Beloit, Pontiac, EASTER!

Had a Sweet weekend gig at Beloit at the O.C/Josiah’s Place Anniversary (45th!!!). Love Dave and family and a great and enjoyed a full, kind crowd on the night too. Wendi was able to make it which was so cool after this last knee replacement surgery. What a sweet gift to me and old friends who’d not seen her for some time due to the medical work and rehab for it. And then the weather on Sunday driving home to Chicago- HA!!

Illinois Tollway Oasis
Sideyard Garden Close-Up April 14

The old “If you don’t like the weather just hang around for a few hours and it’ll change” happened. Took a couple of days but as I type it’s 68f warm and sunny. Spring may be hanging around for a while -we hope 🙂

Had to rise early to head through rush hour (why do they call it that?<smile>) and journey a couple hours to Pontiac Correctional Center (prison here in Illinois) for a set. It was a good thing I got there a bit more than an hour ahead of time as things got complicated re. a few items of my gear (which I’ve brought into maximum security prisons around Illinois and several other states in the U.S. plenty with zero issues), but all good. “Blessed are the flexible” came to mind 🙂 so I went in with just a few needed items for the gig. They had a great p.a. and bleachers set up in the gym, the men came in and we moved through the set and some very, very good chat time with ease and grace. These men were SO appreciative as I know they are when any event like this can take place for them. I prayed a bit driving back to Chicago as I was pretty exhausted, but just beat the afternoon rush hour to arrive home for dinner and crashed right after some chores as I was fried by then!

But SUCH a great couple days.

And now comes Good Friday, Easter –RESURRECTION– Sunday!

Time to deeply focus on what Jesus went through as we sometimes lick our own wounds, and not even to minimize those often deep and very real hurts, but He took upon Himself the sins of all in the entire world -though He never once did anything to deserve what He suffered… and did so with you and I in His mind. Wow… Worship-time. HE IS WORTHY. And yet, still knowing each of us as He fully does -WE ARE VALUED. He offers us forgiveness and eternal life. Whew. GRACE!

April 16 Sideyard Garden

I sometimes look at the daily plight of incarcerated people, one which none of us would choose for ourselves or those we care about, then I look at Jesus on the cross and next I wonder what so many of us bellyache about. Perspective indeed.

Well may your Easter BE Easter, and if you don’t walk in faith with Jesus may you risk establishing a relationship with Him sooner than later!! It’s the one most-of-my-lifetime-now thing for which I have absolutely ZERO regrets.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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