“If Only One”…

After many hundreds, perhaps concerts in the thousands over a 43 year span I finally reached the top. At least … More

What are you THINKING?

I realize that in our shifting, mobile times there has been a sea-change in people being committed to one another, … More

GK in Peoria

Solo Blues Sat. Aug. 23, 6pm (bring a chair, outdoor show) Sun. Service Aug. 24, 10am Peoria Outreach Ministries and … More

Gardens n’ Cheese!

“and Yahweh will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in dry places, and make strong your bones; and you … More

Relationship 101 and 102

My Wendi and I celebrated our 42nd anniversary this past June. Much love, deep grace! I and several friends attended … More

GKB Blues Set

Reminder about the Berwyn, IL Set coming up With The Unfortunate and more, Sun. August 17

Whut We Dun Yestrdaay

Diddley-bow tune recorded. But I felt like a cheater usin’ a store-bought acoustic pickup… This is UNO, my trusty one-string … More

John 15 Study Guide

Gospel of John Chapter 15 Unpacked Glenn Kaiser I am convinced the Bible defines us all, love it, hate it, … More