Sweetest Doe Ever

If finding what you’re hunting for isn’t your cup of tea, stop reading now 🙂

Today makes only the second year in many, many years I was not sitting under a large oak in the woods intently watching for… well… venison. Yep. Free-range, nature and corn/beans/farm-fed venison.

Wendi’s 2nd hip replacement happened and I’m the main care-giver so nada this season.

Each year somewhere around the end of September as the weather cools and leaves begin to turn my heart and eyes look to the sky, the fields and the woods. I absolutely LOVE being out in whatever weather with the proper arm (gun, bow, whatever) in hand listening, watching, praying, just observing. I take lots of pictures (love these digital phones) and remember hunts long ago in various places, old friends, some now passed on.

Oh I rarely came/come home without getting what I came for, but the fact is that being in such a different place (on every level) is a tonic, a stress-reliever and a gift as much as the game is.

The glory of God in nature, seeing the varied flora and fauna, the change of seasons, experiencing the wide range of weather patterns and all the rest is just a kiss of life to me and many others who’ve shared such experiences.

But I have to say due to love and call, this year as last has been o.k.. Not the most fun in every respect, but cool. Because over 41 years ago I was blessed with the finest doe on the planet. Her name is Wendi.


As the Cub fans in Chicago often say, “Maybe next year’!

Just sayin’ 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!



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