Political Rant Here!

Political rant alert!! You’ve been warned… read on or not, as you wish 🙂

Tonight while in Facebook I just had to laugh in a sad way at some of
the comments re. the GOP Iowa caucus chatter.

Believe it or not, I am an independent voter and truly have been for
years. I live in Chicago, which is appx. 90 percent Democrat in a
state that beyond the city of Chicago is some 90 percent Republican.
We have independents sprinkled around as well… but I digress.

Tonight two statements came up that I nearly responded to… and
decided I’d just say it here as perhaps the few that come around my
site here on Posterous are really interested in more than just mere
sound-bite stuff which I find is a great deal of what happens (not
always, I know…) in Facebook and Twitter.

One comment that struck me as funny was that Mitt Romney “has friends
in high places…” and I nearly typed in (as a full-on joke mind
you!!) “Perhaps Moroni?”… but talk about not being politically
correct… so no way did I type that.-

And no, I don’t want to offend Mormons or Latter Day Saints though I
truly do -not- believe in the reality of Joseph Smith’s stated
visitations of the one he called the angel Moroni.

The other comment mentioned that my friend Jon Trott (that liberal
rabble-rouser) and I lived too close to poor people (true, re. our
ministry in inner-city Chicago) and his point was that such closeness
affects how we think about politics, the government, taxation, etc..
He is indeed correct.

But my near-response (which I didn’t write in Facebook) might have
been “True! All true! And the fact is that vastly more Americans live
near poor folks… and ARE rather poor… than live next door to
millionaire business persons running for office”. But no, I didn’t
post that either.

1. The issue is not money or power… or is it?

2. The issue isn’t about biblical as opposed to extra-biblical beliefs
(at least among Christian voters) or is it?

These are the very issues that people have consistently raised re.
Obama and I think can be equally raised re. the opposition candidate,
whomever that will be. Don’t you think?

When I consider who I -might- be able to trust more (one candidate
over another in any election), these things do seem to surface.

And then I again consider truth vs. selfishness, fear or just plain old greed.

I consider cartoonish concepts of linking with God as opposed to Jesus
Christ and simple biblical love for one’s neighbor -and I do my best
to vote accordingly.

Mercy on the U.S. and the world we so deeply affect Lord God!


9 thoughts on “Political Rant Here!

  1. You can believe what you want on whether or not the rich pay their fair share – good Christians can disagree with one another on that and on universal health care. The sanctity of life and the institution of marriage are clear cut issues that Scripture sets clear guidelines on. Vote as you wish – you are the one that must justify that pocket book issues were more significant to you than clearly stated Biblical principles. On judgement day good luck to you.

  2. David, If my faith were currently in someone(s) other than Jesus, I'd be a great deal more worried than I am regarding eternity. My trust is in Him, not anyone else.<br><br>I'm with you on the sanctity of life, the unborn and biblical marriage between one man and one woman- but I'm not with the party of the rich, nor what I believe to be excessive military spending (which kills plenty of ours, theirs and non-combatants… and the numbers there as in the unborn are more than mathematics…) nor of many who speak of a morality regarding sexuality that all too often looks immoral when it comes to their own marriages and lives.<br> <br>I don't see &quot;holy and clean&quot; much less &quot;God-honoring&quot; going on as a premium in either major political party in this country. I doubt you do either.<br><br>I also don't believe in luck. What I do believe in is following Jesus Christ and application of His Word to the best of my understanding and ability.<br> <br>Sometimes that means I vote for either or neither.<br><br>Thanks for your comment, truly! -Glenn

  3. Obviously it is not black and white to you – seems to me if you have reservations about supporting candidates that do not support and in many instances actively work against Biblical views than it is clear you should, as you state above, vote neither and give neither your active support.

  4. As usual, I'll pray, consider the issues on both sides, either abstain or as I often do, vote for the lesser of evils when weighing the plenty imperfections and biblical violations I see in both camps. Will you do likewise David? Will you admit both parties break scripture in several areas? Curious. -Glenn

  5. I absolutely can adamantly say that I would not vote or support a politician that supported an agenda that conflicted with Scriptural mandates. The problem I see with the Democrat party is that they have written off the vast majority of Evangelicals. They would certainly get the support of most for their compassion for the poor and helpless in society. They traded the Evangelical support for the support of the pro abortion, radical feminists and gay rights constituencies.

  6. I hear you on this and do not disagree. And do you admit GOP as well as candidates also violates biblical precepts? Again, curious as I find few willing to face that same reality. Thanks, -Glenn

  7. Absolutely agree – spend anytime on Conservative blog sites and you see the uneasy alliance between the fiscal/defense conservatives and people of faith or social conservatives. Where we part here apparently is in the clearly defined areas such as sanctity of life and sanctity of marriage vs social issues with regard to caring for the poor and needy. The move toward socialism usually is accompanied by a move toward humanism and away from faith. I’m from Scotland, raised in the U.S. Scotland, like most of socialist Europe is almost almost total secular. The home of John Knox and some of the great Reformation preachers and writers recently was referred to by the Pope as a pagan nation. I also recently read an article that said that only 11 percent of Swedish Church attenders actually believe in God. The government might feed the belly but does not feed the soul. The Church should be doing both.

  8. I appreciate you answer David, thanks. May the church answer with love and boldness- to all of these issues! It would be less important if we all were.<br><br>Thanks,<br>-Glenn

  9. I dislike politics, but like everyone else, I get riled up when I see corruption as goes on today in Washington. To me, voting is like drinking from a toilet bowl. Whether or not you use a straw depends on whether or not the bowls contents are floating.For me, Santorum may be the lesser of the evils. I’ll never trust Romney, nor Newt, for the most part, but Santorum’s platform is coming from his princpiles and not from the establishment.Santorum us in line with the Bible about how to bring jobs home from China. He proposes offering tax free statuses for employers returning in manufacturing. That is right in line with Proverbs 13:11. Taxing the rich may seem like a big score, but it is a vanity that just kills jobs in the long run. That kind of wealth is squandered by politicians who do not use it to pay down our national debt, but rather to buy votes come election day. Tax free manufacturing jobs would produce revenues from our labor, or "little by little" as some Bibles put it. That kind of revenue increases. We already are not receiving revenues from those manufacturers while in China, so we loose nothing to allow them to come home and maintain a tax free status. When a democracy allows the mainstream media and the backslidden religious leadership to guide it toward lashing out against the rich as opposed to turning to God and repenting, then the people in that democracy have little they to complain about when the beurocrats squander that which was simply skimmed from the rich to begin with. When those beurocrats are spending the people’s hard earned money, however, then that is a game changer. When the nation is all working hard and living soberly, its people better hold the beurocrats accountable.Of course, my personal belief about today’s politics is that we are in the last days. Numbers 20:11 states that Moses smote that rock TWO times. That second crucifixion is the backsliding of the church in these last days, as is prophesied in II Thes 2:3 as "a falling away," and can be summed up in Hebrews 6:6 "If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame." These are dark times that are upon us. I sincerely doubt that we are going to be much happier after 2008 than we are right now, because our liberty comes from God to begin with, but we can be happier if we look to God for that joy.Thanks, Glenn, for your awesome music. I just bought Bound For Glory last week, and it was no disappointment. Your stuff is legendary! I hope one of these days you will find the time to visist my web site and read my research about the Red Cross, United Nations and UN Coalition (the first and second beasts and the image of the beast, respectively). My research begain in the early 1990’s when I obtained a copy of the United Nations’ Resolution 666 and learned that it enforced the first beast (or the Red Cross, which is a reversed Christian symbol to begin with).Be blessed!

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