Free Download GK 2019 Christmas Song

As posted earlier, here’s the tune. Kudos to Joe Filisko who helped inspire it 🙂

“NINE-SIX” by Glenn Kaiser – Please go to   and scroll down there for actual download link!


NINE-SIX -by glenn kaiser

Child is born to us
A son’s been given
To bind up every wound
To help us in our livin’

Come on peace!
We need peace!
In the love of the Lion and the Lamb

And the government
Gonna be on His shoulder
No beginning or end
Born to bring us over

And the government
Will be on His shoulder
No beginning or end
Died and rose to bring us over

Mighty God!
Everlasting Father!
Mighty God!
Prince of Peace!

—And MAJOR Thanks to ALL the Grrr Records staff, JPUSA Ev. Covenant and EC Church friends who support me in what I do.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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