Memorial Day 2022

How I wish our nation could entirely do away with all weapons and the military as well as police! I don’t believe it’s possible in this violent and unjust world! Believe me, I’ve thought about this since I began to study war and ongoing inhumanity in early elementary school.

Today I simply wish to say the people who have served are as in any other area, thoughtful, wise, kind and disciplined -and sometimes they are the complete opposite. They have served being called to do gracious and horrible things by officers and political leaders to which these very same attitudes and behaviors are also lived out.

I’m deeply grateful there are those who have served by truly serving others and often at great personal cost even to the point of death.

I’m thankful and saddened by families who have lost loved ones and shared in deep sacrifice also.

I’ve never agreed with every deployment and never will -but sympathize with those who have served and do serve. God have mercy and have it through me and us!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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