Teaching High School Class Music And…

Basic 1, 2, 3 or 4 string guitar building with cheap or zero-cost stuff.

So much can be passed along if we think about it!

Had fun today and more coming on Wednesday sharing my interest in
cigar box and found-object guitars.

I brought stuff to read, photos to look at and eight of my home-built
2 and 3 string guitars (all fretless for slide playing) including two
canjos in the group.

The students were able to touch, play, mess with both copper and
conduit home-brew slides, a short dowel “beater” for percussive

I also plugged my 2-string (bass and guitar string) canjo with altoids
tin piezo pickup into my Trimmed & Burnin’ 2 watt amp, ditto my very
first build, the pretty lady cookie tin guitar with piezo pickup.

We broke down the key elements of what a guitar must have (regardless
of number of strings) and I also gave them a sense of how and why we
care about fret position markers of some sort, basic tuning and so

Educating along these lines is such fun because IF (a large word,
that…) you are inspired and can inspire others, they may give a go
at being creative in both the basics of music, guitar and art in that
beyond the musicality of this, one can not only learn how to play an
instrument, but also decorate (paint, marker, etc.) the guitar.

I so love these things in that little or no money is involved and the
benefits can be quite immense.

So if you’ve read this far you might want to check out
http://www.cigarboxnation.com for more info.

Next, I’m likely building a kalimba (well, my own unique recipe for
one of these African “thumb pianos”) as well as a cajon. and
eventually a nylon-string (4 string) nagoni. African-coolness-r-us!

Kalimba blues… Hmmmm.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


2 thoughts on “Teaching High School Class Music And…

  1. I really enjoy these posts about DIY instruments. I am at various stages of completion on several instruments myself. I built a caj??n for myself last year because the commercial ones cost far too much for a curious guitar player. Then, several friends wanted one (at the low price the materials cost) and I ended up making 6 more. I also retrofitted my original with a snare.I look forward to reading reports of your further adventures

  2. Thanks Michael. Yep, it’s a lot of fun and quite rewarding when teaching light construction, basic music and art/creativity via these little guitars and basses. Thanks.Enjoy your builds and yes, cheap and cool ‘eh?! Thanks for your comments!-Glenn

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