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Another AMAZING time at Audio Feed Festival in Urbana, Illinois! A SWEET time with John J. Thompson, his wife Michelle and many others at True Tunes 30 Year Class Reunion (at Warehouse Church, Aurora, Illinois) last weekend!

But first some thought re. the Church- I’ve said this tons but found a need to say it again recently: there are spiritually deep, committed, loving and mature disciples of Jesus as well as shallow, selfish, mean and massively petty folks in each and every local and denominational and house church, mega church, mainline, evangelical, highly liturgical to nearly zero organized Christian group on earth! The sooner we face that reality the better.

It is easy and inaccurate to paint all followers (or professing followers) of Christ in a particular tribe with a wide brush but we (with some truth or with plenty ignorance and prejudice) do it all the time. We all have our favorites, our most-agreed-with and comfortable spaces and people, and likewise find at times with very good reason, “idiots” among the wide and broad group referred to as “church”- regardless of tribe. It’s about time we face this as fact and think twice before we toss entire groups of people onto a sort of discarded ash-heap as though we and our peeps have somehow cornered the market on spiritual knowledge, wisdom, methodology and “correct” faith while they are simply of lesser value or sounding like “it is only me and my kind made in God’s image and they simply don’t rate that”.

Hard words here but I am calling all of us to grow up in a day when attitudes and polarization are often flowing like lead through the water pipes of Flint, Michigan.

I found at the Festival and again at the True Tunes Reunion   so much love, sense, grace, kindness and good thinking! There are folks who are learning about nuance, about disagreeing in love and yet standing strong in the faith of Jesus, learning to forgive, truly desiring to grow in and manifest His character more in their lives. In that we’re all in different stages of spiritual maturity and even walking in varied world/time and space experience, the depth or shallowness is what it is.

Whether the issue/s are sharing the Good News of Jesus, who gets to teach, justice, pot laws changing, incarceration, LGBTQ or full equality of women including equal pay for equal work there are a wide range of views including raw emotions, propaganda, little or great exegesis of scripture and a word I have been seeing a lot of lately, the issue of who is and ain’t irrelevant.

From young artists that are truly relevant, speaking and playing with precision and depth:

all the way to some perhaps a bit full of themselves and rather surface though sometimes talented (young or old…) nothing new under the sun about all this!

My sense of hope and joy in hearing what I did and many chats with all sorts of folks this past week encouraged me greatly that there are people young and old who are learning to embrace both their comfort zone -as well as- personal crosses in terms of learning and extending God’s grace along with God’s truth to others.

Chatting with pastors, tech and light peeps, security folks and fest-goers of all ages it was a pleasure once again to see the family come together. This was as true at AF as TT, both events put on by truly GOOD people with GREAT hearts!

For myself, to be invited is an honor, to be friended (not un-friended, ha!) and hang out with Christian… in fact Christ seekers (yep, we’re all still in the grow-up and learning process) was and is a gift to me. Thanks to Jim, Luke, Ben and so many at Audio Feed and John at True Tunes for a place at the table, stage and sharing spot with you all!

Now to Peoria: Unite Fest, and after that 3 weeks of touring in Finland with Wendi!

You can find my July-August appearance schedule further down in the posts here.

I hope your summer is blooming like our side yard flowers 🙂 -and as always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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