My dear Wendi -my amazing, wise, beautiful and loving wife of 50 years- is after Jesus the LOVE of my life. In just a few days we will give thanks for this anniversary milestone!

Plenty of couple’s mileage/s may of course vary, but in our case friendship, really deep and genuine best-friend friendship happened along our shared marriage path. It has grown incredibly sweet through these decades of joy, tears, arguments, struggles of all sorts with ourselves, one another, children, grandchildren and you get the picture.

Lasting isn’t the only gift, we have largely grown to pivot in learning each other’s likes, dislikes, preferences and have respected Jesus above all and right after Him, respecting one another.

Without a lot of detail here, we would both tell you in a heartbeat when we married at 19 we had little understanding of the practicalities and sacrifices much less the immense blessings God would bring and allow in our shared life together as two becoming one.

Moving from stark independence to mutual interdependence took time and here we are, certainly in the ballpark of soulmates and that especially in spiritual matters where it counts most in relationship to Jesus.

Having said all this I believe it important to also say we don’t think exactly alike, are not in constant lockstep re. how to do X, Y or Z, and sometimes would rather simply be together doing separate things (hobbies of various sorts) than always the very same thing in “free time”.

We give one another space which I think also helps to actually cement us together and enjoy being with one another.

I think it also important to state some folks search their lives away trying to find “the perfect one” and on one end of that spectrum of seeking an authentic soulmate allow me to be blunt: if you’re looking for a near-carbon-copy of yourself in another person you’re nearly certain to never find them. I’m not saying some don’t find such a person but rather that in my lifetime, travels, interaction with couples and over-all experience- such is exceedingly rare.

Marrying yourself so to speak, isn’t going to meet your deepest needs. If at core your true motive is to marry someone nearly as exact to the one you see in the mirror, self is unlikely to meet self in another.

Then there is that matter of extreme selfishness that regularly torpedoes relationships.

Imho these are things worth considering for a true blending of souls.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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