Restorative or Punitive Justice?

A dear friend and colleague in mission shared this with me today, and this due to another friend sharing it with him (THANK YOU Ryan and Jeremy!). It is under 14 mins. long, fully relevant in 2019.

FYI, I rarely share video clips or promote books so when I do it’s because I believe they are truly solid and important for wider consideration.

Too many people have looked the other way as well as “sideways” at anyone behind bars. The issue for me is not “them” but rather me. Where is my heart, what are my values, what is my judgment toward and for that matter, service for those Jesus called “the least of these”?

I highly recommend this Christian Kiwi Bible professor’s video clip for your consideration. His book is certainly of interest and in my case, I agree with his every word in this short lecture given in the U.S..

He has several books in Amazon, but this is the one he alludes to in the clip:

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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