Florida Tour Report

So the staff at Hang Dawg in Ormond Beach (Daytona Bike Week) were great, my bro. Charlie West at Beach Church (D. Beach) and pastor Ed at Connection Church (Auburndale) were just gems! Had great times with both of these bros, they are real-deal. I can tell you where to get GREAT ribs in Lakeland by the way-

Kudos to my new bud Andrew Dallas who put me up and put up with me, drove me all over central Florida 🙂 Thanks to Andrew and Charlie I got my mis-placed hoodie back before the return flight to Chicago. Good thing cuz it was a 40 degree drop when I got on the train from the airport in Chi-town. Very un-like the beach, ha!

Worked them blues and blues/rock with Coconut Harley (sweet southern harp player and organizer of “The Plunders”) featured serious player/singer Mark and cookin’ Susan Mason (vox, guitar, vocals), Skip Frye (git-player who forgot more than I’ll ever know), Michael Traylor drums the first two nights, Scott Hazen drums (aka Bisquit) the last one (them boys PLAY) and my friend/bass man doin’ low-end nice -Bruce Fry. It was as usual, a treat. And as usual Bruce wins the cool headgear prize 🙂 These are seriously kind friends and talented musicians, all!

So I had to bring my newest tiny found-object slide guitar build which I named “MiniDuece”  (18 inch neck, cookie tin, piezo pickup, interchangable necks), used it in the solo shows and finally brought it out the last set at the Hang Dawg using only the diddley bow portion (1 string tuned to E). I brought the 3 string neck along but didn’t have time to tweak it for use just yet so she stayed in the shoulder bag. Fun. Sang through it on a tune too 🙂

Playin’ blues and planting seeds for people to open up to God’s love and actively love others is always a gift and it was that sort of week for sure.

Perhaps my fave sign hanging on the fence at Hang Dog’s:

Next up for me, Cook Co. Jail Chicago.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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