End of California Tour -Update

CaliPalmsYesterday I finished a truly sweet tour in Southern California. Over the last week I also got very close to finishing what I can do apart from other editing help on my book, including a load of amazing pics that fully fit the concept.


The last two outings in Cali were the West Coast Biker’s Blowout at Rushing Wind Church, Oceanside -always a pleasure doing music with Full Throttle Band, longtime friends Pastor Z and Eric Turner and a new friend, Eric who nailed the drummin’ duties…FullThrottle just a treat! They did a slew of water baptisms,BFCBaptism had the tacos going, the coffee was good and fellowship truly good with a number of old friends, and I think we made some new ones πŸ™‚

Bluesman and friend Johnny Onion Mannion came up from San Diego with his wife and one of my friend Shannon Coberly’s great guitar builds… Eric Turner kindly provided a Marshall stack and Johnny as usual, cranked on several tunes. SO nice.

Eric is just a kind, mega-talent as always! A fun day. Oh, I brought my new cigarbox git out (thanks SO much Jack, what a surprise that was to me!) on a few tunes, both solo and during a couple GKB songs with the band.


Then it was up to Bellflower where I was hosted by another BFC chapter (I love it, his patch says “Bro.Ken”… get it?!) and his kind wife. Their biker church pastor asked me to do the music Sunday a.m, so I did, totally on the c.b. git, and I must say everyone was super gracious.

Ok, next up is Mears, Michigan Blues and Brats, an outdoor show near the Dunes and close to Lake Michigan, then the Sun. a.m. doing a few tunes during the service.

The following week it’s Audio Feed Festival in Urbana, Illinois, looking very forward to a ton of old friends and doing a lot of diff. music as well as of course, a solo blues set -and- a GKB blues/rock set, all this during the July 4th holidays.

Have a look, you can find my July Shows update here on my site with all details.

Enjoy the pics and huge thanks for your many prayers and kind words -and as always, thanks for stopping by!



GK, GKB July Shows

Plz see earlier post for the Sat.-Sun. Mears, Michigan appearances.

GK, GKB @ AudioFeed Festival
WED JULY 4 – SAT JULY 7, 2018
1302 N. Coler Ave. Urbana, Illinois 61801

GK (mostly) Solo (not my usual blues set…)
Asylum Tent @ 3:30pm

GK gets to hang out, listen, chat, enjoy!

GK pre-Communion worship 9am
Asylum Tent @ 9am
(see Asylum link above)

also FRI-

GK SOLO Blues; Burning Town Stage @ 7pm

GLENN KAISER BAND; Radon Lounge Stage @ 6pm

Peoria, IL Unite Fest 2018
Glen Oak Park Ampitheater NOON- Free!
2218 North Prospect Road, Peoria
Food Drive for the Midwest Food Bank
GK Solo Blues plus jammin’ electric w. local friends at some point in the early evening…
In partnership with WCIC and the Peoria Police Department, gates open at 11:30 a.m. and first act starts at noon. Free! Includes hip-hop artist Derek Minor, contemporary artist Micah Tyler, Glenn Kaiser, Josiah Williams, The Awakening and others. Activities include: music, knockerball, speaker tent, ministry booths, face painting, balloon art, etc.

GK @ Cook Co. Jail -Chicago

GK @ Dixon Correctional Center
Dixon, IL
-with Todd Anthony Joos and The Revelators πŸ™‚

Dixon, IL
GK Solo Blues 1:30-3:30pm @ Vendetta’s Motorcycle Club
707 Grandview St. Dixon, IL 61021
4th Annual Backpack Run -Supporting support local school kids and The Tools For Schools Program! All details:BackpackRunInfo


WIN no matter WHAT?

This isn’t at core a political post but of course people can interpret as they wish and will. What we all wish is “to win”.

One World Cup match I watched began and ended with a “win” tactic. From the opening to closing whistle players on both teams flopped like crazy, hitting the pitch in “professional fouls” trying to gain advantage right through the match.

Amazing skills, players, world-class indeed- but truth had zip to do with that oft-used tactic in order to secure field position and the ultimate- “win”.

Such tactics according to the rules of the game finally come down to referee/s making decisions and indeed, he began disciplining both sides for taking dives, as he well needed to. The outcome fully favored one team but it was the continual positioning of “He KILLED me, throw him out of the game!!” stuff that had me more in awe than in most matches I’ve watched over the years.

What many consider (including me) to be God’s Word has a number of interesting texts about this sort of thing, and today I’m considering just one where Paul the apostle writes about winning. Note- he’s talking about winning others to saving faith in Jesus, not merely winning in the Corinthian games which he mentions in order to help his readers understand his point.

The overview: According to Paul the Corinthian church was super-blessed as well as super-immature and threaded with elements of extra-biblical and in places, immoral habits. Study the neighborhood of Corinth in that age and your hair will curl. Remind you of local, larger or national churches in our time perhaps?

Two brief contextual points for clarity:

Paul is writing in response to being judged for accepting money among other things, for his and others needs to be met AS and IN he does so “for the sake of the gospel”, in service to Jesus, local and larger church(es) and in particular re. leading others to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Though he’s talking about winning and making defense for himself and others in missionary service, note what he is saying here- not only about others competing “according to the rules”, put another way, “applying the law lawfully, based in God’s love and justice, not man’s”, but in fact he raises a point that could be used against him personally. He’s saying “Hey, y’all and likewise I… must live out the commands of God, the law of God in love. He applies to himself the heart of the law of God exactly as he is calling them out to do likewise.

Jesus calls us to lose our life for His sake and sake of the good news ultimately so others might know Him. Does THIS govern (speaking of law) your choices, my choices boots-on-the-ground? Does it?

When my, your, anybody’s attitudes and actions put walls between people and the Lord we’re not “competing to win [them] according to the law”, we’re simply trying to win, protect ourselves and our chosen kingdom. Thus the people of God -and- kingdom of God are often critiqued when in truth it’s a man-made, humanly defended fortress we’ve built and are defending no matter what. This is folly. All kingdoms but Christ’s will end. End. Game over. That day is coming.

What Barnes mentions in his commentary notes is paramount: “Know ye not … [“Don’t you already KNOW this?!”]- In the remainder of this chapter, Paul illustrates the general sentiment on which he had been dwelling – the duty of practicing self-denial for the salvation of others…”

Rural, inner-city, minority, inmate, right or left or independent, adults, children, you-name-it, there is but one God, one kingdom and a mindset that Jesus, Paul and the rest of the writers of scripture give us, and it’s not about self-defense so much as dying to self so that others can recognize God’s love and truth lived right before their eyes- in us!

Like the soccer match (and far too many other matches I’ve seen in my lifetime) there are tactics that link with GOD’S call to justice, mercy and humility before Him (Micah 6.8) or we lose before the court of the Lord regardless of whether we won any particular game.

Things to consider along the path.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

Late June, Early July Shows

Howdy from Southern California!

A quick update here, and mention that I’ll soon post my date/time/venue schedule for AudioFeed Festival in Champaign/Urbana, Illinois on July Fourth week. I’ll be there the entire Fest doing something each of the four days including a Glenn Kaiser Band set, a GK Solo set (these on 2 diff. stages) as well as an early bird day set with some surprises… and also helping lead worship during communion (both of these last sets at the Asylum Tent). One gig per day and camping right on the grounds which I’ve wanted to do for years! Ok, so here’s what’s up prior to A-Feed:

FRI JUNE 22Β  7pm
Torrance, CA
First Baptist Church



Oceanside, CA
Rushing Wind Church
(W. Full Throttle Band)


GK solo and a lot of tunes w. Full Throttle Band backing me… YES SIR! πŸ™‚

SAT JUNE 30, 7pm
Mears, MI
(near Silver Lake)
Blues and Brats
2520 N. 48th Ave.
Mears, MI 49436
Sat. night afterparty/campfire also
Up and Out Ministries
GK Solo and jammin’ w. local musicians


SUN JULY 1, 9:30am
Cornerstone Community Church
7640 Taylor Rd.
Mears, MI 49436
GK sharing some music, etc..

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

Sweet Night in Cali!

Ron, Lyle and crew at the Upper Room coffeehouse were just a treat for me, pro. room, sound, right through, and just kind folks! Bill BatstoneΒ 20180616_195516 brought an amazing set, then he and a gifted local guitarist named Eric hopped up and joined me to close out my blues set w. Crossroads and If I Leave This Word Tomorrow. SO cool!

Packed house,Β 20180616_201126 very kind reception and so many great chats w. peeps after show, it was quite the night.

And today (Happy Father’s Day to all Dads!) enjoying some Word Cup Soccer action, a nap and great hang time w. Ron and his family. Blessed!

I look forward to working on my book the next several days, then 2 shows on the weekend, then home to my Wendi and family followed by the Mears Michigan date the next weekend.

Hope my friends in the Midwest are staying cool in the heatwave.

For now, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

Passion to Help/Burnout

We of course need wisdom, much of which only comes over time, even years, to know HOW to help and sometimes to get totally out of the way so as to not harm in the process of trying to help people. Obvious stuff, that. We never stop learning in this area.

People sometimes make statements or ask me about some sense of passion, conviction, energy in my life in terms of serving. Truly, it likely comes down to four things.

First- God the Holy Spirit is alive and well and I deeply desire Him to work in and through me daily regardless of the task where I might help others. Bluntly, I don’t always WANT to cooperate with Him, apply scripture and personal sacrifice to this or that particular person, group or issue, but conviction is not a stranger in my life -to say the least!

A deep passion for God, His Word, His people and those who might become part of His eternal family is my core heartbeat. My marriage and family are absolutely laced within all this, the local Christian community, church, denomination and larger church but also jails, prisons, bike clubs and street people wherever, are all very much up in my conscious mind.

Next- If I can’t help them I likely know others who can so try to direct them to the right folks.

As long as I can see and/or hear there is no stopping my notice -and the One Whom Jesus said would come (He has!) in Jesus’ name, the Holy Spirit gets my notice so of course plenty of people in need also get my notice. I can’t help them all, can’t help them all the time, often I must say “I’m sorry… I can’t!” to this person because at that point I’m working with another person… and so it goes.

Networking with others and serving as a team player keeps me from burnout, despair and ever believing I can be anybody’s savior (NOT), a sense of my own need and hopefully a bit of humility in knowing others do far better than I in a great many areas of serving those in need.

Third- My email inbox is set to receive several daily devotionals as well as a general (sometimes goofy) inspirational quote post. The latter contained two back-to-back that got my attention, the last of which many of my readers will recognize, but I think both are gems and solidly true:

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing
because he could do only a little.
– Edmund Burke

We can do no great things,
only small things with great love.
– Mother Teresa

I read these and consider Jesus pointing out a widow who could only put a couple of pennies worth of coins into an offering box -and often think my little is just soooo little -but it’s what I have. I can give what I can give and there are people in need so…

Lastly- I spent time chatting with a friend and a Russian missionary this morning. As we shared experiences it became obvious neither of us care about BIG, GREAT, IMPRESSIVE nor mere numbers of people, money or other common trappings of “success” and even at times “successful ministry”. According to Jesus the widow with her mite put in more than the rest. He spoke of Himself leaving the ninety-nine and going after the one sheep that was lost.

I’m no kid, been old for a long time… of course I get tired and feel a few more aches and pains when I get up in the morning. So what?! My needs and those of my family are met, at times with some anxiety and struggle, but that’s quite common among people on this planet. I thank God constantly for Him, my wife and family, my church family and His continual provision for our needs and even desires of our hearts being so very met!

At the same time, perhaps one of the greatest gifts after faith to believe, salvation in Jesus and the grace to live it out is sometimes overlooked by myself as well as some reading this. It is the fact that God doesn’t judge our offerings as harshly as we do, and more, that He doesn’t judge other’s offerings with the same attitude we often do.

If you’ve read this far, thank you and may others recognize His love via you and I!

As always, thanks for stopping by:) -Glenn

*Unconditional* Love??

Years ago as I first heard this phrase with the view God places no boundaries on His love for us I did what I learned to do after I had first begun to follow Jesus: study the scriptures see if this was truth.

The problem with truth is we humans often believe what we want to believe based more on personal desire than actual fact.

Do I want to believe God IS love? Yes. But of course John in 1 John tells me He is! Do I want to believe He loves me and us “no matter what”? Of course!

Then again there are plenty of texts throughout the New Testament alone that speak of God’s obvious, even extreme displeasure -and what most would deem severe judgment toward not only sin itself but those habitually practicing it.

On the one hand “salvation by works”, the concept we can somehow “earn” the mercy, grace (“unmerited favor”!) eternal life and yes, love of God is clearly not taught in His Book.

So what about that term “unconditional”?

Even a casual read of Scripture tells us God is nowhere close to affirming all human thoughts, actions and choices, not even among the church, those who by faith follow Jesus.

My study of scripture as well as comments made by centuries full of wise theologians brought me to the conclusion that God loves sinners like myself and all who have ever lived -but the real issue is:

We do not love God unconditionally.

We place conditions on Him and when He apparently does not operate within our will we reject Him.

Unconditional love? It’s a two-way street like any relationship.

From our side it can look like this:

Job 13.15 “Though He slays me I will hope in Him.”

Or it can look like Job 2.6 “Do you still cling to your integrity? Curse God and die.”

When we hurt, when our loved ones suffer, when things go against our will, slowly over time, with great difficulty or with deep anger and sadness, concluding we’ve been abandoned or indeed that there is no God at all -we abandon Him.

So I have been pondering this, that God’s love is real, that He being perfect doesn’t change while we being flawed must trust Him and cooperate with His Spirit or there is zero hope that we will ever change.

His boundaries for us promote spiritual growth and character which He absolutely desires to work in us. He sets His boundaries for each of us as a loving Father though at times we judge Him as harsh and uncaring rather than loving due to them and the calamaties that befall us as we ignore -or seek to re-write them.

If we’re being honest we are not always happy with the process of our loving God creating loving saints who think, behave and sacrificially love more and more like Jesus.

It seems obvious we place conditions on God while often ignoring and somtimes blatantly rebelling against Him and His conditions as revealed in His Word.

The issue is not His love for us, it is rather whether we love Him back regardless of the boundaries and demands we place on Him.

Things worth considering along our faith journey?

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


Early June 2018 Thoughts

Summer is… well it’s cold in Chicago, but sunny today and no rain so πŸ™‚

Excellent time w. Wendi playing w. grand-daughter today, enjoying flowers in the garden, chats w. friends from England and tonight I might just make a two-way short stick sorta bass thingy w. one string on each side and a pickup. Fun, easy to fly with. Crazy but hey?!

Meanwhile looking forward to upcoming shows in Mission Viejo, Torrance and Oceanside, California in a bit under 2 weeks.

This past weekend (Sunday and Monday actually) the Uptown Church picnic at Lake Michigan lakefront was a SWEET time. Took my new (BLESS you Jack!!) 3 string cigarbox guitar out and did a couple short sets. And that day the weather was as good as the watermelon! Took my new git to Cook County Jail last night. Chats with the bros. there was so encouraging… just so good!!

The simple but profound stuff always gets me. Last night in context of listening to God someone put it this way: “Which is more important, for us to listen to God or for Him to listen to us?” BOOM! In our time so many (myself included) call Him to listen to our words but aren’t always paying much attention to His words. Yow.

So I hope your summer, graduations and life is filled with love and grace. If not, I can sure enough point you to Someone who can help you with that.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn