Tracking New Record, Etc.


First, Tone Zone is our pro studio here in Chicago- and between all our scheduling and demand this new project will take some time to track all, mix and finish for release. It’s blues/spiritual in scope, will have broad appeal but my focus is songs/music for those I serve behind bars in prison and jail chaplain work.

Those I sometimes refer to as “the least of the least of these” Jesus talks about in Matthew chapter 25 are often the last people to get anything close to grace -from those outside as well as many incarcerated with them.

I believe in these songs and I think the passion will end up in the audio. The reception from those hearing them in my many visits has been quite encouraging, so there it is. I will let you know when it’s available (via Grrr Records as always).

Meanwhile I have several layers of plans re. getting these songs to those behind bars -for free -and freedom regardless of sentencing. But that’s for another day…

So up in the gear room collecting gits amp and such for today’s session.



Looking very forward to a visit/lecture/music sharing at Visible Music College in Memphis next week. Great folks who do great work and care deeply about their students and the immediate Memphis scene.

A -lot- of shows confirmed for myself solo right through to October. Again, we normally post details a month or so in advance, sometimes a little less, so stay tuned in all the regular places online for details- here at,, and Facebook sites, and Glenn Kaiser Band .

Glenn Kaiser Band (3 piece blues/rock) will tour Germany and Switzerland in June-July, may add another country or two as details are being discussed now. Again, that info. will be posted in due time.


My beautiful Wendi is doing very well but for asthma issues… and we expect a knee replacement for her due to arthritis sometime in October or so… thanks for prayers. She wakes up singing and smiling like the sun most mornings while I fumble around for coffee and try to remember what planet I’m on. Yes, musicians become lucid about 5pm!!

On the lighter but hotter side, re. HEAT: if you know me you know I LOVE hot sauce, peppers and such. SEND ME NO MORE PLEASE!! I have so many kind family and friends that I’ve currently got enough dried peppers, seeds and bottles of Ghost, Habenero and other peppers (which I love) for the next five years or more. No kidding, I truly thank you for the love but really, I’m good for about 5 years as of right now! These pics only cover a little of what I have on hand…


Been spending a lot of time w. a little and very simple read (Agape Leadership) based on the life and various quotes from R.C. Chapman. What was he known for in and after his time?


I mean really- big deal ‘eh?!! How impressive is THAT?

I’d say it’s THE DEAL regardless of anything else. It’s what the world needs, what authentic and slack and indeed, quasi-Christians -what you and I NEED and need to learn to not only receive but share, spread around -YOU THINK?!! Mercy. How obvious is this?

Knowledge and wisdom need their due. Definition of love, the details of HOW to love, all essential- I get that. But oh how we strut our information and apprehension of our ability to comprehend stuff when in the end, we most need and most often fail in this Mamma of all needs: genuine love. Jesus calls us to Himself and to this over and over and at core.

So that’s what is before me at present. That and the continual “knocking” on my/your door. Why would He of all people… stand… wait… outside… OUR door… and knock? I’ve been pondering this simple, profound reality these past several weeks. For now I’ll just leave it for you to consider.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


2 thoughts on “Tracking New Record, Etc.

  1. I have some family and friends inside, unfortunately far from where I am. I would love to send them something decent music-wise, and am looking forward to the release of this album!

    As to countries to add to your tours. NZ, please! I know it’s a long way but… Might I suggest your next winter, when it’ll be our summer?

    And the arthritis… I’ve been blessed with a mild form most of my life – I say blessed because I can see how hard it is for those who have to take strong pain killers daily whereas I only get a few bad days every few years. I pray the op goes well and the relief is something that gives you an appreciation of that day when all pain is forever banished from God’s Kingdom.. Just a small preview of coming attractions…

    Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do, and God Bless.


    1. Thank you David. I am sorry about those locked up, prayers coming your way. Toured NZ several times, Rez Band and solo as well, may see you there at some point, good friends and fond memories! Thx again, truly thankful I can put these songs out, little by little we will finish. Grace to you bro! -Glenn


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