U.S. Class System?

Have you ever considered why the U.S., ECC and other states use sanctions to exact change in other nations? Because allowing or restricting trade, enriching via finances works and sways people. It’s about power. If it never had affect and never worked nations wouldn’t bother to use the “wealth leverage” tactic.

Further, have you ever thought about the classic, historical, standard- method dictators have used to get into, stay in and hold on to power, sometimes for decades? $$$$$$$$ and control of the military, police and “security services” y’all. Consider also that those already IN power have the greatest ability to rig elections and remain so (ala Belarus as I type in August, 2020). At the top of this pile are those using these exact methods, in various ways paying off and returning favors much as organized crime does -under the table and thereby continuing in control as leaders of the ruling class.

None of this is rocket science nor is it easily refuted in modern and not-so-modern history.

So what’s the classic def. of “ruling class”? “The ruling class is the social class of a given society that decides upon and sets that society’s political agenda.” The two words defined: “an official or authoritative decision, decree, statement, or interpretation (as by a judge on a point of law) and the adjective def.- exerting power or authority, the ruling party, CHIEF, PREDOMINATING, generally prevailing.”

In our nation, states, counties, cities, villages and rural areas the exact same definition applies.

Those with the most money, land ownership, corporate/business ownership have the most political influence, swing elections thereby affecting laws, law change or complete ending of a given law and aside from judges being voted in or out, appointments of judges at many levels of the courts. It is rare for things to go any other way and this, my friends is about class and influence.

Especially in our representative republic democracy: money and election laws, gerrymandering, redlining and corruption including propaganda pandering to the voter base “wins”.

Regardless of church government this is often (thank God not always!) the case in principle among churches as it is in the nation. The real/actual power is in the hands of those financing X, Y or Z.

Those with the most money and other power/influence are the defacto ruling class.

This is why making “rules” is so important for those who are not in that class.

It is also why voting is so important. There may come a day when your voice via a vote isn’t so easy to cast. Guess who would be most concerned about their lo$$ with regard to your ability to freely vote in -any- election process -unless of course you vote for them?

We don’t need conspiracy theories, news channels or our best friends to tell us what long history of our own nation and other nations’ historical record tells us again and again. What we do need is to use our brains, speak, act and stand for equity for ALL people regardless of finances and social standing… and if there is an accent on a people group, in regard to Jesus and the entirely of The Bible I’d say the poor and “the least of these” had better be that accent and slant as they certainly are in scripture.

In the end God rules -meanwhile on this planet we need to wake up and do diligence.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

2 thoughts on “U.S. Class System?

  1. Glenn, as I read your class system blogg I was reminded of the words of the owner of the paper mill I worked for at a “team building” session.
    “He who holds the gold holds the power and I own all the gold.”
    He wasn’t backwards in coming forward and made it clear it was a team of one.
    Needless to say “team concept” management didn’t last very long at that mill.
    I must say if you played by his rules you did very well.

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