Autumn, Vehicle?!

Well, not quite autumn yet, but soon, no?

My personal fave time of the year! Lord willin’- I have 2 days on my calendar to hit the deep woods this fall. That’s all I can in good conscience take from family and work. But I will relish those days for sure.

My hope is you and your family are well and ready for crisp days, cooler nights and the beauty of turning leaves and watching the geese fly (if you got ’em in your area) overhead.

This past weekend south of St. Louis (a people, city and area I love) the concert and sharing times were so sweet for me. Kind friends, some new ones both young and old, several bands I had not met nor heard prior were all a treat.


8 Bands 1 Day is an event taking in food for those in need and awareness of the homeless situation in that area. I am SO glad I could again be part of the day. A little warm but hearts were too! And there was some good shade as well.


Glad to be home, and thankful for the gigs coming up (see my last post on tour schedule for that) which in part take me to beautiful autumn places.

But my sweet Wendi with me as care-giver will be working out in between my trips toward a knee replacement and rehab, the surgery likely in November. Please pray for us on that if you would.

I’ve never done this in my life but will now mention our car has decided to die- the engine is done for good. If anyone reading has a car they could part with, free or cheap, we’d sure appreciate you contacting us. Prayers please!

Other than that, things are very good and my iced coffee is calling me on this Labor Day weekend. On the weekend Amtrak was a joy  (slows me down in a very good way) and trying to keep up with the emails and many family and show stuff, personal study is of course always important and good work when home or touring.


I am so thankful, truly thankful for the incredible grace in my life. So many of you are part of that 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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