Joliet Thanksgiving Gig

20141122_132854So the set with my friend Joe Filisko was a treat. The dinner was great, the people and the staff at Hands of Hope were excellent and a -LOT- of peeps came for dinner, free eye exams/glasses, clothes of all sorts and cool music sets as well as… Circus Boy!

He was a trip, doing all sorts of cool circus stunts, acrobatics and comedy. All loved him and the kids were truly into it.

Enjoyed hanging with Joe and Michelle20141122_132918 -and finding out about this very needed outreach to poor folk in and around Will County, Illinois which serves from their main location as well as doing mobile teams out in the boonies south and west of Chicago.
Kudos for an amazing event. SO glad Joe invited me to be part of it.

As always, thanks for stopping and visiting my blog 🙂 -Glenn


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