GK, GKB July Shows

Plz see earlier post for the Sat.-Sun. Mears, Michigan appearances. GK, GKB @ AudioFeed Festival WED JULY 4 – SAT … More

WIN no matter WHAT?

This isn’t at core a political post but of course people can interpret as they wish and will. What we … More

Late June, Early July Shows

Howdy from Southern California! A quick update here, and mention that I’ll soon post my date/time/venue schedule for AudioFeed Festival … More

Sweet Night in Cali!

Ron, Lyle and crew at the Upper Room coffeehouse were just a treat for me, pro. room, sound, right through, … More

*Unconditional* Love??

Years ago as I first heard this phrase with the view God places no boundaries on His love for us … More

Early June 2018 Thoughts

Summer is… well it’s cold in Chicago, but sunny today and no rain so 🙂 Excellent time w. Wendi playing … More