Shoebox Diddey Bow

Why? Lotta reasons. Proof of concept. Fun. Nearly free. Wendi got a new pair for walking and here was the box. I knew with a D bass guitar string it’d sound cool, just knew it. Yup!

Shoebox Diddley Bow

Not cool to leave out in the rain of course, but hey, inspired, and in part as we both sing Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me to our sweet grand daughter.

So I decided to build this and then write a song to play on it.

I used a 3 dollar dowel rod from Joanne Fabrics on one of Wendi’s yarn trips, and the wood “bridge” was left over from a house construction project, had an eyebolt and wingnut, a screw for a string guide, drilled a little hole at bottom of neck, larger for the “tuner” at the top.

I plan to glue the cardboard tight, also glue the bridge in place. Easy enough to add a pickup if I desire, right now diggin’ the acoustic sound.

Scale bridge to string guide: 32 inches

D bass string tuned to: F

Played with whatever “slide” I happen to feel like using at the time.


Shoo fly don’t bother me (3x) Cuz I belong to Somebody

Shoo box don’t bother me (3x) Cuz I belong to Somebody

Devil don’t bother me (3x) Cuz I belong to Somebody

Jesus my Lord and King (3x) Thank You for what You’ve done for me

As always, thanks for stopping by my site 🙂 -Glenn

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