Holiday Special

A sweet friend and her kids had a recent discussion about what they wanted for Christmas. The answer was to bring food and hot drinks to homeless folks under the bridge 3 blocks from our house.

One of many reasons I love our community/church.

So a small group of peeps including the kids collected hats, scarves, blankets, etc., got the food and treats together, a couple coolers of hot drinks and completely surprised a growing group under a cold Lakeshore Drive bridge the other night. One bro. brought his guitar and music to the folks.

I mentioned that if Wendi was doing well enough after hip surgery that next time (they plan to go again next month as the temps drop further) I’d bring a cigarbox guitar and bring ’em some gospel blues, Christmas carols and such. I think I’ll gift the guitar to one of them just before we return home.

I’d have gone the other night but my poor Wendi was in need of me.

So Thanksgiving takes on yet another level of meaning for me this season- thanking God for warm-hearted followers of Jesus on cold Chicago nights.

Some would think it crazy the homeless wouldn’t come into shelters and take other services offered them. Some of these folks have a history of being banned from a shelter, or are mentally ill, or drug dependent or just so socially messed up they refuse to come in from the cold.

Poverty alone puts some in the street, while so many other issues (sin and non-sin debilitating issues) land them there.

Jesus said “The poor you shall have with you always, and you can do good to them whenever you want to”.
When will we “want to”?

I’m truly thankful for those who do -and put His love in action via their serving such people.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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