BIG Thanks NY, PA… WV Next!

I just can’t take the time for names and details but what a sweet tour with so many kind, gracious peeps all through the first half of our tour! THANK YOU promoters and gig goers in NY and PA! Wendi and I together, every now and then her joining me on a song or two, much grace and what a gift she is to me.

Celebrating our 44th anniversary June 1 as well. YES. Love is the real deal when Jesus’ own love is what you share.

So next to WV, then OH.

Here is a clip with a couple cookin’ friends (Bruce on bass, George drums) at The Rabbit and the Dragonfly in Lancaster, PA. Four tuners on my new Broken Heart cigarbox git… but 3 strings 🙂 Note, it’s -not- Glenn Kaiser Band (Ed drums, Roy bass), rather myself w. a couple friends who backed me up (well!) on the night. A good bro. took the clip though 🙂

Funny, I literally just heard a train passing by 5 minutes ago… ha.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

Binghamton, NY Blues Set Added MON May 23

GKcbgI’m doing an in-store, bringing a catalog of cds (including 2 new ones), t’s, cigarbox guitars, harmonica and a Solo Blues set from 6:30-7:30pm this coming Monday night in Johnson City, NY (suburb of Binghamton).

If you’re in the area, this was a last-min. add to the tour so pass the word on if you think someone might be interested in up-close-and-personal blues wit. da Kaiz 🙂

Arrowhead Parable Bookstore   1 Harry L Drive  Johnson City, NY
6:30pm Monday, May 23
As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


U.S, Norway Tour Update, Details

So, I along with Wendi (when she’s feeling up to it in some of these sets) begin the May-June tour near Spencer, New York this Sat. evening, move through PA, WV and OH shows/prison dates:

Then to Chicago for a day and Glenn Kaiser Band flies to Norway for a total in-country tour:GKBnorgeJune2016

Then back to the U.S. and with our friends at the AudioFeed Festival in Champaign, IL (GK Solo Blues, several other Grrr Records artists performing as well):

Summer is about to ro… well, blues, blues/rock 🙂

Hope to see you along the way! As always, thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

Amazing Vision for South Africa

You may or not know my wife and I fronted a group called REZ Band for some 28 years, and that I wrote two songs often performed live, on our first two records that dealt with Apartheid in S. Africa.

Many years ago our Chicago community (JPUSA) began a long friendship with two white SA friends, Alan and Xana. They came to explore our mulit-racial/multi-ethnic approach to living in intentional community.

As we had other friends in SA prior to Mandela’s release and eventual presidency, and my own heart for racial equality and respect was apparent, it was interesting that other SA friends invited us down for a tour with REZ.

Our songs had been banned but were smuggled in, and we ended up playing all but one major city on that long, amazing tour.

We finally were able to meet black and so-called mixed race SA friends in the townships, the ghettos (largely) that racism and such had created and promoted.

Alan and Xana had become fast friends who then established Hands Of Compassion, to my knowledge the first truly muilt-racial intentional Christian community in the nation.

Fast forward- I just received an amazing email and YouTube clip I would love you to see.

They have walked the talk of Jesus’ love in SA and I cannot state how deeply I am touched nor what this can mean to a deeply needy nation as the impact will reach far beyond their immediate area.

This is what love can accomplish!

From time to time I hear of the violence, corruption and political nonsense in SA, mostly from angry, scared whites who bitterly expect human nature to be something other than it is… in those they distrust… and I will say some only trusted in the regime that came before the new SA.

Have a sober and encouraging look at what something other than anger, fear and self-interest can look like!

With Love and Respect to Alan and Xana and HOC!

“The Neighbourhood”:

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

My Day at the Office:)

JedInTheCockpitSo my friend and Director of Productions for Mission:USA Jed Brewer (writer of “Homes For Heroes” and producer of that 6 song donation-gathering music project for our Cornerstone Community Outreach Shelter I sang and played on) asked me to come by and record a harmonica part for a new song.

Off I went in a Grrr Records van in the rain. I happen to love rain. Just before turning off the freeway I came upon a truckload of bikes.BikeTruck Interesting as I just got home from a Bikes and Blues festival.

The tune is called “We Are All Missionaries” which is a direct quote from the famous “Chariots of Fire” figure Eric Liddell. Amazing truth from an amazing man. It’s something I have tried to live and have been saying for years.

I brought one of my trusty harps, a Shure Green Bullet harp mic and Percolator amp and we did it. Looking forward to hearing the final mix, cool song!PercolatorGBmicHarp

The track will feature on an upcoming “Bridgebox” podcast which you can find out about here:

They eventually release the songs from each Bridgebox on Itunes for those interested.

I also discovered Jed’s love for CheerwineCheerwine (the “national drink” of North Carolina:) which I have LONG loved -and of course I immediately demanded payment in kind 🙂 Like Vernors to gingerale is Cheerwine to cherry cola… looove dis stuf! JedGreenBulletHaungSilvertoneDeluxe

Great friends, great work and I encourage you to check Bridgebox out for yourself. When there, click on Media and Podcasts for more info.. Podcasts w. music are also at their site.

As always, thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

Macksville Bikes and Blues Report, New Diddley Bow

Don and Rhea (as always) were a treat! Sweet friends. Flamin’ git-picker Eddie “Bigun'” Day, Matt (aka Gravy), Scott “Biscuit” Hazen drums (no kiddin’: Biscuit and Gravy)EddieBisquitGravy and , The Big Mac ComboBigMacComboWithEddieBigunDay and Paul Draper BandPaulDraperBand allll cooked my chili nicely! Looking very forward to seeing ’em all at Sturgis Bike Week this summer.

Some pics from the event:BitOfIronMoreIronBusAndKindCrew

Some of my gear mixed with others:MyGearAmongstOthers

And I played this newest lil’ creation there on an R.L. Burnside tune:


She’s 19 inches w. a 15 1/4 scale bridge to… well, there’s no nut as such as I set the other kind of nut in place so the lone string (diddley bow) would ride high enough on the ersatz tuner (eyebolt) not to require a proper nut as per normal in a guitar. Slapped a Dean Markley dot pickup (piezo inside) on it and really sounds pretty cool! Slide only- and the blues jus’ comes out like dat.

Dual-purpose as it still scratches my back well too 🙂


Cooler in Chicago but nice to sleep in my own bed next to the prettiest Mom God ever made.

Ok, in a couple of weeks off to New York State, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio shows. Looking very forward!

As always, thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

May-June 2016 Tour Details

Wendi and I are heading out to four states. Most of these sets are acoustic blues, cigarbox guitars, harp, vocals and when she’s up to it, a couple REZ unplugged tunes. Some are solo, several w. friends, one will feature a live webcast w. my friend “King of the Cigar Box Guitar” -Shane Speal. A few are electric blues w. a few friends cranking it w. me including the amazing git picker Eddie Day and later that week The Spanglers for the WV sets. Then w. my friend Rev. Blues and local musos in Ohio. Looking VERY forward to this and seeing some of you on tour!

Sat. May 21 Halsey Valley (near Spencer, NY) -Solo acoustic blues

Sun. May 22 Spencer, NY -Worship

Thurs. May 26 York, PA –
Glenn Kaiser/Shane Speal
Live @ York Emporium Bookstore
343 W. Market St.
7-9pm Free!
LIVE broadcast via Facebook:

Fri. May 27 York, PA –
8-11pm @ The Pub on the Trail
3594 N Susquehanna Trail

Sat. May 28 Lancaster, PA -GK electric blues w. band

Sun. May 29 Mount Joy,PA
10am @ New Path Community Church
bit of music, message
22 W Main Street

Thurs. June 2 Princeton, WV -GK w. Eddie Day
The Bridge 7pm
1171 Mercer St.
Sun. June 5 Princeton, WV -GK w. Eddie Day
The Bridge 2pm
1171 Mercer St.

Weds. & Thurs. June 8,9 Lewisburg, WV
Davis-Stuart School campus sets (GK, Wendi)
AND the 9th @ 6:30pm with The Spanglers

Sat. June 11 -Mansfield, OH -GK w. Rev. Blues and local musicians
6-8:30pm outdoor (indoor if rain) @ Gateway Resource Center
486 Springmill St.

Sun. & Mon. June 12,13- GK w. John McClure @ several Ohio Prisons

—And immediately after this, it’s the GKB Norway Tour (June 17-27)
More info. on this to be announced soon 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn