St. Louis Area Weekend

Just very kind people, great bands, solid witness, care for homeless folks. and Sun. service a gift to me. Now … More

12 Steps?!!

Had a great series of chats a couple of weekends ago, several with a pastor friend of mine about Twelve … More

Recording Therapy :)

Most reading this have heard of music therapy, but have you tried experiencing it by process of recording song ideas? … More


I am often asked what I’m up to re. recording music, touring and such, so here’s a little inside info.- … More

Divine Right?

Something I figured out a loooong time ago (about when I first surrendered to Jesus as my personal Lord and … More

Savanna, Polo, IL

Kind credit to Rocky Joseph Kampling for the pic of me here. Truly another stellar weekend. God, friends, sweet weather, … More


Had a conversation with a bro recently that at core had to do with his worries over the practice of … More