April, Early May GK Shows/Events

So this Saturday I get to participate in a cigarbox guitar building even, will do a short music set on ’em too… in Aurora, IL. Details: https://gkaiser.wordpress.com/2016/03/23/gk-cigarboxfound-object-git-build-in-aurora-il/

Saturday, April 9, 10 Wendi will be along with me as we link with our friends in International Falls, MN at a cool outdoor sports (held indoors:) event including building cbgs, then participating in their Sun. service:
http://www.ifallsoutdoorexpo.org/ (Click on “Speakers” for more info.), also here for even more detail: http://www.ifallscovenant.org/

Saturday, April 16 Bringing blues and cigarbox gits, etc. to the O. Cup’s 42nd Anniversary Month of shows at Josiah’s Place! Details: http://www.overflowingcup.org/calendar.htm

Saturday/Sunday, May 7/8 Bikes and Blues Festival where I also get to jam w. a number of cool blues artists including Eddie Day -an dat bbq ain’t bad neither!:) Details: http://overbeyministries.org/gpage8.html

Hope to see some of you at one of these events. It’s Springtime!

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CAN DO CanSjoe :)

Forget Canjo or Canjoe… with a central and touching surrounding cans this one’s a CanSjoe!

I mean really, a guitar string or strong enough wire, tin cans, a stick, some wire and/or string, a few other little bits and you got it.

A couple years ago someone posted this online:

Which inspired me to finally get around to making this:

1 stringer (diddley bow) played with copper slide and credit-card pic. Or sit it in your lap and use a hot sauce bottle as a slide and a sharpie to beat the string for a melody. 27 and 1/2 inches tip to tip, 21 and 1/4 inch scale bridge to nut.CanSjoeBridgeCanSjoeNut

I must say, I was impatient in that I would have had to find a solid enough branch for the neck but winter has mostly been in session, my schedule and etc., I just used a piece of throwaway wood I had lying around.

Also varied from the artist’s pic in that I used a drill for holes through which the cans are connected by an old metal coat hanger. I didn’t think string alone would do the trick if I travel with it. Added two bolts and nuts through neck and two of the cans to hold it tightly in placeCanSjoeBoltCloseup and screwed in 3 small wood screws as position markers also -all this deviating from the original idea.CanSjoeInside

A little super glue under “bridge” and “nut”. Heavy well-stretched out acoustic guitar E string tuned somewhere around an F# on the way to a G. When it solidly held tune I placed the position markers.

There are MANY options to such a git but I just used what I had lying around and chose a bit larger can for the center/resonator.

Will try a pickup on it soon but acoustically it truly sounds great! I mean, surprisingly nice tone.

And you can beat on the cans as each sounds a bit different. YES, Hillbilly git wit’ drumlets. Or somethin’ like dat 🙂

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GK CigarBox/Found Object Git-Build in Aurora, IL

Saturday, April 2, 2016
8am-11ish – The cost for a kit to build one, everything included: $15.00

You wanna build a cigar box guitar? Do ya live anywhere near Aurora, Illinois? GREAT people at Warehouse and skilled crafts-peeps so they and I will be there to give instructions and help you build as part of their Project Shop series.

Actually, you could also build a fretless bass if you like… with round weed-wacker line for strings. I’ll bring some along if you want to give that a go.

PLEASE RSVP to Mike@warehousechurch.org by Sunday, March 27th!

Venue: Warehouse Church 308 E. Galena Blvd. Aurora IL 60505 (630) 859-0600


Plenty of free parking

Oh- there will also be a short coffee break and I’ll do a mini-concert playing… guess what instruments 🙂

Hope to see some of you there!GKcbgPic

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The Sugar Rush

SugarI’m admittedly no scientist, much less a credentialed, tenured nutrition expert. But I understand what I’ll call “sugar rush syndrome” pretty well.

I come from a long line of diabetics, simple as that. For many years I kept pretty solidly to low-carb eating and even off-and-on exercise, so was able to fend off diabetes. No more.

About 9 months ago my blood sugar began to show “you’re getting up there bro… watch it…” and sure enough, my doctor assures me I am indeed diabetic.

No surprise.

When you are younger you just don’t care, or don’t think about, or don’t worry about how your choices might affect you- much less others. Well, you pop in and out of caring.

As a young Christian I began to care deeply about all of my choices. It was a no-brainer that it was -my own fault- that I had become an addict. Drugs, alcohol, sex, and indeed music (that sonic drug that often ruled me and my relationships and other choices) were issues all feeding into my chosen self-destruct.

When I began to follow Jesus He near-immediately made it plain that even good things could bring me to a bad state. Worse, it became ever clearer that I needed to consider how many people I was influencing down the same flush, the same fail, the same addictions that had run and ruined my own life for so long. In simple terms, only Jesus could be Lord, not my own desires no matter how “good and right”.

So like many immature believers do, nobody taught or preached that I should become legalistic about these things, or judge others or have little patience for others in their addictive states. From time to time I laid pretty hard words and judgments on others in those days, and those are among my regrets in life.

At the same time, for me, just for myself and my own sobriety and sanity, I really could NOT go for nor do all that others might have been doing and have any sense of peace within myself nor with God. The truth of The Bible began to ring louder than ever in my ears. Moderation (wow… what’s THAT?!!) and balance, but sometimes “Can’t go there, danger not worth the risk” was what I heard in my heart.

The quick fix, drugs of choice, the “who cares?!!” attitude and “you don’t UNDERSTAND” defense had to go. I realized that there would be at least some reaping what I was sowing, that my choices meant something, if not to me, to God and in terms of how my mess would affect others.

This was a different burden than that of addiction and self-centered “go-to” sins “of the flesh”. The act of loving God and others meant I had to do a bit of self-denial, suffering, accepting the pain of “Not for You Glenn” in various areas.

Well nothing has changed in one sense: dying to self is no more popular nor encouraged in the wider world and churches than it ever has been. No mystery, that!

A1C tests and other such numbers rarely lie. Regardless of holidays, special occasions or anything other, loving God and others, even seeking to live out Jesus’ command “Love your neighbor AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF” (my emphasis) means taking care of yourself properly.

Easy to sing, write lyrics, blogs, speak, easy to talk about issues without rightly dealing with them yourself… but here I am back to low carb and the daily treadmill or on the road, workout regimen. It’s all part of life in a fallen world.

“Give us this day our daily bread” might truly mean “Lord, give me what You seek for ME and help ME deal with MY eating/etc. as you desire… according to my NEEDS, not wants”… and “I thank YOU for your faithfulness to help me GROW where I need to GROW by Your provision”.

Oh- no meds needed. After several months of working on it my Doc says as long as I continue to eat right (been doing it), lose weight (doing that) and exercise (been daily) and the numbers stay or drop I am “in control” with my (sigh…) diabetes. Yep. Grace. As I accept and do my part in the process.

Sugar rushes come and go. “The world is passing away, and also its lusts; but the one who does the will of God lives forever.” 1 John 2.17

Just came in from my doctor’s appointment. She was all smiles as our plan is working, all the bad numbers falling further still 🙂 Low carb, portion control, daily exercise and a few other little tweaks are doing the good stuff in my blood, weight, etc.. Oh- about the adjoining pic: I have just about never taken sugar packets in anything, but recently also moved from Splenda to Stevia just to keep things reeeeaaallll tight.

So I don’t know what sugar rushes you deal with, but we all need someone to check the numbers and help us, no? Accountability is a major help as always!

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

The Most Famous Jesus Painting… Plus

I had been writing a blog post, a little snip of my personal history only 4 days ago. The event I’m about to recall here was precisely what I was writing on.

Tonight I happened to go to one of our denominational websites just to check news, events and such and was floored by the article I have linked here. What timing!

As a multiple-form drug addict sometimes trying to get out of the mess, I hallucinated this very painting for some 45 minutes. Absolutely the truth and no exaggeration.

I had experienced a full-on “come to Jesus” moment all alone, in January that year. Nearly immediately I had zero issues with all the drugs I had been controlled by for several years prior… except two.

Hash and grass (which I personally put in the same category) along with alcohol (whatever I could get drunk from) were hangers-on in my first nine months of my walk with the Lord.

One (I think perhaps March) afternoon I hung out with a friend who was one of only two I ever knew in my high school senior class who referred to themselves as Christians.

But the one was a dude who had zero issues with getting high.

So I sat in a room in his house. Lotsa groovy posters, great sandalwood incense burning, Hendrix cranked top volume on the stereo and black light reflecting the Peter Max and rock band posters on the walls. And there smoking a load of potent cannabis.

After several minutes of being completely smashed something rather shocking happened… and I could not make it go away whether my eyes were open or closed tight.

This: Jesus


I’d seen it here or there I guess, but had very, very little to do with churches throughout my life so can only guess where I saw it, and perhaps it was in my subconscious somewhere.

But in that loooonnngggg stretch of time, absolutely stoned, unable to physically move, out of nowhere that painting projected toward me. Like it was on the opposite wall -which in reality I guarantee you it was not.

I just could not get out of my mind the sense He was saying “Not good my friend. I didn’t tell you to get high and you know it’s not my plan. I’ve come to set you free!” I mean, I didn’t think He was full-on mad or anything but I got really convicted about what I was doing.

Well, the Holy Spirit does what He does and don’t ever think He can’t use art.

At the time I write this I’ve been clean and sober for 44 years -but I assure you it’s the grace and power of God because in myself I could not and generally did not want to quit.

Until this very day I had no knowledge of the backstory to this amazing work nor it’s connection to a Chicago artist nor to the Ev. Covenant Church which I am blessed to be part of!


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Where I Live!

Here’s a fresh 5 minute clip of the place I have called home for most of my life!

Love, love these good peeps and all we are able to accomplish together.

People visit all the time, so as the clip says, feel free to contact us if you are interested.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

Primary Election Blues

I will again link to three lyrics I wrote some time ago at the end of this… (Click on Pete Seeger) cuz I think they say most of what I want to say in lyric form.

In a nutshell, people all over the world are cringing at this U.S. election cycle as they well should. Whoever gets to the White House has much to say and at least some (depending on Congress) to -do- that directly and deeply affect other nations.

This is the responsibility of being an economic (if not moral, humble or at times perhaps even sane) superpower.

Obviously Americans are affected deeply as well, regardless of winner.

This is also what Big MONEY which equals BIG POWER brings us most every four years.

So two quick points:

  1. VOTE -or quit posting in social media (or venting to your neighbor)
  2. ACT IN LOVE EVERYDAY -don’t think verbalizing ANYthing gets much of anything done because in the end it’s your actual work, showing up, DOing SOMEthing KIND FOR people around you that speaks to God and people that you actually love and give a rip about them.

In my view those who rarely show up -and when they do, only around election time, bringing little but words accomplish the sort of circus you now see unfolding in our political sphere.

This mess is on us. Frankensteins don’t create themselves.


Thanks for stopping by. -Glennimag0203-scaled-1000


Found-Object Git

So if you follow me much you know I love making little slide guitars out of whatever.20160301_221813

Here’s the latest. A hard plastic window washer a friend next door was tossing… perfect condition, doesn’t even smell bad :)!

So at 21 1/2 inches I decided the soft side against my belly was the way to go, added an eyelet with woodscrew shaft, 1/4 inch eyebolt and wingnut (it happens to be Super Tuesday in the U.S.A. presidential election cycle) and a nut on the eyebolt which raised the string hight to what I wanted.

So here we have a wound .026 electric guitar string tuned to an E.

This ended up eyebolt-to-eyebolt 19 1/2 inch scale and there is only the slightest bowing of the “neck”.20160301_222535

It snowed today in Chicago, and though this little item is still useable as an auto window cleaner (yes, even with string and all attached) I am rather impressed with it’s amazing playability and even tone! Well, we shall have to stick a portable pickup on it later and run it through our Percolator Amp (not actual coffee pot amp, but Zeppelin Design Labs amp).

Think this little one is called “The Diddley Cleaner”. Ha.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn