QCA Weekend, 9-11, Hurricanes

Kind longtime friend Steve and new-found bro Scott and both sets of folks working behind the scenes made last Sat. and Sun. really good for both myself and Wendi, kudos!

The many convos in both places were warm and good. Saw a lot of friends from the Cornerstone Festival days as well… so fun to hang out for at least brief chats.

We are so thankful for safe travels and good weather- and have prayed and continue to for all in Texas and Florida hit hard by hurricanes and in some cases loss of loved ones. Thankful things were not far worse in Florida!

I continue to also do what I can for an often crazy world where violence and indeed retribution comes from all sides but those who live in love.

This tragic day is a painful reminder for all who lost family and friends in NY and PA.

You are aware by now that I follow Jesus, indeed imperfectly -but intentionally desiring to grow in love and grace? That’s my wish for all reading my blog.

There are enough mean-hearted people on the planet, plenty of angry “vengeance is MINE” attitudes vs. “… but I tell you to love your enemies” (Jesus’ Own words) and so for me, 9-11 is another reminder not only of what angry, demonized people are capable of but what the God of the universe literally commands: to actively love our neighbor regardless of who our neighbor is or what they represent.

How we represent the One we claim as our Lord and Savior is the issue. If you don’t follow Him, fair enough, but I am fully convinced human love has an end reached quickly. Not so God’s love. The Lord is patient that we might be delivered!

God grant us wisdom to surrender to Him, His love and His plan as revealed in His Word regardless of what may come our way! God direct you and I to walk in love, to act in His love toward others. Misery and death are the only other routes open to us.

These are things I think worth considering.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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