2 Stringer Slide CBG

Yeah well it’s a disease. All these cigar boxes staring at me and so in very short order I found two of the most messed up, both with thick black paint on the lid.

I needed just a few more parts for a Christmas build that’s -not- this one, but a gift for a friend’s boss, an older gent who’s never played slide guitar. That one’s a quite pretty 3 stringer. Had to get a bit more gold hardware for that as the tuners I had on hand are gold plated metal, so prior to being able to hit the store up for that stuff I threw this one together in a couple hours.

This one was just crying for a quick build for myself so no worries on the look. But in my experience paint can often affect the sound resonating off the top and on a wooden box I prefer no paint at all, especially if I may not install a pickup, so the acoustic sound warms up a bit sans paint.

Hence to the table saw (carefully!) to shave just a bit off the top. Which took off a bit more than I wanted, so then with a dremel and little saw bit I took nearly a full half of the paper-thin side of this Arturo Fuente box and here we have something I’ve seen done but not yet tried myself- half open, half closed lid, latched shut. My mistake provided sound/look coolness -imho anyway. And oh, the open hole at the top of the neck is on purpose so if I want to put a cord through for a “strap”.

I decided to put a thick bass string on the bottom, a thinner but still wound string on the top and tune them in unison.

Simple chugger and she rocks a full tone, quite satisfied. I even like the look, semi-mutt which suits me well 🙂

Total Length- 23.25 inches   Body- 6.50 x 6.50 inches    Body thickness- 2.50 inches

Scale bridge to nut- 16 inches

She seems happy tuned to a Bb (B flat) so for now, that’s the vibe.

Well I think another song is brewing, ha!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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