LOVE My New T Shirt :)

Yep. Absolutely 🙂


Yep. Absolutely 🙂

9 thoughts on “LOVE My New T Shirt :)

  1. I USED to be a "one-guitar man" (or, as the NIV translates it, "player of one guitar"), but then I found my spare guitar more attractive, and it started getting played more often, and the guitar of my youth seemed old, past its prime, not ‘with it’ anymore. We tried counseling, but…I’m gonna stop this phony-baloney nonsense right now before it gets away from me.Seriously, though- after 38 years of guitar playing I finally bought my first Gibson Les Paul last year. It’s a 2007 LP Studio (no maple top or binding), plays great and sounds like a Les Paul. Go figure…and it’s probably seeing the most use right now. The price was so nice that I couldn’t NOT buy it, and it is the 1st guitar that I’ve bought since 1994, when I bought a third-hand BC Rich Gunslinger as a spare for my "Lovewar" guitar.What are playing mostly these days?Blessings!

  2. HA, I hear you Tim.<br><br>Well, I have built a slew of cigarbox and other found-object guitars, mostly 3 stringers but a few 2 and one 4 string a bro. sent me.<br><br>For electric I most default to my Epiphone Shereton II, it is just so good for blues, neck through the body and all.<br> <br>Acoustic I go between a McClellan (a friend built me) and a Taylor 900 series.<br><br>But I also use my Gibson lapsteel and a Trimmed &amp; Burnin' 3 pickup slide guitar the T&amp;B bro. built for me.<br><br>I'm spoiled… up to about 14 or so plus all the little stuff I'm building.<br> <br>Fun.<br><br>-Glenn

  3. Very cool- someone gave me a cigar box guitar after I did a soundtrack for their little film. For my daughter’s jazz stuff I play the LP w/neck pickup- it’s buttery.For blues stuff I’ve got an old Fernandes Strat that, when it’s behaving itself, is really ratty and cool.For acoustic stuff I have a mid-80’s Yamaha F340 that a friend bought me, and it’s just been around the block a few thousand times, so it’s warm and rich. Some guys have come it to record with their new Taylors or whatever, and end up recording with the Yamaha!

  4. We’ve all seen "I Love New York" t-shirts, mugs, posters, and other branded products, but few people know just where they came from, and even those who do are missing some of the trivia surrounding the slogan. The slogan is old enough that most people can glance at I Love New York t-shirts without wondering just where the brand came from, but at the same time it looks modern enough that we know it can’t be more than a few decades old.

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