Balance in an Unbalanced World

In the event someone wonders about my sanity- and if you read my blog posts over the years at I’d not question your wondering… ha!- well you likely know how very serious I can be about a number of things.

You’d also likely notice, if you thought about it much, that I’ve many interests in both really serious issues that affect people’s lives as well as just plain ol’ fun/hobby/pleasure-giving stuff.

From Jesus to cigarbox guitar and making little gits from junk, to social justice matters, the prison system and over to flowers and nature in general, from discussions about life-and-death concerns, spirituality and playing with Linux operating systems what I hope people will notice is my own attempts toward balance.

A scriptural false balance is about dishonest weights and measures re. food and such in the marketplace during biblical times. That is, honesty, integrity vs. defrauding people, ripping them off. Yet there is also that concept of sheer, core balance, a true evening up via a fulcrum on the device used to weigh.

How easy it is to allow our individual internal, natural DNA to shift us more to one side than the other. In this time of political and infection upheaval, economic and other insecurities and even death and loss how difficult it is for some to even consider balance! It’s understandable that it’s not always easy even in the best of times…

My thought today is that those being beat up, put up against the wall via racism, injustice and memory jogs about hundreds of years of lynching and other brutality -need to take breaks lest we break! Somehow, some way we need hobbies, a walk in a safe place, somewhere to sit and chill and not overload ourselves mentally and emotionally to the extent we add greater weight upon ourselves until we cannot be productive in true and legitimate fights worth fighting.

These days I hear and read the term “exhausted” more than ever during my lifetime. Stress, anxiety, worry, fear and simply trying to make a living, dealing with rancor and even family, church and long-time friends parting ways or simply being locked down and more distant than ever all take a toll on us. How could they not?

Trained pro boxers are taught many ways to move, bob, jab, defend, use the ring and ropes, learn many punches worth throwing in terms of strategy to outlast the fight. One particular item is that of timing. Timing. “There is a time for every purpose under heaven”. Wise and obvious truth, that.

On the other hand we cannot merely do as some and go fly a kite, veg out at the beach or lake, garden or play video games while Rome and all too many of it’s people burn. Understand, I’m not talking about escapism but rather sane, wise engagement and at times proper disengagement in terms of self-care. Balance.

We need to do the work God placed us on earth to do as well as find, accept, create times of refreshing in His Spirit and be aware of God leading us to what Psalm 23 calls “still waters”. Balance: love in action along with Sabbath rest. Loving neighbor -as we love ourself”.

I suggest this is how to keep pace in a world which often seems to swallow people merely by our living in it.

God give us grace to seek and walk more in balance so that we are able to be effective in sharing active, loving, sacrificial service for those in need as well as taking time to sit at His feet, putting ours into cool water and enjoying moments of stress-free peace.

As always, thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn

2 thoughts on “Balance in an Unbalanced World

  1. Wise words. The internet has allowed us to carry more weights of the world on our minds than we can bear. I just listened to a podcast about this issue, that we were not designed to carry ALL the worlds burdens, which the internet has allowed us 24/7 access to. Take a break from the phones, ipads,computers, and let your mind rest. Take a walk in nature and marvel at God’s creativity and goodness once in a while.

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