some tunes with great local friends here, also guitar building in the street and also a late night art-blues-spoken word worship set in an ancient miner’s building. Entire fest is on old, hulking, rusted industrial park grounds. Way cool! -Glenn





New Show Added to Aug. 16-28 Tour: Spencer, NY

There are several new shows I’ll soon post details for with regard to my Ohio-New York state-PA-Ohio Tour this coming August 16-28… so we’ll get them online soon as possible.

Here’s one of several I look forward to seeing some of you at! Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

An Evening with Glenn Kaiser
Tues. August 20, 2013 @7-9pm
The Halsey Valley Victory House