Finland Tour Update #1

If I were to say that our hosts are anything less than amazing, sweet and kind I would be a true liar!

The weather (sorry Chicago and U. S.) has been perfect, sunny, warm with cool breezes, the shows well attended and the people and conversation soooo good! Many longtime fans, more new ones it seems. We are very grateful.

Europe has always loved and respected blues. As usual, there is great interest in my cigar box guitar and new double diddley bow. Every night the phones and cameras come out, especially as I play those.

Wendi and I are finally over jet lag, today is a day off so we slept long and deep, Allelulia! 🙂 I just have one press interview today so… nice rest break.

As always here the coffee rocks, the scenery is beautiful. The laundry is in the machine and maybe tonight we at last have time for sauna!

So we are both finishing final work for seminars re. The Bible and The Blues which we’ll share at a large summer camp Wednesday through Sunday, along w. concerts.

Here are a very few pics of the many from our first four days.

As always, thanks for stopping by!



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